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With the motorhome towards the sunniest state in Austria!

Waking up with a view of the water and enjoying the warm sun shining in your face. For many motorhome owners, this provides the ultimate vacation feeling! It is almost natural to travel to Spain, France or Italy for this, but what about Austria? In the south of Austria you will find the state of Carinthia. This region is not called "the sunny south" for nothing. Here you can walk for hours along the many boulevards, take a refreshing dive in clear blue lakes and visit picturesque towns. Are you ready to board the motorhome towards the south of Austria? Then read all about the must-sees of this sunny state!

Park your motorhome at the region's largest lake, Wörthersee!

Did you know that Carinthia has no less than 1200 lakes? Nowhere else in Austria will you find so many lakes as in this region! When you're in Carinthia with your motorhome, you shouldn't miss Lake Wörthersee. This is the largest lake in the region. It is a popular place for tourists. Every year many motorhome owners drive towards this beautiful lake. We understand why! The water is clear blue and in the summer it usually has a temperature of around 25 degrees. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Take a refreshing dive in the water, whip out your fishing rod or go on a fun boat trip on the lake.

Nearby the Wörthersee you can spend the night at Reisemobil Rastplatz Velden. Park your motorhome here for a vacation by the water! 

carinthia worthersee motorhome trip

- The road along Lake Wörthersee is beautiful!

Klagenfurt: the capital of Carinthia

Klagenfurt! This colorful city is also called the Austrian Riviera. This is mainly due to the nice climate and the relaxed attitude of the locals. Especially during the warm summer evenings it feels like you're in Southern Europe! So you should stop here during your motorhome trip in Austria. During a walk through the center you will see Italian influences everywhere. From Italian pasta, the culture to the architectural style of sights and houses. The city owes these Italian influences to an important historical event. For in 1514 there was a huge fire in Klagenfurt. After this fire, the city was rebuilt entirely in the Italian style. There are many sights to be found in Klagenfurt. One of the most famous is the Lindwurmbrunnen, a fountain from the year 1583. This fountain is a cross between a dragon and a snake and is said to have been killed during the founding of the city of Klagenfurt.

For a visit to the capital of Carinthia, you can stay at motorhome stopover Messeparkplatz. From here you are only 700 meters away from the center of this fun city!

Motorhome trip through Carinthia

- On the way you will pass real mountain villages!

A world tour at Minimundus!

Do you like walking through Madurodam? Then Minimundus is for you! This is a miniature world near Klagenfurt. From motorhome stopover Messeparkplatz you can therefore easily just drive past this miniature world. In the park are more than 160 models of famous buildings, ships and trains from around the world. These are all built on a scale of 1:25, so you go in a few hours around the world. You can take a look at the Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower from Toronto and the famous Tower Bridge! Especially in the summer, when everything is in bloom, it is beautiful to walk through the park. 

motorhome trip carinthia

- Near the miniature world you will find the lovely town of Villach! 

Be sure to stop by with your motorhome at the three country point

Be sure to make a stop with your motorhome in Arnoldstein. In this Austrian state, the borders of Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet. The three country point is best visited from the town of Seltshach. Step into the chairlift and let yourself be taken to a height of 1458 meters! Take a good look around you, the landscape is beautiful here. Once at the top you can enjoy a panoramic view and walk in about 20 minutes to the three countries point.

In Arnoldstein you can spend the night at Rast-Stellplatz Arnoldstein. Here you have a magnificent view of the Austrian mountains.

Motorhome trip three country point Austria Carinthia

- The view from the cable car is magnificent!

Admire the beautiful nature of Carinthia during your motorhome adventure!

Austria is mainly known for its beautiful nature! In 2002 Carinthia's first nature park was opened, called 'Dobratsch'. When you drive with your motorhome to Dobratsch, you can already see the beautiful trees from a distance. In this park you will not get bored. It has an area of no less than 7,270 hectares! Everywhere you look you see special plants and animals. There are more than 125 species of birds, almost countless species of butterflies, lizards, scorpions and with a little luck you might even see a bear. The nature park is perfect for hiking. In the park, therefore, there are many hiking trails. There are even themed walks! During these walks you will learn all about the plants and animals that live in this area.

Hiking in Austria Carinthia

- Carinthia's surroundings are perfect for hiking!

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