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Into the New Year with your motorhome: Bucket list destinations for 2022

2022 is just around the corner! It's time to start dreaming about the most beautiful destinations you can visit with your motorhome in the new year. These motorhome destinations should not be missing from your 2022 bucket list. For example because they are still undiscovered, because of the beautiful nature or because of the delicious food. We wish you a lot of fun while planning your motorhome holidays for 2022!

A beautiful coastline

For the Spanish coast, we usually head for the sunny south of the country with our campervan. But did you know that Northern Spain also has plenty of beautiful destinations along the coast? One of the most special beaches to visit with a campervan is Playa de las Catedrales. The beach is located near Ribadeo and consists of several beautiful rock formations that arch over the beach. When the tide is out, you can walk under these arches.

The rugged coastal area of Costa da Morte is also beautiful. Don't let the name (Coast of the Dead) scare you off, because you can walk there wonderfully and you might meet one of the many birds that breed there during your walk. The name of the coast stems from the many shipwrecks that took place here in the past. These beaches are only a few examples of the most beautiful locations on the Spanish North Coast. Read more about the most beautiful places in the green north of Spain that you can visit with a motorhome in 2022.

In the north of Spain you can spend the night at the free campervan site Eroski in Ribadeo, among others.


motorhome destinations 2022
- The coastline near Ribadeo consists of beautiful rock formations!

The undiscovered motorhome destination

Albania is not yet on the bucket list of many motorhome travellers, but it is time to change that in 2022! The country is on the route when you take a campervan trip to Greece. Or you can continue if you have just visited Slovenia and Croatia. Of course, the capital Tirana is one of the highlights. On the central square, Skanderberg Square, you can admire several beautiful government buildings. You will also find the National History Museum there, where you can learn everything about the history of the country. From the square, you can easily walk to the Et'hem Bey Mosque, which is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Apart from the capital, there are more special cities to visit by campervan in Albania. Think for example of the second city of the country, Durrës, where you will find the largest amphitheatre of the Balkans, and Gjirokastër. The centre of the latter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit the castle of Gjirokastër, which today houses an army museum. If you prefer nature, there are also several beautiful green areas. There are no less than 15 national parks in Albania! You can easily combine a visit to the capital Tirana with a walk through the Dajti Mountain National Park. Or visit the impressive Lake Koman, where you can take a boat trip and see the beautiful green hills pass by! You can also go to the coastline, where you can admire the immense blue sea water at one of the popular seaside resorts.

There are several RV parks in Albania, including Gardenland Resort in Barbullush.

Discover even more beautiful locations in 2022 on one of the most beautiful short motorhome routes in Europe. For example, travel past important locations of the artist Dalí and discover the most beautiful mountain panoramas in Norway.

Visiting unspoilt nature with a motorhome

In the French Jura you will find beautiful nature. Since 1986, part of the mountains that you find here are national park. In the surroundings you will find a lot of forests that are just waiting to be discovered during a hike. Time to put the Jura as a destination on your bucket list for 2022! The highest peak of the area is the Crêt de la Neige. From the 1718 metre high summit you will be treated to an impressive view of the green surroundings. The area offers walks for all levels, so every active camper will be able to enjoy himself. Who knows, you might even come across one of the impressive waterfalls during your hike! The Hérisson waterfalls are the most famous to visit in the area.

Another beautiful location in the Jura is the third largest reservoir in France, the Vouglans reservoir. At this lake you can enjoy a nice beach day in summer, but you can also hike or bike in the area around the lake. If you would like to visit a city during your motorhome trip to the Jura, you can travel to Saint-Claude. The city is especially known for the production of precious stones and pipes. There is a museum dedicated to this: the Museum of the Pipe and the Diamond. Spread across the region, you will find many more lovely towns and villages, such as Baume-les-Messieurs. Here, you will find among others a medieval abbey and an impressive cave through which the river Dard flows.

In the Jura, there are plenty of camper pitches, including in Dôle.

Visit even more beautiful nature during your campervan trip through France, for example the famous Alsace! On the Route des Vins d'Alsace, you will discover the most beautiful and delicious spots of this region.

destinations 2022 motorhome
- Nature in the Jura region is just waiting to be discovered. 

The city break of 2022

There are three very good reasons to visit Bologna with your motorhome in 2022. The city is called the culinary capital of Italy, which means that you can feast on the most delicious Italian meals during your motorhome trip! If you look at the city from above, you will see red-coloured roof tiles all the way to the horizon. You will also find the oldest university in Europe in the city. Eat your way through the city and discover the most beautiful places.

Among the most famous sights are the towers Le Due Torri. It seems as if the Italians have a patent on crooked buildings, because just like the tower of Pisa, these towers are crooked! In the past, there were many more towers. The more towers there were in a city at that time, the richer the city was. You can climb the tower for a nice view of the red roof tiles of the city. In addition, the Abbazia di Santo Stefano is highly recommended. This church consists of seven (!) churches. Each church is from a different era, something you can clearly see when walking through it because of the different building styles.

Scattered around the rest of Bologna's city centre, you will find many more beautiful things to visit during your campervan trip. The Biblioteca comunale dell'Archiginnasio, for example, is a wonderful library for book lovers to take a look at. The rooms are beautifully decorated and you can also admire the anatomical theatre. Or spend an afternoon at Piazza Maggiore where you will also find the Basilica di San Petronio! This church is particularly famous for its size, which makes it the tenth largest church in the world.

In Bologna, you can spend the night at various RV parks, including Camper Stop Area Bottega del Camper Bologna.


2022 destinations motorhome
- Bologna is the city in Italy to eat. 

Seek the sun on your motorhome journey

The Portuguese Algarve is especially known as a popular beach destination. Therefore, there are several beautiful ones that can be put on your bucket list for 2022! Praia Dona Ana is one of the most famous beaches in the region. Along the coastline of this beach, you will find beautiful rock formations that will make you feel as if you have landed on another planet. In addition, the Praia da Falesia is known for its impressive orange-red rocks. But along the entire coast of the Algarve you will find many more beautiful beaches that are probably less crowded than these ones.

Other attractions of the Algarve include a lot of nature. The Praia da Benagil, for example, is a beautiful cave with a hole in the ceiling. It is just as if you have landed in a fairy tale here! There are also several tours from land into the sea where you can spot dolphins. Finally, the Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is a beautiful nature reserve where you can hike well. The special thing about the area is that within a relatively short distance - the nature reserve is about 60 kilometres long - you will encounter many different types of nature. You will find salt pans, swamps, islets and pine forests, among other things!

In the Algarve you will find numerous camper spaces, including Area de Servicio in Lagos.

2022 motorhome destinations
- Portugal is bursting with impressive beaches. 

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