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From north to south with the motorhome: Italy - part 2

Earlier you could read about beautiful Milan, Lake Garda, Bologna and San Marino. In this part you travel further to the tip of ''the boot''. Especially antiquity is central here, such as the various excavations in Rome and Pompeii. It is recommended to drive part 2 of the route in at least a week. The whole route can be driven in about 2 weeks. In this part you will continue to Florence, Rome, Naples and Bari.

Florence & surroundings

From San Marino you drive to one of the most famous regions of the country: Florence! Florence is full of sights, but the Ponte Vecchio and the cathedral stand out! Just driving through the beautiful surroundings is a real must here: discover the real Italian landscape in the Chianti area, eat the award-winning ice cream of San Gimignano and of course take the famous picture by the tower of Pisa. You will certainly not get bored in Florence!

Specialities: Pici, a kind of thick spaghetti.

Accommodation: Gelsomino SCAF in Florence is located just outside the centre of Florence.

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- Florence was the centre of the Renaissance


You roll from one peak to the next, because now you are going to historic Rome! Rome is, of course, full of antiquities: the Coliseum, St. Peter's, the Pantheon, and that was not even half of everything you can admire there! Enough to discover. Seen all the sights of the city, but want to visit more? Then Ostia Antica is highly recommended, because this is an excavated harbour town!

Specialities: Cacio e pepe, a pasta with sheep cheese and black pepper.

Overnight stays: in the vicinity of Rome there are several motorhome stopovers, such as Area Attrezzata per Camper LGP Roma.

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- Discover Rome's many antiquities!


On to the port city of Naples, the city where the pizza margherita is said to have originated! In the city itself, the many catacombs, corridors and tunnels under the ground are especially worth a visit. Just outside Naples you will find the active volcano Vesuvius which you can climb. A little further on you will find ancient Pompeii, the city that was buried under the ashes of Vesuvius whose excavations can now be visited. Both can be visited independently, but because of the accessibility by motorhome it is recommended to go on a tour.

Specialities: in addition to the pizza margherita, you will also find the most delicious buffalo mozzarella in this region.

Accommodation: stay overnight in Naples atParking Patry or Parking IPM.

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- Vesuvius is an indispensable part of the view of Naples.


Bari is the final stop of your motorhome journey through Italy, and certainly not the least! In Bari you'll find everything from beaches where you can snorkel, sights like the basilica of St. Nicholas where you pass while strolling through the city or the harbour with the tastiest fish. A well-known sight in the area, which is very busy but should not be missed, is the village of Alberobello. Here you'll find several Trulli's, small, white, cone-shaped houses, which boast a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Specialities: Panzerotti is a deep-fried dough with different fillings. These are often filled with mozzarella and tomato.

Overnight stay: Area Hobby Park Wash is a motorhome stopover in the centre of Bari. Gran Parcheggio Alberotanza is just a little further away but still within walking distance from the centre.

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- In Bari you can admire the Trulli's! 

Missed part 1? Then read about other beautiful cities in Italy here. Looking for even more inspiration? Then take a quick look at Italy's destination page!


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