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Motorhome tour Denmark: discover this beautiful Scandinavian country!

Denmark: a Scandinavian paradise with more than 400 islands. It doesn't matter if you prefer to discover new cities or be active in nature, it's all possible during a motorhome trip in Denmark. Of course the capital Copenhagen should not be missed. This city is full of color and has something for everyone. From old buildings with a rich history to hip boutiques with the latest collection of clothing. Whatever you do, Denmark is guaranteed to surprise you. Especially for you as a motorhome owner we have put together a nice motorhome route through Denmark. This motorhome route starts in Middelfart and ends on the island of Falster. Will you travel with us?

Start your motorhome tour in Middelfart

Denmark sounds further away than it really is. Did you know that the city of Middelfart is only +/- 700 kilometers away from Utrecht? So this is also the start of your motorhome trip of Denmark. You will find the town of Middelfart on the 'green island' of Funen in the south of Denmark. The town is particularly well known for its special location on the Kleine Belt strait. Who knows, you might even spot a porpoise here. The underwater world here is breathtaking and therefore very popular with snorkelers and divers. Anglers can of course also cast their lines here or even join fishermen on one of the fishing boats. Are you taking the children with you on your motorhome trip through Denmark? Then just 1 hour drive from Middelfart you will find a Valhalla for children: LEGOLAND. Dive into the world of these world famous toys and be surprised by the many attractions.

In Middelfart you will find the motorhome stopover Lystbådehavn. This motorhome stopover is fully equipped and the ideal base for exploring Middelfart.

camperroute Denemarken Middelfart

- The nature in Middelfart is beautiful!

Odense: One of Denmark's most beautiful towns!

Odense! This destination will immediately make you fall in love with Denmark. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the country! Because the town is more than 1000 years old, you can imagine that there are many historical sights here. One of these attractions is Egeskov Castle. This castle from the year 1554 is still completely in its original state. It is even one of the best preserved moated castles in all of Europe. The history of the Cathedral Church also goes back 900 years. Pay a free visit to this church and feast your eyes. Especially the altar with beautiful carvings is stunning to see. In addition to the ancient sights, Hans Christian Andersen has also left his footprints. This world famous fairy tale writer was born and raised in this city. Perhaps you know this writer from the famous fairy tales: the ugly duckling and the little mermaid. During your visit to Odense you can't really avoid this writer. The parental home of Andersen is now a popular attraction and there is even a museum of the writer. Here you can learn everything about his life.

About 3 kilometers from the center of Odense you will find a free motorhome stopover Tarup Campingcenter.

Camperroute Odense Denemarken

The colored houses in Odense are a real eye-catcher.

Spend one or more days in the capital Copenhagen

You can't go to Denmark without seeing Copenhagen. This Danish capital is full of color and the cutest sights. If you have the time, feel free to spend several days in this city. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing during your campervan trip, we recommend you buy a Copenhagen City Card. This gives you free access to more than 80 attractions and unlimited use of public transport. Some of the beautiful sights you should definitely not miss are the round tower in the center, the colorful Merchant's Wharf and Little Mermaid. This is the symbol of the city! To discover the highlights of Copenhagen you can park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Copenhagen City Camp or Københavns Autocamper Park.

Camperroute Kopenhagen Denemarken Zeemeermin

- The symbol of the city you must have seen during your visit to Copenhagen.

Rødvig: peace and nature

After your visit to the bustling city of Copenhagen it is time to relax and enjoy the Danish nature. You can do this in Rødvig, a small fishing village on the east coast of Sjaelland. Especially in the summer it is lovely to stay here on the wide sandy beach. Park your motorhome at the harbor in Rødvig Fiskerihavn. Here you can see the colorful boats sail by! Yet this is not the highlight of your visit to Rødvig. Close to this quaint fishing village is a series of chalk cliffs called Stevns Klint. This special piece of nature is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is a must-see during your motorhome trip through Denmark. Here a visit to the two lighthouses 'Stevns Fyr' should not be missed. The oldest lighthouse dates back to 1816! Admire the lighthouses and walk around in this beautiful nature reserve. 

Camperroute Denemarken Rodvig Visserplaatsje

- Rødvig: A lovely fishing village.

Discover even more of the Danish nature in Borre

We continue the motorhome trip to Borre. This small village is located on the island of Sealand! The village is nice to walk through and take a rest, but this is not the reason why you should make a camperstop here. Near Borre you will find one of the biggest attractions in Denmark, the Møns Klint. You can reach these limestone cliffs after just a 10-minute drive. The white rock formations rise no less than 100 meters above the sea. It is guaranteed to give you a magnificent view! Around the cliffs you can go kayaking, mountain biking or hiking. When you descend, you will also find the Geocenter Møns Klint. In this museum you can learn everything about the rock formations and you have the possibility to get a guided tour through the nature. In this way you will not miss anything of this beautiful piece of nature.

To explore Borre and the Møns Klint it is best to park your motorhome at the harbor of Borre. You can do this at Klinktholm Havn.

Camperroute Denemarken natuur Mons Klint

- Møns Klint: a beautiful piece of Danish nature.

Gedser: your Danish adventure ends here!

After a number of beautiful camperstops, it's almost time to return home. Before that happens, you'll make one last stop in Gedser. This is one of Denmark's youngest cities and is located on the island of Falster. From here you can easily get to a very special place: the southernmost tip of Denmark. You can recognize the southernmost point by the cliff called "Gedser Odde". Nature lovers will be in their element here. You will find the most special flora and fauna, fossils from the past and especially many birds. In both spring and autumn you can see many migratory birds fly past. The nice thing about Gedser is that from here you can take the ferry to the German town of Rostock. In + / - 2 hours, this ferry takes you to Germany and from here you can continue your trip to your destination.

Would you like to spend one night in Gedser before returning home? That is possible! Park your motorhome at Gedser Lystbådehavn

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- Have you ever been to Denmark with a motorhome?

Are you looking for even more inspiration for your motorhome holiday in Denmark? Then take a look at our inspiration page. Here you'll find motorhome stopovers, routes and indispensable tips for your next motorhome adventure.



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