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From north to south by motorhome: Italy - Part 1

Italy is the perfect country for a roadtrip by motorhome. This trip takes you from the north of Italy all the way to the bottom of this versitale country. See the landscapes, food and population change along the way on this varied motorhome route through Italy! It is recommended to drive part 1 of this route in at least one week. In this part you will visit Milan, Lake Garda, Bologna and San Marino. On to a motorhome journey full of delicious Italian pastas, espressos and other local delicacies!


You start the route in Milan. This is, of course, the fashion capital of Italy. In addition, the beautiful architecture of the city is also worth admiring: just take the Duomo that flaunts the Piazza del Duomo, but also the Castello Sforzesco that is located in the middle of the city. A popular day trip from Milan is the impressive Lake Como, the deepest lake in the country. Very nice to take a boat trip here!

Specialities: Cotoletta Milanese, a kind of schnitzel, but in Italian!

Overnight stays: at Camperpark Rimessaggio Ripamonti , Camper Village Linate Parking or New Park.

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- On the Dom Square you will find the world famous Cathedral of Milan.

Lake Garda

From Milan you drive on to the famous Lake Garda, the perfect location to unwind! Take beautiful walks and bike rides here or take a cold dip in the lake. For some culture you can visit the Rocca Scaligera, one of the best preserved castles in the country. A destination where everyone can relax in their own way!

Specialities: everything for the drinks board, think of hams, cheeses and olives. A lot of olive oil is also produced here.

Accommodation: there are many places to spend the night around Lake Garda, among these are motorhome stopovers Sirmione, Garda and Camping Lombardi.

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- Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy!


It is time to travel to a little lesser-known gem: Bologna! If there's one thing you can't ignore in Bologna, it's the many museums. Think of the Archaeological Museum, the Bologna National Gallery and the Archiginnasio, which used to be part of the university, but today houses an anatomical theatre. After your visit to a museum, you can settle down in Piazza Maggiore for a drink while surrounded by the most beautiful Renaissance buildings. Don't forget to pick up some goodies for your motorhome trip at one of the many markets!

Specialities: Mortadella, a sausage from Bologna, is one of the specialities. Tortellini in brodo, the well-known tortellini, but served in a broth, is also widely eaten here!

Accommodation: at Camper Stop Area Bottega del Camper Bologna and at the company Ropa Center.

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- Bologna may not be as well known, but it is just as beautiful! 

San Marino

You go from Bologna to another country, San Marino! Although this may not be an Italy, it is definitely worth crossing during your motorhome trip! San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. Because it is so small, a day here is enough. The biggest attraction: the historic centre, which as a whole is on the UNESCO World Heritage List! From the mountain on which the city lies, you have a beautiful view, so don't forget to take a peek over the edge when you visit the castle!

Specialities: the local bitter liqueur Tilus.

Accommodation: closest to the town centre is Camperstop P10, but you can also spend the night at motorhome stopovers P13, Camper Stop and San Marino.

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- Did you know that San Marino is the oldest Republic in the world? 

In part 2 of this trip through Italy we will take you to other beautiful cities such as Rome and Bari. Would you like more information? Then take a quick look at the destination page of Italy!


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