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5x things to do during your motorhome trip in Croatia

A motorhome trip through Croatia is full of surprises. There is something for everyone and you can choose from numerous activities, attractions, beaches and nature parks. You can spot dolphins, taste wine, walk through a historic town or visit one of the many islands. In short: you don't have to be bored for a second in Croatia. Are you curious which activities you should definitely have done during your motorhome adventure in Croatia? You can read that and more in this blog!

1. Visit the Plitvice Lakes

We start this list with the highlight of Croatia: the Plitvice Lakes. These lakes are world famous and your visit to Croatia is therefore not complete without having seen the Plitvice lakes. These beautiful lakes can be admired around the town of Plitvička Jezera and are part of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. The lakes with 1000 shades of green were created by thousands of years of limestone deposits. Now the park has as many as 16 lakes and 90 waterfalls! Around the Plitvice Lakes there are many hiking trails that are all worthwhile. No matter which trail you choose, you will be amazed by this beautiful piece of nature.

Motorhome Croatia Plitvice Lakes

- When in Croatia, you must have seen the Plitvice Lakes!

2. Wander through the streets of Dubrovnik

A city that definitely cannot be missed on this list is Dubrovnik. This city has not won a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List for nothing. When you reach the center of Dubrovnik through the old city walls, you immediately understand why. It feels as if you go back in time through the ancient squares, limestone streets and old city gates. One thing is certain: you will not get bored in this city! Let yourself get lost in the narrow alleys of this completely walled city. During your walk you will discover something new in every street. Highlights which you should not miss are the cathedral, the port of Dubrovnik and the viewpoint Mount Srđ. From here you have a magnificent view over the old town and the Adriatic Sea.

motorhome Croatia Dubrovnik city

- Did you know that the center of Dubrovnik is completely walled? 

3. Krka National park: a special part of the nature

Not only the Plitvice lakes, but also the Krka National Park deserves a spot in this blog. The park got its name from the river Krka which flows right through the park. To visit National Park Krka you have to be near the town of Sibenik. Put on some sturdy shoes and discover all the beauty of this National Park. During a hike you will encounter many waterfalls, beautiful viewpoints, numerous plant species and the most unusual animals. Are you planning to visit this park? Then be sure to prepare for your visit! The park is 110 square kilometers and has 5 different entrances. The park also has its own app the Krka app. This app gives you information on where you can find everything and many more great tips. This way you can get the most out of your visit to Krka National Park!

motorhome Croatia Krka National Park

- Discover Krka Natonal Park and feast your eyes!

4. Island hopping by boat

Croatia is the destination of the 1000 islands! There is no better way to admire these islands than by boat. During your motorhome trip in Croatia you should definitely go island hopping! From the water you have the best view of all the beautiful beaches, the nicest boulevards and you can relax. The distances between the islands of Croatia are relatively small, so you can visit several islands in one day. Islands you should definitely not miss are Hvar, Brac, Solta, Vis and Korcula! Hoist the sails and discover all the beauty of Croatia!

motorhome Croatia island hopping water

- From the water you discover Croatia in a completely different way.

5. Zlatni Rat: one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

Croatia has an endless coastline with countless beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches is Zlatni Rat. This beach has even been declared one of the most beautiful beaches on earth. It is a beautiful white pebble beach that runs no less than 500 meters into the sea. From the top view you can see that the beach is shaped like a horn, but it changes constantly. This is due to the currents, winds and waves. It is a popular beach, but because it is a long beach you can always find a nice spot. There are also many pine trees to be found on the beach that provide the necessary shade. 

motorhome Croatia Zlatni Rat Golden beach

- It is lovely to linger on this beautiful beach.

Will Croatia be the destination for your next motorhome trip? Then you can probably use some travel inspiration! We have put together a nice motorhome route from North to South Croatia that is definitely worth the effort. Read all about this motorhome route here and discover the nicest cities of this versatile country.



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