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5 reasons why France is the perfect destination for your next motorhome trip

Motorhome season has begun and this is causing vacation fever. The big question, of course, is "where can I go with the motorhome? There are countless destinations where you can go with the motorhome. But what about France? This country has it all. From beautiful nature reserves to the nicest villages and cities. We give 5 reasons why France is the perfect destination for your next motorhome trip.

1. Villages & towns with a rich past

The first reason you should visit France is its historic towns and villages. When you drive your motorhome through the interior of France, you'll come across them everywhere. From the most colorful villages in Alsace to the most extraordinary cities in Languedoc. Almost all of them have a rich past and this is reflected in their history. There are few countries where you can visit as many monuments and museums as in France.

motorhome trip France villages

- Nowhere in the world will you find as many monuments as in France! 

2. Admire the beautiful nature during your motorhome trip

Did you know that almost 50% of the total territory of France consists of agricultural land? You can therefore spend the night in many places in France on private property of French wine growers and other farmers. This way you wake up with a beautiful view of a French vineyard and you can go for a walk from your motorhome stopover. The nature of France has much to offer and is never far away. The varied landscape allows you to undertake many activities during your motorhome adventure in this beautiful country. Let yourself be guided through one of the many vineyards or take a canoe out on the water.

nature France motorhome trip

- Do not skip the waterfalls in France!

3. Hike through the mountains

France is rich in mountains! Probably you know the French Alps, but the country has so many more beautiful mountain areas. You can therefore in many places in France a beautiful walk in the mountains. It doesn't matter whether you want to take a long walk or a short hike in the mountains near the sea. It is all possible in the mountains of France. At many motorhome stopovers there are nice hiking trails to be found, but also on the Internet you will find many hiking maps that lead you through the mountains of France. One thing is certain, you look your eyes out!

mountains France motorhome-trip motorhome stopover

- Taste the mountain atmosphere in France.

4. Staying at the waterfront

On a motorhome trip in France, you can't avoid the water. The west coast alone is 1600 kilometers long! This gives you the chance to spend the night with the motorhome by the water. It is not only wonderful to spend the night on the waterfront, it also gives you many opportunities to undertake activities. Rent a boat and discover France from the water, visit one of the waterfalls or relax on the beach.

motorhome-trip water stay France

- Relax on one of the many beaches.

5. Enjoy Burgundy!

French cuisine is not to be missed on this list! The French are real Burgundians. This alone is a good reason to travel with the motorhome to France. Here you can taste the most delicious cheeses, crepes and quiches. The best way to discover the traditional dishes of this country is at a market. Almost every village or town in France has a local market that returns weekly.

Sarlat France market

- At the market in France you can find the most delicious regional products. 

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