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Motorhome route Scandinavia: discover Denmark, Sweden and Norway!

Would you like to discover the most beautiful natural regions of Europe with your motorhome, immerse yourself in the beauty of glaciers, fjords and lakes and spend the night at the most unusual and untouched motorhome stopovers in the countryside? Then this motorhome tour through Scandinavia is just the thing for you! Visit the Danish islands of Lolland and Falster, drive along the west coast of Sweden and experience the wild nature in the southern part of Norway. From Lolland-Falster to Trondheim; you will find another surprise behind every turn!

Before you depart:

Good preparation is half the battle, and for a motorhome trip to adventurous Scandinavia this is particularly true! There are several things to bear in mind in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The seasons are very different, so it is wise to think carefully about the travel period. The summers in Scandinavia, for example, can get hot, but you may still need a warm jumper from time to time when travelling further up north. Winters, on the other hand, can get very cold and due to the risk of snowfall, not all roads are open all year. In winter, it is also compulsory to have winter tyres on your motorhome. It is further important to consider the mid-summer night sun, whereby it will not be dark for very long at night in summer. The further north you travel, the longer the sun will remain shining. In winter, the same applies the opposite and it will sometimes only stay at dusk when the sun ‘rises’. 

Those touring through Scandinavia can expect longer travelling times. The area is huge and places are therefore far apart. However, the journey itself is also part of the motorhome trip and it is certainly not a punishment to drive through the beautiful untouched nature!

Stop 1: Lolland-Falster, Denmark (1 to 2 days)

The first stop on this motorhome trip is the Danish island duo of Lolland-Falster. To get here, you can take the ferry from Puttgarden in Germany to Rødbyhavn in 45 minutes. There are 45 sailings a day and it is recommended to book in advance! In the north of Lolland you will find the Dodekalitten, a number of life-size statues central to the island's artistic arts. The music the statues ‘make’ gives you an impression of Danish life! Are you out and about with the kids? Then a visit to Knuthenborg Safari Park, a ride on the historic Maribo-Bandholm steam train and Marielyst beach are highly recommended. In colourful Nykøbing Falster, stroll the cosy streets, settle down at one of the terraces and stay overnight at motorhome stopover Falster City Camping.

Lolland Falster denmark dodekalitten

- At Lolland-Falster, you will find the perfect combination of nature and culture!
© Daniel Villadsen

Stop 2: Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmӧ, Sweden (1 to 2 days)

From Nykøbing Falster, you drive to the centre of Copenhagen in an hour and a half. Denmark's capital has some wonderful spots, which are definitely worth a visit. For instance, you can take beautiful pictures of the iconic harbour houses that add cheerful colours to Nyhavn and see the famous Lille Havrue, the Little Mermaid, sparkling on the water. Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen was famous for his fairy tales, and you can imagine yourself in the world of princes and princesses in several locations. Visit one of the many palaces, called borgen, and experience how the Danish Kongefamilien live. Enjoy local delicacies at the industrial street food market Reffen, before spending the night at Autocamperplads Svanemøllen in the city's harbour. 

You can also combine a stopover in Copenhagen with a visit to the Swedish city of Malmӧ. Cross the Øresund strait over the toll-paying Öresund Bridge and you will be in Malmӧ, Sweden's third-largest city, within an hour. This cultural city is known for its many art museums, but you can also enjoy strolling through natural gardens and along the beach. Do you like to be active on your bike? Then be sure to visit this city, because with 515 kilometres of cycle paths, Malmӧ is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world! Just outside the city centre, stay at motorhome stopover Limhamns Småbåtshamn.

kopenhagen nuhavn denmark malmo sweden

- The iconic houses colour Copenhagen's Nyhavn!

Stop 3: Halland, Sweden (2 to 3 days)

On to Sweden's next location: the coastal province of Hallands Iän (English: Halland). Here you'll find something for all ages and interests! There are several child-friendly hikes, but you can also choose more challenging trails. Are you a real cycling enthusiast? Then ride (part of) the Kattegattleden cycling route and discover Sweden's south-west coast! If you are looking for adventure, you can also get out on the water with a SUP or kitesurf in Halland!

The region's capital is Halmstad, a cosy city that is the perfect base for visiting Halland. Stroll down the main street Storgatan and across the square Stora Torg, where you will find nice shops and terraces. From the observation tower in the Galgberget nature reserve, you have a great view over the city. Park your motorhome by the sea at Husbil Grötvik Hamn, where you will wake up to the sunrise over the water in the morning!

Want to taste the best seafood in Scandinavia? Then you must go to Falkenberg, a walhalla for foodies and lovers of the best restaurants. In this town you will find everything: fish and seafood dishes, local delicacies based on seasonal produce and sustainable and organic try-outs. In other words: Swedish cuisine at its best! Spend the night near the city at motorhome stopover Lövstavikens Båtförening.

halland sweden cycling

- The whole family can have fun on their bikes in Halland! © Anna Hålllams/imagebank.sweden.se

Stop 4: Vänersborg and Goteborg, Sweden (2 to 3 days)

From Falkenberg, you drive to Vänersborg, located on Lake Väner. This is Sweden's largest lake and ranks #3 among Europe's largest lakes. In the city of Vänersborg, you can enjoy a day in the various museums and cosy streets, but the surrounding area is also rich in activities. Do you like to be physically active? Then take up the challenge and grab a canoe or kayak to take to the water, or hike and cycle through nature at different levels. Do you prefer to rest by the water? You are allowed to fish at several spots on Lake Våner, and with 35 different species of fish, chances are you will catch some! You will spend the night in town at motorhome stopover Vänersborgs Gästhamn och Marina!

On the way to Vänersborg, you can make a stop in Gӧteborg, Sweden's second-largest city after Stockholm that, despite its size, has an air of relaxation about it. Here you will find, among others, the iconic World of Volvo museum, a fun trip for car enthusiasts, and stay overnight at motorhome stopover Gӧteborg.

vanern vanermeer sweden

- Discover Lake Våner from the water!

Stop 5: Oslo, Norway (1-2 days)

From Sverige (Sweden) to Norge (Norway)! The next stop on the motorhome itinerary is Oslo, about a three-hour drive from Vänersborg. Norway's capital offers a nice combination of history and modernity, which you will regularly notice. For example, the modern Oslo Opera House stands out from the historic Royal Palace and Oslo's 17th-century cathedral. The island of Bygdøy is home to several museums, where you can learn more about the history of the city and Norway as a whole. In one of the many restaurants, be sure to try the Norwegian dish gravlaks, marinated salmon with mustard sauce, dill, and toast! In short: no shortage of activities in Oslo. Park your motorhome outside the city centre at motorhome stopover Sjølyst Marina.

oslo opera house norway

- The Oslo Opera House is a gem to the architectural eye!

Stop 6: Odda, Norway (2 to 3 days)

From Oslo, the route continues to lovely Odda. The five- to six-hour drive will take you through stunning scenery, so don't forget to park your motorhome along the way to take in the views! Motorhome stopover Odda bobilcamp is the ideal base to visit the famous Hardangerfjord and Trolltunga cliff. If you are looking for a challenge, you can go for some tough hiking in the area. Hardangervidda National Park has a large network of hikes at different levels, which take you past the most beautiful glaciers, fjords, and the Valley of Waterfalls. Are you a winter sports fanatic and do you want a unique experience on the skis? Both in winter and summer, you can ski in Fonna, an hour's drive from Odda, overlooking the fjords!

trolltunga odda norway cliff

- From Odda, be sure to visit the famous Trolltunga cliff!

Stop 7: Høvringen, Norway (2 to 3 days)

The town of Høvringen is about a seven-hour drive from Odda, but again, the route through several national parks will not disappoint you! This village is known for its accessibility: there are hiking trails for all ages and levels, so there is something for everyone! The most popular hiking trail is the one from Høvringen to Formokampen, where panoramic views of the area await you at the 1407-metre summit. For cyclists, there are also several mountain bike possibilities and in winter you can undertake various snow activities, such as skiing, cross-country skiing and even Northern Lights spotting! Between the hills of Høvringen, you'll spend the night at Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell motorhome stopover.

Stop 8: Trondheim, Norway (1 to 2 days)

The last and northernmost stop on this motorhome itinerary is the city of music, Trondheim. Various influences of mainly rock, jazz and classical music have had a significant effect on this city, so a visit to the interactive Rockheim Museum is a must! Do you prefer something different? Stroll through the cosy streets, visit the impressive Nidaros Cathedral and admire the city's stunning street art. You can also hike and bike around Trondheim, but if you would rather choose relaxation, you can unwind on the terraces of one of the cosy cafés. Spend the night close to the centre of Trondheim at motorhome stopover Nyhavna. This atmospheric city is a great finish of your motorhome trip through Scandinavia!

northern lights hovringen trondheim norway

- In Høvringen and Trondheim, there is a good chance you will see the Northern Lights!

That Europe's northernmost countries should be on your motorhome bucket list, that's for sure! Would you like to discover more of this beautiful region? Then check out the destination pages for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. You will also find plenty of beauty in Finland and this country is great to combine with a motorhome trip through Scandinavia! Enjoy your motorhome trip!



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