Denmark Motorhome Marguerite Route

Motorhome journey: The highlights of the Marguerite Route in Denmark

The Danish Marguerite Route takes you along the most beautiful places in the country in 3700 kilometres by motorhome. The route is named after the daisy flower. It was the favourite flower of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Since 1991 lovers of the Danish countryside have been able to follow this route. During your motorhome tour of Denmark, you can follow part of the daisy route or the whole route. We guarantee you: you will only find gems. Here are some of the highlights.

Into nature at Stenbjerg Landingsplads Nationalpark Thy

This national park was designated as Denmark's first national park in 2007. Expect beautiful rugged coastlines, elongated dunes and impressive limestone cliffs. The landscape was created during the last ice age when the ice shifted here. After this ice age, the land was pushed up through the centuries and formed the landscape we can admire today.

The national park is perfect for a nice walk on the beach or a bike ride, because there are more than 200 square kilometres of walking and cycling paths. Who knows, you might even come across beautiful red deer on the way. Or go for a swim in one of the more than 200 lakes in the summer.

Also visit one of the many fishing villages. In some villages, such as Stenbjerg, you can go on a tour with a local fisherman who will tell you all about the work. If you prefer to fish yourself, you can do so in several lakes. Some lakes do require a permit, so check in advance.

In the national park you can stay overnight at Krohavens Family Camping.

Thy motorhome  Marguerite Route

- Enjoy the beautiful nature in Denmark! ©Mette Johnsen

Aarhus with the motorhome

The port city of Aarhus is located in the Jutland region. The city is a real student city, which is reflected in the many cosy terraces and eateries! You will also find numerous museums in the city, including Den Gamle By. The name of the museum also means 'the old city'. In the museum, you step back in time, because there are plenty of houses from the 19th and 20th century. In several houses, you can learn about crafts from the past, such as a blacksmith's shop and a grocery shop.

The Aros Art Museum is also worth visiting. This is one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. The highlight is perhaps the walking rainbow on the roof, which you literally walk through!

Aarhus is also the summer residence of the Queen of Denmark. She then stays in Marselisborg Castle. When the royal family is in the castle, there is always a changing of the guard at noon. If they are not there, you can visit the palace gardens. Unfortunately, the castle cannot be visited from the inside, but even from the outside it is a beautiful building!

In Aarhus you can stay overnight in the Marelisborg Havn.

motorhome  Marguerite Route
- The daisy was the favourite flower of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Hence the name Marguerite Route!

City break to Copenhagen

If you see a picture of Copenhagen, you probably see a picture of Nyhavn. This harbour is full of colour and is therefore a perfect stop during your motorhome tour along the Marguerite Route. The mansions on either side are bursting with cosy restaurants and cafés. You will also find the Little Mermaid here. The statue is a tribute to the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote the fairy tale of the Little Mermaid.

Tivoli is also a well-known attraction. This amusement park has modern attractions, but the atmosphere is as nostalgic as it was when it opened in 1843. You should also visit Christiansborg Palace, which today houses the parliament, among other things. You can visit the castle from the inside and admire the beautiful interior. Besides these sights, there are many more gems to discover in the city, which are best discovered on a walk or bike ride through the city.

In Copenhagen you can spend the night at the CPH Autocamp.

Visiting Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason! This gem boasts a beautiful location on the Sont, a Danish strait. The castle was built in 1574 but was destroyed by fire about half a century later. Only the walls were left standing. It was then immediately restored, which is why you can admire it today.

You may know the castle from Shakespeare's Hamlet, as the castle was named as the location. You can still see the play regularly in the castle courtyard. When you walk through the castle gardens, you can feel the wind pass your face and you will have a beautiful view of the water. On the other side you can also see Sweden, which is only a few kilometres away. A nice stop with the motorhome!

You can spend the night in front of the camping gate at Dronningmølle Strand.

Fun at Legoland

When visiting Denmark with the motorhome, the country where LEGO was born, a visit to Legoland is a must. A great stop with or without children when travelling the Daisy Route by motorhome! In the amusement park you will find numerous LEGO constructions. You will find for example a big miniature world with lots of LEGO buildings. But there are also several roller coasters and since 2020, there is a part that focuses on the LEGO movies. The attractions are therefore often combined with exciting film clips. Young and old alike can browse for hours among the LEGO building kits at the Lego shop, the largest in the world.

Near Legoland, you can stay overnight at Billund Trav P4, among other places.

Discover the Danish coast during your motorhome journey through Denmark. These coastal towns are highly recommended for their authenticity, extensive coastline or the cosy town or village.

Legoland motorhome Marguerite Route
- Young and old alike have a lot of fun in Legoland!

Historic Ribe

Ribe is Denmark's oldest town. And the history of Denmark naturally includes the Vikings! You will learn all about it at the Ribe Vikingcenter. In this open-air museum, actors re-enact the Viking era. You will not only see the Vikings, but also the crafts which were important in those times.

You can also learn everything about Ribe's history at the Museum Ribes Vikinger. Here you can admire excavations from the Viking era and the Middle Ages. As the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe is also worth a stroll. Here you will find many old, often colourful buildings. From Ribe you can also easily visit the Wadden Sea, an area for walking and cycling.

You can spend the night at the camperstop in Ribe.

Ribe motorhome Marguerite route
- In Ribe, you step into the time machine back to the time of the Vikings.

To the northernmost tip of Denmark by motorhome

Skagen may not be on the Marguerite Route, but it is well worth deviating from it. This is the northernmost point of Denmark. Skagen is full of coloured yellow houses, which is a very cheerful sight! If you want to learn more about the fishing history, you can do so at the Kystmuseet Skagen. In this open-air museum, you can see a fisherman's house of a rich and a poor fisherman's family. This is a good way to see the differences between rich and poor in the old Denmark.

Skagen is also known for its sea. Two seas meet here, and because the waves of both seas move in opposite directions, you can see exactly where the divide is. This is of course a very special sight!

You are in the northernmost point of the country. So you can spend the night at the northernmost camperstop in the country!

The Marguerite Route has no fixed starting and finishing points. That's good, because if you have just finished a motorhome trip from Sweden, you can choose to start from Copenhagen. If you are travelling from the Netherlands or Belgium with a motorhome, you can start at Padborg, Rens or Rudbøl.


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