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Motorhome route Sweden: from Gothenburg to Falun

Sweden! A country that is becoming more and more popular with motorhome owners. There is actually no reason why you should not go to Sweden with the motorhome. The country is perfect for a motorhome roadtrip through its overwhelming nature. On the way you will see typical red houses interspersed with beautiful lakes, bustling cities and who knows, you might even see a reindeer! Can you already see yourself driving a motorhome through the varied landscape of Sweden? Then we've put together a great motorhome trip for you.

Gothenburg - the start of your motorhome trip of Sweden

We'll start the motorhome trip in Gothenburg, Sweden's second-largest city! This is a city where culinary aficionados can get their fill. Over the years Gothenburg has developed into an important commercial fishing center. Because of its location on the west coast of Sweden, the best fish is caught here every day. There is no better place to taste this freshly caught fish than at the local fish market or in one of Gothenburg's restaurants. You will also be amazed by the locals. They are extremely hospitable here! Although Gothenburg is only a small city you can wander around for hours. From culture, high quality restaurants to beautiful nature. You can find it all in this Swedish city. Because the city is small you can discover everything on foot. Stroll in the district of Haga and admire the wooden worker houses. These were built between 1870 and 1940. Don't forget to taste a cinnamon bun. This Swedish delicacy is the delicacy of the city. To take a break, you should be in the Slottsskogen park. This is a natural forest full of colorful flowers. In the summer various events are organized here.

A little outside the center you can spend the night with the motorhome at motorhome stopover Medicinaregatan Norra

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- Gothenburg is a must-see on your motorhome trip of Sweden!

Gothenburg - Smögen (+/- 133 kilometers)

After your visit to Göteburg it's time to continue your journey to Smögen. This village is known for its colorful fishermen's houses. It is the ideal destination to relax during your motorhome trip. Besides the colorful fishermen's houses you will find a lively boulevard, wild coast, nice boutiques and in the summer there is plenty of swimming here. There are many diving boards above the sea and natural swimming pools. Furthermore, Smögen is perfect for a walk. Do put on your sturdy walking shoes, because it can be rocky here! We also definitely recommend taking a boat trip. From the water you discover the city in a whole different way. You can even join a fishing boat to catch langoustines with the local fishermen. After the boat trip, the freshly caught fish is prepared for you.

For a visit to Smögen you can stay at Park and Stay Smögen. Here you stay at the waterfront!

Smögen motorhome route

- Park and Stay Smögen has a beautiful location by the water.

Smögen - Mariestad (+/- 197 kilometers)

The third stop of your motorhome trip is Mariestad. For this you have to travel 197 kilometers with the motorhome. Once you arrive in Mariestad you will be amazed. The city is on the Gothic Canal and is beautiful. It is therefore not surprising that tourists from all over the world enjoy visiting this city. Park your motorhome at the Mariestad motorhome stopover or Mariestads Hamnomräde. Both sites are located by the water and are ideal for exploring Mariestad. Discover at your own pace all the beauty the city has to offer. An attraction you should not miss is the Mariestad Cathedral. You can see it in the distance above the city. From the outside it may not seem so special, but once you step inside you understand why this parish church is so popular. It is beautifully decorated with a beautiful altar and ancient paintings. Want to learn more about the history of Mariestad? Then pay a visit to Qvarnstensgruvan i Lugnås. Here a guide will be only too happy to tell you all about the industrial history of the city. The guide will show you what working conditions were like in those days and in the Vadsbomuseum you can see how the city developed further after these industrial times. As in Smögen, you will see many people swimming here in good weather. Take a dip in one of the outdoor pools and relax!

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- In winter you can take an ice bath in the open air here! 

Mariestad - Västerås (205 kilometers)

Today we have a 205 kilometer motorhome ride on our schedule. You drive from Mariestad to Västerås in the middle of Sweden. This is a vibrant city with village atmospheres. The friendly atmosphere will quickly make you feel welcome here. It is full of nice cafes, restaurants and other entertainment venues. Many events are also organized here and there is always something to do. For the best view of the city you should go to the Sky Bar. This cocktail bar can be found on the 24th floor of the First Hotel Plaza. It is a favorite of the locals. Besides the many entertainment venues, Sweden's largest burial mound, the Anundshög is definitely worth a visit. It dates back to 500-700 AD. After your visit to the burial mound it is time for the Ängso slott. Here you imagine yourself in royal spheres. The castle was built in the 15th century and there are many legends about this castle. During a visit you can learn all about it. Are you traveling through Sweden with your children or grandchildren? Then Kokpunkten water park is highly recommended. You'll find this water park in an old power station with no less than 8 floors.

You can spend the night in Sweden at Västerås Gästhamn harbor. Also here you can spend a wonderful night on the water.

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- The nature in Sweden is beautiful!

Västerås - Stockholm (+/- 109 kilometers)

It's finally time to visit Stockholm, the capital of Sweden! The sights and activities you can undertake in this city are countless. We advise you to stay longer than one day in this city with your motorhome. That way you have all the time to enjoy this hip city with historical elements. Did you know that this city is built on 14 islands? For this reason Stockholm is also called "The Venice of the North". At Ställplatsstockholm you can stay the night near the water. Tantolundens Husbilscamping Stockholm is also perfect for exploring the city. Wander around the center of this beautiful city and discover the many modern restaurants, stores, museums and many other attractions. On an island in the middle of the city you will find Gamla Stan, the oldest part of the city. Highly recommended for culture lovers! Visit Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and take a look at the Royal Palace. In this palace lives the king of Sweden. For those who want to relax, Djurgården peninsula is a must-see. Here you can walk through the green Haga Park and escape the busy city life. 

Motorhome trip Sweden Stockholm

- Stockholm: The bustling capital of Sweden. 

Stockholm - Gävle (+/- 180 kilometers)

After you enjoyed the beautiful city of Stockholm it's time to drive towards Gävle. To reach this lively university city you travel approximately 180 kilometers with the motorhome. On the way you will pass through beautiful landscapes and with a little luck spot a herd of wild animals. Once you arrive in Gävle you have two motorhome stopovers where you can spend the night. Choose a night on the outskirts of town at motorhome stopover Hemlingbystugan or place your motorhome at the waterfront at motorhome stopover Södra Skeppsbron. Here you overlook the water and see the traditional Swedish houses stand. During your visit to Gävle you will not immediately notice that this city was founded as early as 1446. A fire in the 18th century destroyed almost everything! After the fire a lot has been rebuilt and you can admire these buildings during a walk in Gävle. Walk through the old district Gamla Gefle. This area is car-free and this way you can visit the old colored wooden houses at your own pace. Another must is the old prison of the city. Here you will find out how the prisoners used to be locked up. Also the railroad museum is not to be missed when you are in Gävle!

Sweden motorhome route Gävle

- Motorhome stopover Södra Skeppsbron: a beautiful location!

Gävle - Falun (+/- 90 kilometers)

Falun! This is the last camperstop of your motorhome tour in Sweden. After a drive of +/- 90 kilometers you reach this city. Park your motorhome at the Falun motorhome stopover. This peaceful motorhome stopover on the outskirts of the city is the ideal base for your visit to Falun. Falun is known for the large mining area of the Great Copper Mountain. This is one of Sweden's World Heritage Sites. A must-see during your motorhome stop in Falun! From the 18th century, many people worked here daily in the copper mine. Around the 17th century it was even the most important industrial area in Sweden. Eventually the mine closed in 1992 and is therefore no longer in operation today. You can take a guided tour through this underground mine. Walk down the winding stairs and descend to 67 meters below ground. During the tour the guide tells you the most impressive stories about working in the mines. Besides a visit to the popular copper mine, it is nice to walk through the old quarter of Falun. Take a seat at one of the terraces and taste the most delicious Swedish dishes.

Sweden motorhome route

- Do you already know the Sontbrug? This bridge connects Sweden and Denmark.

Can't get enough of Sweden after this motorhome route? Then travel on to the North of the country. Here you will find many more nice cities. Via our Camperstop-App you can always find a motorhome stopover near you. This app contains over 12,500 motorhome stopovers spread over 30 different European countries.



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