Germany motorhome holiday nature

Visit the most beautiful nature on your motorhome-trip in Germany

Do you also like to go out into nature when you travel to Germany with your motorhome? Then read all about the most beautiful nature reserves that you can visit with your motorhome here! From the hiking paradise of the Black Forest to the magical rock formations in the National Park of Saxon Switzerland, there are many natural gems spread throughout the country. From the motorhome site, you can easily go for a lovely walk or bicycle ride through the nature!

The paradise for hikers

Attention all hikers: the Black Forest is a true paradise! In total, there are some 30,000 kilometres of hiking trails in the area. During a hike, you will come across beautiful waterfalls. The best known in the area are the Triberg waterfalls near the town of Triberg. Here, you can also climb the highest peak of the nature reserve, the Triberg. The top lies at an altitude of 1493 metres. In the winter months, this is a great skiing area. Furthermore, Titisee is a well-known destination to visit with a motorhome in the Black Forest. This is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest. There is plenty to do: you can take a refreshing dip in the water, hire a pedal boat to go on the water or take a nice walk around the lake. This circular walk is approximately 8 kilometres long.

Besides being a good hiking area, the Black Forest is also known for its cuckoo clocks and the famous cherry pies with cherry liqueur in them. So you will regularly come across both in the small mountain villages and towns! And say it yourself, recovering from the hike with a piece of Black Forest Kirsch sounds good, doesn't it!

There are numerous motorhome sites in the Black Forest, including in Feldberg.

Discover the most fairytale places in Germany on the Fairy Tale Route. During this motorhome route, fairy tales literally come to life! You will also learn everything about the life of the Brothers Grimm. An enchanting motorhome route you can certainly call it!

Germany motorhome holiday nature
- The Black Forest is a true paradise for hikers to visit with a motorhome. 

Visit Germany's first national park with a motorhome

Welcome to Germany's first national park: the Bavarian Forest! Since 1970, this nature reserve can call itself a national park. In Neuschönau there are several things to do during your visit with the motorhome, for example, you can take beautiful walks with a guide to learn everything about the national park. Or hike the tree crown path. When you reach the top of the path, you will be treated to a magnificent view of the treetops!

A climb to the area's highest peak - the Großer Arber - is also highly recommended. The summit is 1,456 metres high and also offers a wonderful view of the forest. Near the mountain is also the Großer Arbersee, where you can rent a pedalo to admire the forest from the water. In the Bavarian Forest, you can also come across numerous wild animals during your hike: the wolf, brown bear and European lynx, among others, are living here.

For a motorhome-trip to the Bavarian Forest you can stay in Steinach, among other places.

Germany motorhome holiday nature
- Among others, the European Lynx resides in the Bavarian Forest. 

Enter an alien world on your motorhome journey

The National Park Saxon Switzerland is a special nature reserve in Germany: you will find beautiful rock formations here! The nature reserve may be less well-known, but it is certainly worth a visit. The surroundings consist of an undulating landscape in which you can see various sandstone rock formations. The area lends itself perfectly to a nice walk with 1200 kilometres of footpaths. You can also enjoy cycling along the Elbe that flows through the nature reserve. The rocks are also a favourite with mountain climbers.

The most famous location in the nature reserve is the Bastei. From the Bastei Bridge, you have a beautiful view of the surrounding rock formations. It is almost as if you have landed on an alien world, as beautiful as they are! The Schwedenlöcher is also a beautiful point in the national park. From 1618 to 1648, the Thirty Years' War between the Habsburg Empire and the French took place. In this gorge, farmers safeguarded their possessions from the plundering that took place at the time. In the centuries that followed, the gorge was often used as a place to flee to in case of danger. A visit to the national park can be combined with a city trip to Dresden. It is about a 40-kilometre drive by motorhome from the city to the edge of the national park.

You can spend the night with a motorhome just outside the national park - but already in the middle of the greenery - in Königstein.

Germany motorhome holiday nature
- In the National Park Saxon Switzerland, you enter a completely different world. 

Explore the volcanic landscape of the Eifel

The landscape of Eifel National Park is characterised by different types of forests, gentle hills and cosy, typically German villages, of which Monschau with its half-timbered houses is a good example. The national park was established to protect the last beech forests in the area. In the past, the beech trees were cut down one by one. During your walk, you will regularly encounter a number of beech trees among the - mainly - many coniferous trees! The national park is a great place to walk, as there are 240 kilometres of hiking trails.

You can also visit the Vulkaneifel by motorhome, an area where volcanic activity took place in the past. You will find more than 200 dormant volcanoes, some of which have formed crater lakes. This green area is great for hiking and cycling. Apart from the beautiful green nature, you can also admire the impressive starry sky in the national park. The nature reserve was the first nature reserve in Germany to be declared an International Dark Sky Park, which means that there is very little light pollution and you can therefore admire the magnificent starry sky. You can also book a star walk to learn even more about this impressive sky.

There are several motorhome sites in the Eifel National Park, including in Schleiden.

Germany motorhome holiday nature
- The rolling landscape of the Eifel is perfect for exploring on foot. 

Germany's largest lake by motorhome

Lake Constance is the largest lake in Germany and borders three countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is very busy here with tourists who all come to enjoy the lake in different ways. You can go hiking and biking on the many trails around the lake. To cool down, you can take a refreshing dive into the water on a hot summer day. In addition, you will see numerous water sports enthusiasts passing by. From sailors, kite surfers, windsurfers and surfers to water skiers, everything passes by. In some locations, you will also find a nice beach where you can enjoy the sun. If you want to admire the beautiful surroundings from the water, you can take a boat trip from several locations. You can also take a day trip to Austria or Switzerland with the motorhome! In addition, there is a lot of fishing in the lake, so you can often enjoy the tastiest freshly caught fish at a local restaurant.

At Lake Constance you can spend the night in Friedrichshafen with your motorhome.

Germany motorhome holiday nature
- Several cosy little towns, such as Lindau am Bodensee, border on Lake Constance.

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