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Motorhome tour in Normandy: the ideal mix between culture and nature!

For years, the French region of Normandy has been known as one of the most popular holiday destinations for motorhome owners. We can understand why! This historic region has a long history, extensive nature and versatile cuisine. In other words, its diversity makes it an area where everyone can enjoy themselves. With this motorhome route, you can explore the most beautiful and cosy places in Normandy and immediately know where to stay overnight!

Stop 1: Dieppe

The motorhome tour starts in the north of Normandy, in the town of Dieppe. This town owes its name to the Vikings, who quartered there around the year 1000 and called the river that flows into the sea through the town the Diepe, because of its depth. Dieppe's port has always been an important point of the city, mainly for maritime trade and fishing. Today you can still enjoy a delicious seafood meal on one of the cosy terraces, for example herring caught fresh from the sea. Feast your eyes on the yachts filling the harbour, or stroll to the beach and take a dip in the sea. If you also like to soak up some of the city's cultural history, a visit to the Château-Musée is highly recommended. In this rebuilt fortress, you will learn and see everything about the maritime history and the influence of ivory on the city. The imposing Église Saint-Jacques cannot be overlooked either. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside, this church with its long and bumpy history is worth a visit. End the day on a terrace at Place du Puits Salé, the city's most famous and cosy square! 

Spend the night in the city centre at motorhome stopovers Aire d'accueil Front de Mer or Dieppe.

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-  Take a seat on one of the terraces and enjoy the view over the harbour!

Stop 2: Fécamp en Yport

About an hour and a half's drive from Dieppe is the town of Fécamp. Known for its charming character, this town is very popular as a seaside resort, but you will also find an important historical port here: Fécamp was once the epicentre for cod fishing in France. The cultural highlight while visiting this town is the Palais Bénédictine. Don't expect a religious building here, but a distillery! In 1863, wine merchant Alexandre Le Grand discovered a recipe book dating back to the 16th century, before the French Revolution, and after some decoding, a Benedictine liqueur was produced from it. The 'palace' was built by Le Grand around his distillery to pay tribute to his liqueur and features a neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance style. Quite a nice retreat for a distillery! Besides the brewery, the palais also houses a museum, which exhibits modern art, among other things.

A few kilometres from Fécamp, you will find the fishing village of Yport. Located in a 'hanging valley' between the chalk cliffs for which the Normandy coast is so famous, Yport is high on the list of most beautiful villages in France. Stroll along the promenade, seek the warmth of the sun at the beach or take a dip in the sea and unwind! Do you still like to be active? Leave your motorhome in Fécamp and walk along a marked path on the chalk cliffs to Yport!

In Fécamp, spend the night at the Parking de la Mâture.

Normandy motorhome route Fecamp Valentin Pacaut

- Once this port was the epicentre for cod fishing! © The Explorers - Valentin Pacaut - Normandie Tourisme

Stop 3: Honfleur

To get to Honfleur from Fécamp, you have to cross the Pont de Normandie. This bridge takes you from Le Havre across the Seine estuary to Honfleur and is famous for its height. Free passage under the bridge is possible for all traffic on the Seine, so when crossing the Pont de Normandie, you can expect beautiful views of the surrounding area. Once you arrive in Honfleur, you will be welcomed by the picturesque charms of the port town. Especially the town's harbour, with its colourful half-timbered houses and lively atmosphere, is often described as 'picturesque'. This is in the most literal sense, by the way, as artists like Monet and Boudin found much inspiration for their artworks here. Honfleur is also home to France's largest wooden church. Dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, this l'Église Sainte-Catherine is made almost entirely of wood, which sets it apart from other contemporaries that are mostly made of stone. To admire the bell tower, however, you have to walk a bit, as it is not attached to the main building. Besides, Honfleur lends itself perfectly to a lovely afternoon strolling through its scenic streets, across markets and past terraces where you settle down for a cooling thirst-quencher. 

Within walking distance of the historic centre, spend the night at motorhome stopover Bassin de l'Est.

Honfleur camper Normandië Frankrijk

- Discover the picturesque charms of the port city of Honfleur!

Stop 4: Barfleur

The next 'flowery' destination on the motorhome route is Barfleur, just over two hours' drive from Honfleur. This is another fishing village, located on the east coast of the Cotentin peninsula. The port of Barfleur was once labelled as Normandy's most important port, but today it is mainly known for its mussel fishing. This is where you can taste real wild mussels caught in natural growing places. In typical Norman style, the shellfish are prepared with cream, onion and white wine. Immerse yourself in the life of the Norman and enjoy this local delicacy in one of the restaurants on the harbour. In nearby Gatteville, you will find the Phare de Gatteville, France's second-highest lighthouse. 

On the route from Honfleur to Barfleur, you will pass a number of interesting places to stop for a break. For example, a visit to the medieval town of Bayeux is highly recommended if you are interested in Normandy's history. Would you like to know more about the Allied invasion of Normandy's beaches on 6 June 1944? Then make a small side trip to, for example, Utah Beach, the westernmost beach, and its associated Musée du Debarquement de Utah Beach, hidden in the dunes near La Madeleine. A very interesting addition to your motorhome trip! 

Around Barfleur, you can spend the night in Gatteville-le-Phare or at motorhome stopover Ferme de la Froide Rue in Réville.

Motorhome route Normandy Barfleur Sophie Kernen Jumeaux

- Stroll along the harbour and see the boats returning with their mussel catch! © Sophie Kernen - Jumeaux&Co - Normandie Tourisme

Stop 5: Granville

In the south of the Cotentin peninsula lies the town of Granville. When travelling through Normandy by motorhome, this town is a nice change from the smaller villages. You'll find several museums, as well as beautiful nature and pleasant walks. Fashion icon Christian Dior was born in Granville and his birthplace Villa Les Rhumbs can still be visited. There is also a museum dedicated to him, the Musée Christian Dior. Would you like to learn more about local history and traditions in Granville? Then the Le Vieux Granville museum is a must-see! It is also great fun to walk on the city walls surrounding the old city centre. Here, you not only have beautiful views over the city, but also over the sea. For a Dutch touch, visit Granville in February or March, because when Carnival is celebrated in the Netherlands, the party also erupts during the Carnaval de Granville! Be prepared for colourful costume parties, a parade with decorated carriages and confetti fights and, of course, lots of music. Get ready to party.

You can spend the night on motorhome stopover Granville.

Motorhome route Normandy Granville Sophie Kernen-Jumeaux

- Stroll along the city walls and enjoy the views along the way! © Sophie Kernen - Jumeaux&Co - Normandie Tourisme

Stop 6: Suisse Normande region

From culture to nature! Suisse Normande is a hilly region that takes its name from the Swiss mountains. Although the peaks of the hills do not rise above 300 metres, the area is very similar to the Swiss Alps. With steep green valleys, gorges with strong rivers flowing through and substantial forestation, we can understand why. The region is therefore great for physical activity! Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy the undulating currents of the River Orne, where you can take to the water in a canoe or kayak. Don't forget to bring your fishing rod, as you might catch a pike or trout! Do you prefer to stay on the waterfront? Then opt for a beautiful walk through the vast landscape or grab a mountain bike for an adventurous route between the hills. Are you a real daredevil and not afraid to challenge yourself? Then choose the Les Rochers des Parcs hiking trail, which will take you to panoramic heights. You will certainly enjoy yourself here!

In the Suisse Normande region, you can park your motorhome at various motorhome stopovers, for example in Clécy, in Saint-Rémy-sur-Orne or in Pont-d'Ouilly.

Motorhome route Normandy Suisse Normande Sophie Kernen-Jumeaux

- Put on your hiking boots and head out into the green valleys! © Coraline et Leo - Normandie Tourisme

Stop 7: Pays d'Auge region

The last stop on this motorhome route is known for its versatility: in Pays d'Auge you will find cosy villages with charming half-timbered houses, rural meadows on vast landscapes and everything in between! In short: there is something for all interests! The cuisine of Pays d'Auge is also famous and loved by Normans and tourists alike. Have you always wanted to know where and how the famous camembert cheese is produced? Then visit the Camembert Museum in the small village of the same name, Camembert. The slightly alcoholic drink apple cider also finds its origin in the Pays d'Auge and can therefore be ordered in many places. Combine this tasty discovery of local cuisine with an afternoon of village hopping. With each having its own charms, the villages stand out from each other, but one similarity you will see in almost every place is the preservation of historic half-timbered houses. Idyllic Beaumont-en-Auge, lively Beuvron-en-Auge and colourful Blangy-le-Château are highly recommended! For a visit to a somewhat larger town, Lisieux, with its many basilicas and churches, is a nice change. In Dives-sur-Mer, located on the coast, you will find both an extensive sandy beach and historical buildings, such as the impressive old market hall. Here you can be active, but also relax!

You can stay overnight at several spots in the region, such as in Lisieux at Parking du Carmel, at Parking de la Gare in Beuvron-en-Auge or in Dives-sur-Mer.

Pays d'Auge camper Normandië Frankrijk Lisieux

- Don't skip a visit to the town of Lisieux!

Quickly on your way to Normandy! Did you already know that a visit to this versatile region is often combined with other regions in France, such as Brittany? Here, too, you can drive wonderful motorhome routes. Follow in the footsteps of the founders of Brittany on the Tro Breizh pilgrimage route, or discover Normandy and Brittany further on this motorhome tour. Enjoy your holiday!



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