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After-summer in Spain: 5x motorhome stopovers by the water

In autumn, there are still plenty of sunny days in Spain. Ideal for a motorhome trip towards the land of sangria, tapas and traditional Flamenco. Enjoy an Indian summer on the beaches of Malaga, Alicante or Valencia. Take a refreshing dip in the sea, discover a new city or go for a nice walk. It's all possible in versatile Spain! For the ultimate holiday feeling, you naturally prefer to spend the night by the water with your motorhome. For this reason, we have listed 5 motorhome stopovers by the water for you.

1. Castillo Sohail, Fuengirola

Let's start with a beautiful motorhome stopover by the sea: Castillo Sohail in Fuengirola. Castillo Sohail is a simple motorhome stopover with no facilities, but the location is stunning. From your camperstop, you'll have stunning views of the sea and an ancient castle. A beach road takes you to the sea and Fuengirola's bustling promenade. Here you will find many boutiques and narrow streets with nice terraces! It is also just a 15-minute walk from the motorhome stopover to the train station. Ideal for a visit to the city of Malaga. Here you'll admire, among other things, the beautiful Alcazaba, a fortress built in the 11th century. The Gibralfaro castle is also highly recommended during your visit to the city of Malaga.

 Fuengirola Castillo Sohail motorhome stopover

- At Castillo Sohail, place your motorhome wonderfully by the water.

2. Area de Alcaidese Marina, La Línea de Concepción

The next motorhome stopover that is perfect for an after-summer in Spain is Area de Alcaidesa Marina. Here you park your motorhome in the marina of La Línea de Concepción. From the motorhome area, you look out over the water and see the boats sailing to and from the marina. There are toilets available and you have the option to discharge water and refuel here. Not only is the waterfront location stunning, from this Spanish town you can walk straight to Gibraltar. Before you can visit Gibraltar, though, you have to go through passport control. After all, without a passport you can't explore this British part of Spain. During your visit to Gibraltar, leave the Spanish tapas for a while and enjoy fish&chips. Gibraltar's biggest and most popular sight is also not to be missed. This is the Upper Rock nature reserve! Wild monkeys live here and with a bit of luck, you can see Morocco in the distance. 

Spain motor home area Gibraltar

- From Area de Alcaidese Marina, you'll be in Gibraltar in no time.

3. Camper Area Campello Beach, El Campello

In the Spanish province of Alicante, you'll find motorhome stopover Area Campello Beach. Area Campello Beach has basically everything you expect from a motorhome stopover: electricity, toilets, showers, the possibility to fill up and discharge water, a washing machine and the possibility of WiFi. From the motorhome stopover, you are on the fine beach of El Campello within minutes. This quiet village lies between Alicante and Benidorm. You will find a long promenade full of nice shops and bars. In the north of this town you will find historical sights. For example, visit Illeta dels Banyets, where you will find archaeological excavations up to 5,000 years old! The centuries-old tower of El Campello called 'Torre de la illeta' is also worth a visit! Especially in the evening, a visit to this tower is highly recommended. Then this tower is fully illuminated and open to the public!

Spain El Campello motorhome stopover

- Area Campello Beachhas everything you need!

4. Playa Altet, Alicante

A lovely place to spend an after-summer is motorhome stopover Playa Altet. This simple motorhome stopover is right on the beach and completely free. You'll fall asleep to the sound of the sea's waves here and wake up to a stunning view every morning! From this motorhome stopover, a cycle path takes you to the centre of Alicante. This port city is the second largest city on the Costa Blanca after Valencia. The city has a beautiful promenade along the coast, modern shopping centres, nice sights and interesting museums. When visiting Alicante, you must have seen the city's enormous castle. This castle can be found at a height of no less than 166 metres and from here you have a magnificent view over the city!

 Alicante city Spain

- Alicante is a great place to spend an after-summer.

5. Playa del Pénom Blanca, La Isleta

Looking for peace and quiet during your motorhome trip? Then park your motorhome at the tolerated Playa del Pénom Blanca. This is a motorhome stopover with a beautiful view over the sea. It is a small beach, but the water is very clear! For true nature lovers, you'll find Cabo de Gato Nature Park some 30 kilometres away. This natural park of over 29,000 hectares has steep coasts, sand dunes, salt flats, cliffs and hidden beaches. It is not called little paradise for nothing. For a moment here, it feels like being in Mexico.

motorhome Spain La Isleta

- Park your motorhome at Playa del Pénom Blanca and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Looking for more inspiration for your motorhome tour of Spain? Then take a look at our inspiration page. Here you will find the best motorhome routes through Spain, read blogs with many indispensable tips, motorhome stopovers and much more...



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