Norway motorhome route

Motorhome route: discover the south of Norway

Norway! A country that is high on the bucket list of many motorhome owners. We understand why. Because here you will find the most impressive fjords in the world, beautiful nature reserves, beautiful cities and the tastiest fish. During a motorhome-trip you will encounter all this. Are you ready for a motorhome adventure through the south of Norway? Then read on and travel with us through this versatile country.

Start your motorhome tour in Oslo!

We start the motorhome trip in Norway's capital, Oslo. Did you know that one third of the population lives here? This is due to the liveliness, trendy neighborhoods and beautiful nature. The government does everything possible to preserve this unspoiled nature. Oslo is also called "the green capital" for this reason. There are countless attractions in this vibrant city. Visit the Royal Palace, walk through the Vigelandpark with more than 200 statues or take a look at the opera house. The Opera House is the symbol of the city and from here you have a breathtaking view of the city! In addition to these sights, there are many more attractions worth visiting during your motorhome trip. Want to get the most out of your motorhome stop in Oslo? Then buy an Oslo Pass on the spot. This pass gives you free access to the capital's must-visit attractions!

Just 5 kilometers from the bustling center of Oslo is the Sjølyst Marina, Oslo motorhome stopover. Park your motorhome here and discover Norway's capital!

motorhome trip Norway Oslo

- Norway's capital is a must-see!

Larvik: the second stop of your motorhome adventure

After visiting Oslo it's time to continue your motorhome trip. We head a little more towards the south of Norway. Here we make a motorhome stop in Larvik, a city where Norwegian traditions still play an important role. Because of its beautiful coastline Larvik is loved by many tourists. Especially in the summer, many tourists choose a vacation in Larvik. If you think you can lie here quietly on a towel on the sandy beach, we must unfortunately disappoint you. It is a wild coast with stones. The special thing about this coastline is that the stones were left behind by the glaciers. Near Larvik you will find Mølen. This is the largest pebble beach in Norway and was created during the ice age. Not only is the nature beautiful here, but you can also spot more than 300 species of birds. Since 2008 Mølen is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not only the coast, but also the cozy center of Larvik is worth a visit. Stroll through the narrow streets and taste the friendly atmosphere of this city. There are several old churches to admire and the Maritime Museum is a must-see during your motorhome stop in Larvik.

To visit Larvik you can place your motorhome at the motorhome stopover Indre Havn. Here you stand directly at the water with the motorhome!

Motorhome route Larvik Norway motorhome

- You can see that the nature here is protected in many places!

Langesund: a popular destination in summer

After about a 40-minute drive, you will arrive in Langesund with your motorhome. Centuries ago, this place was important for shipbuilding. Today it is a pleasant destination for the sunny summer days. An attraction you should not miss during your visit to this city is the old coastal fortress. This fort was built by the Nazi occupier, but was used by the Norwegian army for a long time after the occupation. From here they protected the country from invaders! From Langesund you have the possibility to take the boat to the island Langøya. Here you can find many beautiful hiking trails, which are perfect for a nice walk. Along the way you will encounter beautiful beaches and see a white-painted lighthouse. This tower dates back to 1876 and today you can even spend the night in it. Climb to the highest point of the tower and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea.

In Langesund you can spend the night at the motorhome stopover Smietangen.

Motorhome trip Norway Langesund

- In winter Norway is also really worth a visit.

Take a look in the white village of Lillesand

Time for the next stop on your motorhome trip of southern Norway. This time we stop in the town of Lillesand. This is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think of a motorhome tour of Norway. Nevertheless, we recommend you to stop in Lillesand! The village grew up around the natural harbor in the 17th century. When you walk through the center of this town, you will see white houses everywhere. Just 3 kilometers away from this town you will find the Fløresteinen. This is a beautiful nature reserve with a breathtaking viewpoint. Walk to the highest point and look around you. You will encounter the most beautiful flora and fauna!

Place your motorhome at the motorhome stopover Lillesand gjethavn. Here you will wake up with a view of the water.

 Motorhome trip Norway motorhome Lillesand

- During a walk in Norway you come along d most beautiful natural areas. 

Kristiansand: a must!

In the extreme south of Norway you will find Kristiansand. Unfortunately we don't have a motorhome stopover here, but we still recommend that you take a look at this city. It is the fifth largest city in Norway with about 90,000 inhabitants! Many Norwegians can be found here in the summer. It is therefore also called the Norwegian Riviera. The city is very conveniently arranged and best explored on foot. Walk through the nice streets along many colorful houses and do not skip the cathedral in the center. Near the center you will find Bystranda. This is the town beach of Kristiansand. Rest here and take a dip in the sea. The special thing about this beach is that it has been awarded the Blue Lag eco-label. This label stands for sustainable development on beaches and marinas! While you are in Kristiansand, you might as well go to Fiskebrygga. This is the city's old fishing port. Take a seat at one of the many outdoor cafes and watch the many boats go by. 

Motorhome Route Norway Kristiansand

- Kristiansand: the Norwegian Riviera!

A visit to the sustainable destination Lindesnes

We stay a while in the far south of Norway for a motorhome stop in Lindesnes. This is a sustainable destination! So expect lots of greenery and impressive landscapes. If you like to eat out, this is the place to be. You will find a very special restaurant called 'Under'. This is the largest underwater restaurant in the world! While dining you will see the most diverse fish swimming by. Another must-see of Lindesnes is the lighthouse! Climb up and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

For a visit to Lindesnes, you can spend the night at the motorhome stopover Lindesnes fyr. This is a quiet motorhome stopover!

Lidesnes Norway motorhome route

- You can see the lighthouse shining from a distance.

Stavanger: one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world!

It is a bit of a drive from Lindesnes to Stavanger, but well worth it. Just the journey there is already special! On the way you will encounter the most impressive natural wonders. From fjords, white sandy beaches to breathtaking viewpoints. One of these viewpoints is the Preikestolen also called the Pulpit. This viewpoint was chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world! The fact that Stavanger became big because of the oil industry can still be seen in the city. There is a petroleum museum in the city. You can learn everything about the history of the oil industry during a visit to this museum. Near the center you will find the port of Stavanger. This port is very important for shipping and you can see gigantic cruise ships here!

Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Mosvangen Stavanger and discover the lively city from here!

Norway Stavanger motorhome trip

- In Stavanger harbour you will see the most beautiful boats sail past. 

Finish your motorhome trip in the vibrant city of Bergen!

Bergen! You can't have a better ending to your motorhome trip. This is Norway's second largest city. The town is not called Bergen for nothing, it is situated between seven mountains. The atmosphere in the town is very pleasant and there are numerous things to do. The colored houses on the waterfront is one of the must-do's when in Bergen. These are on the UNESCO World Heritage List for a reason. They come from the time when Bergen was an important trading city. You can store here and admire historical monuments. After shopping and walking through the city center, you can take a break in Byparken. This park gives a magnificent view of Mount Ulriken. For an even better view, you can take the cable car. This cable car will take you to the viewpoint on Mount Fløyen. Want to discover Norway from the water? Then choose a fjord boat trip and enjoy the fjord landscape! You will encounter the most impressive natural wonders.

In Bergen there are several motorhome stopovers. Choose to spend the night at motorhome stopover Bergenshallen or place your motorhome at Bobilparkering Slettebakken.

 motorhome route Norway houses Bergen

- The colorful houses in Bergen are a must-see.

Norway is of course also known for the northern lights. You don't want to miss this natural wonder during your motorhome trip. Want to know where you have a chance to admire this spectacular light show? Check out this article!



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