Motorhome route on the Croatian coast

Motorhome route: from north to south Croatia!

Croatia! This vacation country is becoming increasingly popular among motorhome owners. We understand why this destination is so popular. There is something for every motorhome owner to experience here. It does not matter whether you love nature, are a real beach lover or like to visit picturesque towns. Croatia has it all! Are you ready to discover this diverse country? Then read on, we have put together a great motorhome route from northern to southern Croatia for you!

Zadar: the start of your motorhome trip

We start the motorhome trip in the north of Croatia. Here you'll find Zadar, one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Although Croatia is becoming increasingly popular among tourists, most people often choose to visit well-known cities like Split or Dubrovnik. Because of this, Zadar is still a lot quieter, but certainly not unsociable. The city has a rich past, but unfortunately much of it was lost during the Second World War. One of the remains you should not miss during your camperstop in Zadar is 'The Land Gate'. This stone gate from 1543 was once the main entrance to the city. Today it is one of the most important monuments in the Dalmatia region. A walk along the promenade is also recommended. For here you will find a sea organ of no less than 70 meters long. A series of pipes and the combination of the wind and the waves provide music here. Not only is the sea organ a must-see here, many people come here daily for the sunset. In fact, it is said to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

In Zadar you can spend the night at campsite Borik. From here you can explore the city of Zadar perfectly!

Motorhome route Croatia Zadar

- Everywhere you look there are traces of the past

Cultural influence in Trigor

Time for the second camperstop! We do this in Trogir, a city with a rich past. Due to its favorable location between the island of Ciovo and the mainland, this city used to be very popular with invaders. When you walk through the city, you will see influences of many different cultures. From the Greeks and Romans to the French. They all left something behind in Trogir. During a visit to Trogir you should definitely not skip the old town! Since 1997 it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can stroll around for hours in this lovely city. During your walk through the center, do not skip the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. This is one of the most beautiful churches in Croatia. Take a look inside this 14-century cathedral or follow the steps to the bell tower. From the top of the cathedral you have a beautiful view over the old city center.

In Trogir you can stay at campsite Seget.

Motorhome route Croatia coastline

- Stroll through Trogir, a city with a rich past!

Dubrovnik: the pearl of Croatia!

For the next stop with the motorhome we head towards the south of Croatia. Here you will visit a Dubrovnik. This city on the Dalmatian coast is also called "the pearl of Croatia". It is therefore not surprising that the old town is also on the world heritage list of UNESCO. The makers of the fantasy series "Game of Thrones" are also fascinated by this city. The series was recorded in Dubrovnik! You can discover all the sights in the center by walking, but an even better option is kayaking. Around the medieval city wall you can rent a kayak at many places and discover the city from the water! For the best view of the whole city, you can take the cableway up. This cableway will take you to the top of Srd Mountain.

Solitudo Sunny Camping in Dubrovnik is the ideal base for visiting Dubrovnik. Park your motorhome here and enjoy all the beauty you see!

Motorhome route Croatia Dubrovnik

- It is wonderful to walk through the narrow streets of Dubrovnik! 

Šibenik: the last camperstop!

It's already time for the last stop of your motorhome trip through Croatia. We do this in Šibenik, the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. The special thing about Sibenik is that this city was entirely founded by the Croats themselves. The icon of the city is the St. Jakob Cathedral. This white cathedral is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During a visit you will probably understand why. Because of Sibenik's location, it was important in times of war to build good defenses. For this reason there are no less than 4 forts to be found in this city. One of these forts is Barone. This fortress from the 17th century gives you a good idea of the history of Šibenik. In the fortress you can take a look at a high-tech museum. Through augmented reality you go back in time. Imagine how the fort protected the neighborhood in times of war!

Between the beach and the city you can park your motorhome at Solaris

Motorhome route Sibenik Croatia

- This city has so much beauty to offer!

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