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Visit Cochem with your motorhome!

Are you planning to travel to Germany with your motorhome? Then don't skip the town of Cochem. This fairytale city on the Moselle is very popular with many tourists. This is because of its beautiful location, extensive vineyards and numerous attractions. You won't get bored here, time after time you will discover something new. Learn everything about German monetary history in the Bundesbank Bunker or go up in a chairlift. Taste the most delicious wine or cycle along the Moselle bike trail. Cochem is full of surprises. Are you ready for a city break with the motorhome? Then be sure to read along. We'll tell you the must-sees of this vibrant city.

Reichsburg: a fairytale castle!

When you walk through the center of Cochem, you can see the towers of the Reichsburg towering above everything. Reichsburg castle is also known as 'Cochem's castle' and is the symbol of the city. A visit to this historic monument should therefore not be missed during your camperstop in Cochem! The history of Reichsburg Castle goes back a long way. The castle was built around the year 1100. In the past this castle was a real toll castle. Ships that passed this castle on the Moselle had to pay toll here. Later the castle was inhabited by several Palatinate counts. Unfortunately, this beautiful castle came to an end in 1689, when the building was set on fire and blown up with mines. Fortunately, years later a Berlin merchant had the ruined Reichsburg completely renovated in the 19th century style. Today it is owned by the city and many tourists come to take a look in and around the castle. Curious? Then take a tour of the many rooms and learn all about the past.

Germany Cochem Motorhome Trip Castle

- Reichsburg is the symbol of the city!

Discover the secrets of the Bundesbank Bunker

Are you a real history buff? Then get to know the underground world of Cochem in the Bundesbank Bunker! This was one of the best kept secrets in Germany. Indeed, during the Cold War, the country's largest secret money supply was located here. In the 17th century, this bunker was secretly built between the Mosel slopes. The inhabitants of the city knew of its existence at one point, but what exactly happened here hardly anyone knew. In this bunker, measures were taken to prevent the economy from collapsing. There were billions of new German Marks in this secret bunker. It would even be 15 billion Deutschmarks, during a tour of this bunker you will learn all about it.

motorhome travel Cochem Germany sightseeing tour

- Another must is a boat trip on the Moselle. From here you can see the city in a completely different way!

Go up in the air with the Cochem chairlift

In Cochem you will find the Cochem chair lift. This chairlift takes you up to the Pinner Kreuz. Take a good look around you on the way. The landscape is beautiful. After a short trip you will be rewarded with a view of the city, the Moselle and the vast landscape. The viewpoint is located at no less than 250 meters above sea level. Around the viewpoint there are many hiking possibilities. Follow one of the routes and enjoy all the beauty around you.

motorhome trip cochem germany motorhome

- The view from the Pinner Kreuz is magnificent.

Taste a real Moselle wine!

The soil around the Moselle is perfect for growing wine. During your motorhome trip to Cochem you will pass extensive vineyards. Wine has been produced here since the fourth century! Meanwhile, the region has grown into one of the most important wine regions in all of Europe. The region is also known as the 'Riesling region'. This is because the majority of the vineyards are planted with the Riesling grape. When you are in Cochem, you should definitely taste a fresh Riesling or visit one of the vineyards! In the last week of August there is a big party. Then it is time for the annual wine festival. During this event you can taste the Mosel wines and enjoy live music. 

motorhome trip cochem trip germany

- Everywhere you look you see vast vineyards.

Cycle a section of the Moselle bike trail

Are you taking the bikes with you on your motorhome trip? Then the Moselradweg is highly recommended! The Moselradweg is a cycle route of 311 km long. The largest part of this cycle route runs through Germany. Along the way you will pass the nicest places on the Mosel and you will be amazed. The nature along the route is incredibly beautiful. The last part of this route runs from Cochem to Koblenz. Cycle part of this route past vineyards, castles and much more. It's great cycling here!

motorhome trip Germany Moselle cycle route motorhome

- Explore the surroundings by bike!

Suspension bridge Geierlay: the most spectacular bridge in Germany

Suspension Bridge Geierlay! This is the longest and most extraordinary pedestrian bridge in Germany. This bridge does not have a rich history, as it was only opened in 2015. The designer of this bridge was inspired by the well-known suspension bridges in Nepal. This is what makes the bridge so special! However, you should not be afraid of heights, because the bridge is located at a height of 100 meters above the Mörsdorfer Bachtal. When you walk across this bridge, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view. The Geierlay bridge is not in the city of Cochem itself, but is only a half-hour drive away by motorhome. So it is certainly worthwhile to take a look here.

Geierlay bridge Germany motorhome Cochem

- Do you dare to walk across the most spectacular bridge in Germany?

Motorhome stopovers in Cochem

During a visit to Cochem you have many possibilities to park your motorhome. On the outskirts of the city you will find 3 motorhome stopovers: Wohnmobil-Stellplatz am Freizeitzentrum, Wohnmobil-Stellplatz an der Nordbrücke and Motorhome stopover Cochem.

Did you know that this summer you can use public transport in Germany for only 9 euros per month? This is ideal for your motorhome trip to Cochem. In this way you can easily move around and discover all the nice sights during your motorhome trip.



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