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Motorhome route through Montenegro: the undiscovered pearl of Europe!

Those thinking of a motorhome-trip full of nature, culture and ultimate relaxation will not immediately think of Montenegro. Yet this undiscovered pearl of Europe is a fantastic destination to travel to with your motorhome. This small country in the Balkans has a lot to offer; from national parks with deep canyons and high mountain peaks to cosy harbour villages and delicious local food, you can find it all! Read on quickly to find out how to experience this country from its best side!

Travelling to Montenegro

Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans, located on the Adriatic Sea. For some motorhome owners, this can be a very long route, crossing several countries. With so many kilometres ahead, it is therefore recommended to divide the journey in several parts. In Germany, Austria and Croatia, among others, there are plenty of opportunities to spend a few days as a stopover. After all, it is still a holiday.

It is also useful to consider the weather. Located by the sea, the lower regions of Montenegro have a Mediterranean climate, but the uphill you go, the cooler it can get. During spring and summer, it is therefore pleasant, but bring a sweater or jacket just to be sure! In addition, pay attention to your internet usage, as Montenegro is not one of the countries included in a standard internet subscription. Hence, before entering the country, turn off your internet/5G. You can, however, use Wi-Fi.

Stop 1: Kotor

The first stop on this motorhome-trip is the town of Kotor. When you drive from Croatia along the coast to Montenegro, this place is almost the first you will come across. With a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Kotor should be on your Montenegro bucket list! Located in the Bay of Kotor, this town is surrounded by water on one side and a high mountain wall on the other. In the old town, called Stari Grad, you can see history on every street corner and get lost while strolling through the narrow alleys. Both large and smaller, mostly Orthodox, churches add a religious touch to the city, but the most impressive and striking is Kotor's Roman Catholic Cathedral. At the local market just outside the city walls you can see, taste, and buy the most delicious local snacks, very appetising souvenirs to enjoy in your motorhome in the evening.

From Kotor, you can plan several excursions in the surrounding area. For example, visit the village of Perast, with its white houses, beautiful location on the Bay of Kotor and church tower rising above the orange rooftops. Be sure to leave in time, as the car parks can get very crowded! Would you like to relax by the turquoise water? Then visit Galebova stijena, a small, quiet, and undiscovered beach where the whole family can have fun! 

Near Kotor, you can stay the night at motorhome stopovers Naluka in Morinj or Zlokovic in Bijela. With its location in a bay, Kotor is easily accessible for cruise ships. Before your visit, check if any cruise ships arrive, as it can get very crowded in the old town!

Camper Perast Montenegro

- The small village of Perast is a must-see if you go to Montenegro!

Stop 2: Bar

From Kotor, there is a direct route to Bar, the next stop on the motorhome-trip. However, the town of Cetinje is also recommended, but especially the road there is an adventure not to be missed! The famous Kotor Serpentine will take you through the natural beauty of Lovćen National Park and with its 25 hairpin bends it is a challenge, but definitely doable with a motorhome! Make a stop at one of the lovely restaurants along the way and enjoy the views over the Bay of Kotor. Once you arrive in Cetinje, get ready for an afternoon of cultural exploration. This city is also called Montenegro's museum city and, as the former capital, still has an important spiritual influence on Montenegrins. Do you prefer to spend the afternoon outside? You'll also discover more of Montenegro's history in the town’s cosy streets. 

From Cetinje, it is about an hour and a half's drive to Bar, the country's main port city. After the earthquake in 1979, much of the old town was destroyed and therefore the population moved more towards the sea. Today, this old part is called Stari Bar (literally: the old Bar) and several buildings have been restored. Stroll through the streets and past the ruins and enjoy the view from the old citadel. In the new Bar, you will find the imposing Church of John Vladimir. Built in the last 20 years, this church looks modern on the outside, but inside, a particularly colourful play of art awaits you. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Bar. 

Near Bar, spend the night at Auto Kamp Utjeha in Utjeha-Bušat.

Lovćen National Park camper

- Be sure to make a stop at Lovćen National Park and enjoy the views!

Stop 3: Lake Skadar

A visit to Montenegro is not complete without having taken a boat trip on Lake Skadar. Several boat tours are offered on the largest lake in the Balkans, starting from different locations. Do you want to experience the splendour of the lake at peace? Then hop into a wooden boat early in the morning and discover the lake, with its surrounding mountains and stunning views, in all its glory. Are you visiting the lake in summer? Then the countless water lilies are sprawling on the water in full blossom! Along the lake, drive along one breathtaking panoramic roads to the Pavlova Strana Viewpoint, from where you have the best view of the famous Horseshoe Bend. Here, one end of Lake Skadar twists around a mountain peak in a hairpin bend, a treat for the eye!

The area around Lake Skadar is also known as Montenegro's wine region. Like the rest of the country, the wines are not very well known yet, but that is exactly what makes it fun to make a stop at a vineyard during a tour around the lake! Tip: many family-run wineries produce wine for local sale and will welcome you with open arms and lots of enthusiasm, so be sure to pay attention to the signs along the road that direct you to these establishments.

Near Lake Skadar, overnight at Autocamp Campus in Goričani.

Lake Skadar camper Montenegro

- Lake Skadar is full of lilies and is beautiful to see!

Stop 4: Biogradska Gora National Park

Time to put on the hiking boots, take the mountain bike or toss out the rowing paddles! From Lake Skadar, you'll drive in about two and a half hours to Biogradska Gora National Park, one of Europe's last remaining rainforests. Here you will find something for everyone: relaxing walks, challenging hikes, bird-watching possibilities, mountain bike routes and various water activities. Walk around Lake Biogradsko Jezero, have fun on one of the many mountain bike trails or rent a rowing boat and explore the national park from the water. With a huge variety of flora and fauna, there is a lot to discover. Always keep your eyes and ears open to spot the most unusual birds, butterflies and even wolves and bears!

Spend the night close to the national park at Autocamp Scepanovic in Mojkovac or Kamp Eco Oaza in Dobrilovina. Would you like to spend the night surrounded by nature and wake up to the sound of the birds? That is possible at Camp Lipovo. You can also have a delicious meal here, so be sure to do so!

Camp Lipovo camper

- From Camp Lipovo, you can visit Biogradska Gora National Park!

Stop 5: Durmitor National Park

The last stop on the motorhome-trip is another nature reserve, Durmitor National Park. In about two and a half hours you will drive to this beautiful piece of untouched nature. The village of Žabljak is considered the gateway to the national park and various tours are organised from here. However, you can also easily set off on your own! In forty minutes from the village you can walk to Crno jezero, the Black Lake, one of the park's so-called mountain eyes or glacial lakes. Around the lake you can take a nice hike or bike ride, or rent a rowboat and explore the area from the water! Don't forget to bring your camera to take the best pictures! The most famous and most worth visiting spot in the national park is the Tara River Canyon, the deepest gorge in Europe and therefore the European sister of the Grand Canyon. Do you like sensation and adventure? Then brave the river on a rafting trip! With steep mountain walls rising to 1300 metres above you, everything suddenly seems very small, but it is certainly an experience to remember! Do you prefer to stay on the waterfront? Then there are several hiking trails in the area, from where you can admire the gorge from above. 

As the highest municipality in Montenegro, at an altitude of 1452 metres, Žabljak is also worth a visit. It is not large, but you can find several restaurants, supermarkets, and shops. A recommended place to taste the local cuisine is at Restaurant Or'O, but make sure you make a reservation in advance! In the surroundings of Žabljak, animals, such as cows and sheep, often roam loose. Therefore, be careful when driving in or out of the centre, as they will cross the road before you know it!

In the area around Durmitor National Park, stay overnight at motorhome stopovers Auto camp Kod Boce in Žabljak or Miro Tara-Regata in Rasova.

Durmitor National Park Montenegro camper

- During your walk, also take a seat on a bench to enjoy the view!

Tijd om je spullen te pakken en naar Montenegro te rijden! Wil je meer van de prachtige Balkanlanden ontdekken? Een bezoek aan Montenegro gaat perfect samen met andere landen in de regio, zoals Slovenië en Kroatië. Lees snel verder op de bestemmingspagina's om meer te weten te komen over deze landen!



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