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Visit the most beautiful nature with your motorhome in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are many beautiful nature areas for a nice walk or bike ride. For a relatively small country, there are many national parks, so there is always one near your motorhome destination. These nature reserves are among the most beautiful in the Netherlands and are perfect to visit during a motorhome trip or a weekend away! There is a camperstop nearby, making it easy to walk or cycle from the motorhome.

Forests, moors and heaths by motorhome

The Nationaal Park Drents-Friese Wold is the second largest nature reserve in the Netherlands after the Hoge Veluwe and is wonderful to visit by camper. You will find plenty of woods, fens and heaths and can enjoy walking and cycling! More than 130 kilometres of footpaths have been laid out. There are also more than 30 marked walking routes. The landscape as you see it today is the product of centuries of agriculture, peat excavation and forestry. Near Appelscha, for example, you will find a watchtower from which you have a beautiful view of the nature reserve.

Spend the night with the farmer at motorhome stopover De Compagnonshoeve in Appelscha.

The Brabant Sahara

Welcome to the Brabant sandbox: the Loonse and Drunense Dunes! The landscape is not called the Brabant Sahara for nothing. The area came into being partly as a result of the Ice Age. During this period, the sand came to this part of Brabant. Throughout the centuries, the soil became exhausted due to agriculture and the sand could blow in all directions, the beginning of the creation of this nature reserve. There are several lovely walks through the area, alternating the sandy landscape with woods. If you prefer to discover it by bicycle, then that is also possible via the constructed bicycle paths. From the motorhome stopover you are in the heart of nature in no time.

For a visit to the dunes, spend the night in Drunen with the motorhome at the Schaapskooi.

Netherlands motorhome tour nature

- In the Loonse en Drunense Duinen you can make the most beautiful walks and cycling tours from the motorhome stopover!

A gem in the north

National Park Weerribben-Wieden is a beautiful low moorland area in the Netherlands. The alternation between wetlands, meadows and swamp forest ensures that many different animals live here. Here you can spend a nice day on or along the water. For example, you can hire a boat to enjoy the surroundings in peace and quiet. If you prefer to be active, you can also rent a canoe. There are also several round trips where you will get information about the surroundings. Many of these tours depart from Giethoorn. If you prefer to keep your feet dry, the nature reserve is also good for a nice walk or bike ride.

Giethoorn is situated just outside the national park. Here you can spend the night before your visit to the nature reserve. From the motorhome stopover, you can reach the nature area in no time for a walk or cycle trip or to go on the water.

Netherlands nature motorhome stopover

- In no time you are in nature from the motorhome stopover!

On the heath

As one of the largest contiguous dry moorland areas in Europe, the Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park is great for hiking and cycling. Heathland, forests and fens alternate along the way. The nature reserve was formed by the ice that flattened the area during two ice ages. Besides being active, the area is also perfect for stargazing. At Sterrenwacht Hellendoorn you can learn everything about the starry sky and because of the low light pollution, you have a beautiful view of the spectacle. There is also a planetarium where you can get a good idea of the solar system.

In Haarle, you will spend the night at motorhome stopover de Bosweide.

Netherlands nature motorhome stopover

- After a long day of hiking or cycling, spend the night in the Camperplaats de Bosweide.

Seek out the sea on your motorhome trip

Do you enjoy walking and cycling in the fresh sea air with the wind in your hair? Then the Oosterschelde National Park is for you. Here, everything is about water. Besides going out by bike or on foot, you can also spot seals during a seal safari. When the tide is low, the animals often lie on the sandbars. Especially near Roggenplaat and Vondelingsplaat, you have a good chance of spotting them. You can see the seals during a guided tour, but you can also go out on your own with a hired boat.

If you want to see the largest storm surge barrier in the world, you can do so at Neeltje Jans. Apart from this imposing structure, you will also find a museum here. You will learn everything about the national park, the delta works and marine life. You can also see sea lions and seals and take a boat trip on the Oosterschelde.

In Yerseke, you will spend the night at the Zaetepolder motorhome stopover.

Netherlands motorhome nature
- In Zeeland, you can take endless walks along the sea and dunes. 

River, dunes and forest

The Maasduinen National Park contains the largest river dune belt in the Netherlands. You will find plenty of water, dunes and woods here. The nature reserve was created during the last ice age, when the rivers left behind plenty of sand and clay. During the dry periods, the wind ensured that the sand dunes gradually came into being. In the area, you will find various burial grounds and hills. At Landgoed de Hamert, you will find the largest burial mound in the country, which you can admire during a walking tour. The rest of the elongated nature reserve is also great for walking or cycling from your motorhome.

Spend the night in Afferden at Camperpark Roland after a nice walk or bike ride through the nature reserve.

Netherlands motorhome nature
- From the motorhome stopover in Afferden you are in the national park in no time. 

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