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The most beautiful lakes of Italy by motorhome

Are you planning to go to Italy with your motorhome? Then you can't avoid the beautiful Italian lakes. Everywhere in Italy you'll find beautiful lakes with clear blue water. That means waking up with a view of the water and then taking a refreshing dip from your motorhome stopover. There is always something to do or experience around the lakes. Are you curious which lakes you should not miss during your motorhome trip in Italy? You'll find out in this blog!

Lake Garda: a favourite for years

Let's start with Italy's biggest and most popular lake: Lago di Garda! In other words, Lake Garda. Once upon a time, Lake Garda was the home of the Romans. Now it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Italy. We understand why this is so. Lake Garda has a nice climate, beautiful nature, lovely authentic villages and a friendly atmosphere. You will find this lake of no less than 369.98 km² in the north of Italy. Park your motorhome around Lake Garda and enjoy a great vacation. Go for lovely walks in the area, rent a boat and go on the water or take a refreshing dive! You will not be bored for a second, there is something for everyone! Lake Garda is also surrounded by many charming villages and towns that are definitely worth visiting. Discover the charming medieval town of Lazise, stroll along the beautiful boulevard of Salò or relive the Roman times in Sirmione. Here you will find the castle La Rocca Scaligara and also the Catullus caves are a must-see during your motorhome trip in Italy. Have a look here to discover the nicest motorhome stopovers around Lake Garda.

Motorhome Lake Garda Sirmione

- Sirmione is one of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda.

Discover the real Italy around Lake Como

The second Italian lake is even more northern than Lake Garda. We are of course talking about Lake Como. Every year thousands of motorhomers travel to this beautiful blue lake above Milan. Lake Como has its name from the town of Como. This city is located in the south of the lake! The water of Lake Como comes from the mountains and during a stay around Lake Como you are surrounded by high mountain peaks. It is also the deepest lake in Italy, about 420 meters! During a motorhome stopover around Lake Como, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, walk through the narrow alleys of the most charming villages and discover Roman antiquity. The places Como, Bellagio, Varenna, Lierna and Lecco are must-sees for your motorhome adventure in Italy! Here you can find more inspiration for your motorhome trip at Lake Como.

 lake como italy motorhome

- Around Lake Como there is so much fun to do.

Lake Maggiore: a source of inspiration for painters

Another lake in Italy that should definitely not be forgotten is Lago Maggiore. This lake of 60 kilometers long is located in the border area of Italy and Switzerland. The northern part is therefore in Switzerland and the south of the lake is in Italy. Around the lake you will find a beautiful landscape. This landscape is for many painters a backdrop for works of art! Lake Maggiore has also been a favorite vacation destination for wealthy Italians for centuries. This is reflected in the luxurious villas on the shores of the lake. Yet the lake is also very accessible to other tourists and motorhomers! Our tips for a camperstop at Lago Maggiore is a visit to the monastery Santa Caterina del Sasso. This monastery from the 12th century can be found on the rocks of Sasso Ballaro. From the beautiful village of Stresa you can take the ferry with the motorhome to this beautiful monastery. It is also nice to rent a boat and discover the surroundings from the water. To discover Lake Maggiore, the best place to park your motorhome is at the motorhome stopover Area Comunale in Baveno or motorhome stopover Punto Sosta Camper. This motorhome stopover is located in Verbania, this is the biggest place around Lago Maggiore!

Lake Maggiore Italy motorhome

- Lake Maggiore is picturesquely beautiful.

All romance on Lake Orta

Lake Orta! This lake may sound a little less familiar to you than Lake Garda or Lake Como. That is why it is one of Italy's best kept secrets. This romantic lake is located near the previously mentioned Lake Maggiore. It is not yet so touristy and that makes it a very fine destination for a motorhome trip. Because the lake is only 13 kilometers long, you can easily drive around it with your motorhome. Start your motorhome trip around Lake Orta in the town of Omegna. This is the largest town on Lake Orta. The canal that runs through it may remind you of Venice. Explore the village on foot and walk along the promenade with a magnificent view of Lake Orta. You can also stay in Omegna at the Area Camper Lago d'Orta. This is the ideal base for all villages around Lake Orta to discover. Besides Omegna, also Pella, Ronco and Pettenasco are nice camperstops. One thing is certain: you will experience a romantic vacation at Lake Orta.

Lake Maggiore Italy motorhome

- At Lake Orta, you will experience a vacation among thousands.

Lake Iseo: less touristy, but definitely worth a visit!

Do you want to experience the real Italy during your motorhome trip? Then Lake Iseo is the place to be! This lake is over 25 kilometers long and about 4 kilometers wide. Because the lake is very popular with the Italians, you will experience the real Italy here. What you should definitely do during your camperstop at Lake Iseo is visit Monte Isola. This large island lies in the middle of the lake and can only be reached by boat! The island is completely car-free. This allows you to discover the island perfectly on foot, without being disturbed by cars. The island has an altitude of 600 meters and you will find 10 nice villages. Especially the capital Siviano is worth a visit. Here you will find the town hall of the island and the remains of a medieval castle. Do you have a heart for the hospitality industry or do you simply love good food? Then definitely try the salami. This is here smoked on wood in an old fireplace.

motorhome lake Orta motorhome trip Italy

- Monte Isola: this hilly island is a must see!

Can't get enough of beautiful Italy? Then take a look at our inspiration page of Italy. Here you'll find blogs, camperstops, indispensable travel guides and many more tips to get the most out of your motorhome tour in Italy!



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