best motorhome travel destinations for winter

5x the best motorhome travel destinations for winter!

Whether you want to go skiing or catch the last rays of the year, everything is possible with your motorhome! Europe has a lot to offer in winter, you only have to know where to find it. To help you on the way, we composed a list of 5 countries to visit this winter. Where will you go next?

1. Switzerland

Switzerland has all the ingredients for a motorhome-trip: a gorgeous landscape for hikes, quaint villages with small shops and stunning historical cities with loads of opportunities to go sightseeing! Furthermore, it is a perfect country for performing winter sports! Have a look in Graubünden. Park your motorhome at Wohnmobil-Stellplatz Tua. From here, you can ascend the skilift and hurtle down the mountain right away! You could also visit Lago di Saoseo, one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland (and possibly even Europe!) We can definitely recommend waking up for sunrise here.

Fancy going to the city? Have a look in Chur! This city is more than 5000 years old, which makes it the oldest city in Switzerland. Take a walk through the historical centre; you can't travel here with your motorhome since it's a car-free zone. In the winter, the city has an ice rink! Put on your skates and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of Chur! A few kilometres from town you'll find Stellplätze Camp Au, where you can peacefully stay overnight.


- Wake up in the Swiss mountains!

2. Denmark

In Denmark, winter starts earlier and lasts longer than what we're used to. Though its climate is comparable to ours; it is a bit softer than all the other Scandinavian countries. High season has ended, so you can enjoy all the sights in peace! Besides, in Copenhagen you'll find festival Wondercool. A festival with the focus on Danish art and culture. There are concerts and expositions, and you will even get a discount on famous restaurants. Park your motorhome in the centre at Kastrup Lystbådehavn and find out everything that this festival has to offer!

Because of the long, dark nights, Dark Sky Park Møn is a fantastic place to go! This nature reserve is known for its minimal light pollution, which makes it the perfect spot to stargaze. You'll have the highest chances of spotting the Milky Way, falling stars or Andromeda Nebula from September until March. Close to the reserve lies Klintholm Havn. Close to this motorhome stopover are a few restaurants to stil your hunger before watching the stars!


- Stargazing at Dark Sky Park!

3. Sweden

Cross the Danish border to Sweden and drive to Swedish Lapland. Park your motorhome at Ryssäjoki Naturrastplats. From here, you can venture into the mountains. Take a husky tour while you surround yourself with frozen lakes, snowy forests and an enchanting landscape. Stop at one of the frozen lakes and catch your dinner! You can prepare it in your motorhome, so you won't be hungry when you watch the northern lights at night! Doesn't this sound like an experience you don't want to miss out on?

We've quickly mentioned it, but the northern lights can't be missed in this time of year. You'll have to be in Swedish Lapland to witness it. One positive about this place is that temperatures are soft and there isn't a lot of rain, the Norwegian mountains protect Sweden from the nasty weather! Of course, you could choose to park your motorhome at a motorhome stopover, but you could also go free camping. Find a nice spot in the forest and wake up with an amazing view! Want to know more about the northern lights? Read our article!


- Experience a husky tour in Sweden!

4. Croatia

Perhaps you wouldn't consider it, but Croatia is beautiful in winter as well! As beautiful as the Plitvice lakes are in summer, they might be even more spectacular in winter! The lakes will be completely frozen, trees are covered with snow, and waterfalls turn into enormous icicles! Park your motorhome close to the lakes at motorhome stopover Cvetkovic.

We stay in mainland Croatia. Here, you'll find loads of thermal spas that have been there since the Romans. Now, you'll find luxury resorts around the thermal spas. This is the perfect spot to relax! The most famous spa is Terme Tuhelj. Luckily, there is a motorhome stopover closeby: Camp-Zagreb. When you park your motorhome here, you will also still have the possibility to go explore Zagreb, the city has a lot to offer (and a very beautiful christmas market!).


- After you treated yourself to a thermal spa visit, you can explore the centre of Zagreb!

5. Spain

Prefer the warmth? Go to the Costa del Sol! What do you think of the bustling city of Málaga? This multi-faceted city is the perfect place to go in winter. With its sandy beaches, cultural sights and historical museums, you will not get bored here! Also, the weather is very amicable! With an average temperature of 17 degrees you can leave your wintercoat at home and get your t-shirts out of the closet! You could of course also buy them in one of the many shops that the city has to offer! Park your motorhome at Area Malaga Beach, and wake up with a view over the sea; it almost feels like summer!


- Visit Málaga if you want to catch the last rays of the year!

Want to stay close to home this winter, yet still go out with your motorhome during the festive season? In this article, you'll read all about christmas markets which you can visit with your motorhome! Happy camping!



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