4-day motorhome route Luxembourg

4-day motorhome route Luxembourg: motorhome stopovers and highlights!

Luxembourg is the second smallest country in the European Union after Malta, which is why it is often skipped by motorhome tourists. This is a shame because this country has so much to offer! Beautiful castles, vineyards and gorgeous nature... Luxembourg has it all. Since the country is so small, you can easily explore the entirety of it in just 4 days. So, what are you waiting for? Travel with us to Luxembourg's most beautiful destinations!

Day 1: Clervaux - Echternach (57 km)

Our journey begins in Clervaux. This enchanting village lies in the middle of the gorgeous nature of the Luxembourg Ardennes. This means that you can make some amazing hikes here, but definitely do not forget to pay a visit to Clervaux itself! The village isn't very big, so a couple hours will be enough to get a taste of the atmosphere. A visit to the castle of Clervaux is an essential: this white castle from the 15th century towers far above the village and is the highlight of Clervaux!

A half-hour motorhome drive from Clervaux is Vianden. This place is one of the touristic attractions of Luxembourg, and that will come as no surprise; this city is extremely beautiful! Visit castle Vianden and take a ride in the cable car to enjoy a stunning view over the city. After a visit to the castle, which will take up about 1 to 2 hours of your time, you can enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces in the city.

The last stop of the day is Echternach, also known as the oldest town of Luxembourg. Wander through the historical city centre, where you will find various ancient buildings. After your visit, drive up north to Berdorf. Here, you can spend the night with your motorhome at Camperhafen Martbusch.


- The white castle of Clervaux is the most iconic sight of the village!

Day 2: Mullerthal (17 km)

On the second day of the trip, we venture into nature. After leaving Berdorf, you'll directly end up in the Mullerthal; one of the most beautiful regions of Luxembourg. Here you'll find green forests, gigantic rock formations and meandering rivers. The best way to explore this region is on foot, and you can actually do that easily from the motorhome site in Berdorf!

From the motorhome stopover, you'll be at the head of the Mullerthal trail in no time. This hike is a good 112 kilometres long, but you can divide the trail into three stages (which you can, of course, divide as well) so that you can decide for yourself how much you want to hike!

Do you want to hike past some of the highlights of the Mullerthal? Close to the Mullerthal village lies the Schiessentümpel waterfall, a stunning place that is definitely worth a visit! Park your motorhome at the end of the day at Camping auf Kengert.


- You'll find many gorgeous hiking routes in the Mullerthal

Day 3: Remich – Luxembourg city (63 km)

From Larochette we drive down to the German border, where you'll encounter the Moselle! This stunning region lends its name to the river that runs through Germany, France and Luxembourg, and is characterized by its many vineyards and picturesque villages.

When you drive past the Moselle in Luxembourg, you'll come across various beautiful places. For example, you could have a look in Remich, this is the second largest municipality in the Luxembourg Moselle region and finds itself in the middle of rolling hills and vineyards. Want to see more of the Moselle? Read our blog "To the Moselle with your motorhome!"

We continue our journey to the capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg city. Despite its small size, this city is extremely multicultural and fun! Wander through the cute alleys and enjoy a stunning view over the city at Gëlle Fra. Culture enthusiasts can have a look at the MUDAM, a museum of modern arts. Anyways, there is enough to explore here! Stay close to the city centre at Glacis.

luxembourg city

- From the Adolsbridge in Luxembourg city you'll have an amazing view over the centre!

Day 4: Guttland – Wiltz (69 km)

On the last day of our trip, we will still check out some amazing destinations in Luxembourg. When you leave Luxembourg city, you'll quickly end up in the valley of the 7 castles. The name says it all: in this region you will find seven enchanting castles. Take a look at Ansembourg, where there are two castles. Castle Old-Ansembourg is a private property, unfortunately, but you can still visit Castle New-Ansembourg when you're there!

The valley of the 7 castles lies in the Guttland region, a relatively flat region in Luxembourg that lends itself perfectly for biking. Fancy a bike ride? Consider the Attert-route. This route brings you along an old train track with views over orchards and farms.

The next stop is Esch-sur-Sûre. This village is known to be one of the most beautiful villages in Luxembourg. The village lies on the banks of the river Sûre and is known for its impressive castle ruins that tower above the town. After a short visit to this historical place, you'll go on your way to Wiltz, the final destination of our trip.

Wiltz is a city in the Luxembourg Ardennes with a stunning castle where you will find both the museum for beer brewery and the Ardennes battle museum. Wiltz may be small; it is mighty in culture and nature! Park your motorhome at Camping-Parc Kaul and look back on an incredible trip through Luxembourg.


- The surroundings of Esch-sur-Sûre are stunning!

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