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Enjoy fresh asparagus straight from the land!

The time for the real Dutch seasonal vegetable has arrived: the asparagus season! The asparagus season lasts from March to June and is only temporary, so act quickly!  What makes this season so special in the Netherlands are the white asparagus, in addition to the green variety. Do you want to fully enjoy delicious white asparagus this year? Then take your motorhome to "the white gold" during the season and stay at a motorhome stopover near an asparagus farm to enjoy fresh asparagus straight from the land. You won't get them any fresher! We've already listed some motorhome stopovers for you. Enjoy your meal!

De Santspuy, Etten-Leur

Staying overnight with a view over asparagus fields? Then you must visit Wine and Asparagus Farm De Santspuy. From your motorhome, you can watch the staff of De Santspuy at work in the fields. How delightful is that?!

In the farm shop, located next to the motorhome stopover, you can purchase the asparagus. Complete your typical Dutch asparagus meal by also buying potatoes, cooked ham, and fresh eggs there. And for such a delightful meal, you can choose to serve a genuine Santspuy wine, which you can also obtain from the farm, grown in their own vineyards!

Would you like to explore the surroundings? You can easily do so from this motorhome stopover. You'll spend the night here in a green and peaceful environment perfect for enjoyable walks.

Motorhome stopover Etten-Leur SantSpuy Asparagus

- From the motorhome stopover, you have a view of the Santspuy vineyard!

De Berkershoeve, Liessel

Drive your motorhome to the motorhome stopover at De Berkershoeve and make sure to visit the farm shop there! Here, you can enjoy the most delicious asparagus, freshly peeled on the spot. You can visit the asparagus field from this motorhome stopover or, upon agreement with the owners, observe the sorting and processing of the asparagus at 6:00 in the morning.

Make your visit to this motorhome stopover complete by going out with your bike or on foot. Enjoy an ice cream at the nearby ice cream farm on your way or relax at the farmhouse terrace upon your return. Here, you can unwind while savoring a cup of coffee with a pastry from their own kitchen. 

Would you like to take something delicious home? You can find various local products, such as cheeses and wines, at the farm shop.

Motorhome stopover de Berkershoeve Liessel Asparagus

-  Taste the tastiest local produce in the Berkershoeve shop!

Camperplaats de Maasterp, Ohé en Laak

From Camperplaats de Maasterp you can enjoy a delightful asparagus menu in a special way. Book a boat trip, step on board, and discover Maasbracht while indulging in an asparagus arrangement by Rederij Cascade. During the 4-hour boat trip, you'll be treated to a culinary delight with a 5-course dinner featuring Limburg asparagus as the star.

After your boat trip, you can unwind by the water at the Maas and peacefully spend the night at Camperplaats de Maasterp.

Motorhome stopover de Maasterp Asparagus boat trip

- Book a boat trip and discover Maasbracht while enjoying an asparagus package!

Camperplaats Onder en Eindt, Helden

Stay overnight with your motorhome during the asparagus season at Camperplaats Onder en Eindt. The motorhome stopover hosts two asparagus weekends from May 3rd to 5th and from June 7th to 9th, during which the owners proudly introduce you to their asparagus farm. Throughout the entire asparagus season, they have a charming farm shop at home, offering a variety of fresh asparagus products such as asparagus salads, asparagus soup, asparagus sandwiches, the typical Dutch “Bitterballen” made of asparagus, and various local products.

The motorhome stopover is beautifully situated with a view of the asparagus fields and on the edge of the Heldense Bossen, where you can enjoy the most beautiful hiking trails.

motorhome stopove onder en eindt helden asparagus

- At Camperplaats Onder en Eindt you can buy the tastiest asparagus bitterballen and croquettes!

Camperplaats Roerdalen, Sint Odiliënberg

Truly enjoy in a forested environment during the asparagus season? You can do so at the spacious and green motorhome stopovers at Camperplaats Roerdalen, located behind an asparagus farm and on the edge of a forest. During the asparagus season, the seasonal shop Zittard Aspergers, located around the corner, opens its doors, where you can get the tastiest fresh asparagus and various local products at a fair price. 

Additionally, you can relax at this quiet green motorhome stopover after a shopping day in the nearby Roermond, which is within cycling distance. 

Are you more of a hiking enthusiast? From the motorhome stopover, you can directly enter a beautiful forest, perfect for scenic walks.

Motorhome stopover Roerdalen, Sint Odiliënberg asparagus

- Here you can really enjoy yourself in a wooded area during asparagus season!

Camping Kikkergat, Otterlo

Would you like to travel to the Veluwe with your motorhome? During the asparagus season, be sure to stay overnight at Camping Kikkergat in Otterlo. In Otterlo you will find the farm “Veluwse Aspergeboerderij”, which has been a household name in the surrounding area for years. A visit to this farm and its Veluwse farm store is a must during the asparagus season. 

The asparagus is picked from the field in the early hours of the morning, washed and then laid out directly in the store. It couldn't be fresher, and you can taste it! In addition to the fresh asparagus, you can also buy other special asparagus products in the store, such as the typical Dutch “Bitterballen” made of asparagus, asparagus croquettes and even beer!

Don't forget to enjoy the surroundings of the motorhome stopover. Otterlo is situated in a beautiful green (farming) landscape. From there, you can easily visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park, which is just around the corner from the motorhome stopover. Or choose to cycle along local farms on one of the 'De Boer Op' cycle routes. There's something great to experience or try at every farm! So take your bike bags with you so you can take lots of fresh produce home with you.

motorhome stopover camping kikkergat Otterlo asparagus

- Don't forget to enjoy the campsite's surroundings too!

Head out with your motorhome and treat yourself during the short-lived asparagus season in the Netherlands. Discover the best motorhome stopovers near asparagus farms and taste the freshest asparagus straight from the land. What are you waiting for? Take your motorhome to the Netherlands and enjoy.

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