België Ardennen tips

With the motorhome to the Belgian Ardennes: the best tips!

Are you planning on taking your motorhome to the Belgian Ardennes? Then you can expect beautiful valley towns, fairy-tale castles, meandering rivers, forested areas and countless sports activities. One thing is for sure: being bored is not an option in the Belgian Ardennes. We give you the best tips for your motorhome trip to the Belgian Ardennes! From the most picturesque cities to the most extraordinary activities.

Discover the Caves of Han

A wonder of nature, that's how the 'Caves of Han' are also known. This is a must-see during your motorhome trip to the Belgian Ardennes. You will find these famous caves in Han-sur-Lesse, a picturesque Belgian village! A visit to the Caves of Han is much more than just a viewing, it is a whole experience. If you want to visit the caves, your adventure starts in the village center of Han-sur-Lesse. From here you will be taken by streetcar to the caves. Once you arrive at the entrance, you follow a path of about 2 kilometers through the magical caves. Make sure you have good walking shoes, because you will have to walk up and down quite a few stairs. Guides will lead you through the various rooms of the caves and will tell you everything about this impressive natural wonder in several languages. Above ground there is also plenty to do, take a look at the wildlife park for example. The game park is no less than 250 hectares and 650 animals live there. Admire the European big 5 on foot or by safari car!

Belgium motorhome caves

- Take a look in the 'Caves of Han'.

Feel like a real knight in the Bouillon castle

If there is one thing you can't miss during your motorhome trip in the Belgian Ardennes, it is a visit to a castle. One of our favourite castles in the Ardennes is Bouillon Castle. This medieval castle is located in the heart of the city of Bouillon. During a visit to this castle you go back in time more than 1000 years. In the 8th century the first fortifications of this castle were already in place. During a tour of the castle the guides will tell you all about the origins of the castle and the different purposes through the years. Of course you can also choose to discover the castle yourself by means of a map. Walk through the old dining hall and admire all the remains from the Middle Ages. In the courtyard there are even raptor shows organized. How special is that! This is not all that the Bouillon Castle has to offer, from the castle you also have a magnificent view of the city, the river and the valley.

Belgium Boullion city

- A visit to the town of Boullion is highly recommended!

Spa: the pearl of the Ardennes

Time to visit the "pearl of the Ardennes": the town of Spa. This is due to the mineral water and the thermal baths. The town was a spa centuries ago. Since the 18th century the wealthy people came to Spa to enjoy the spas and gamble in one of the casinos. Today, many tourists come to admire the old bathhouses, Spa's water sources and the city center. Stroll around the town of Spa and enjoy nature. Relax here of course in the Thermes of Spa. These are world famous and after a visit you are guaranteed to be completely zen. Yet the springs are not the only reason why many tourists and campervans visit Spa. The Formula 1 circuit of Spa-Francorchamps also attracts many visitors each year. Take a look at this circuit, get a tour or go watch a race!

Belgium motorhome circuit spa

- Take a tour on the circuit of Spa-Francorhamps.

Durbuy: one of the smallest towns in the world!

Durbuy is one of the smallest cities in the world! Once it was the smallest city in the world and in Belgium. Which city it is now, opinions are divided. One thing is certain Durbuy is the smallest city in the Ardennes and definitely a must-see during your motorhome trip. Although only 400 people live in this small city, you will find a lot of attractions here. The old city center is already an attraction in itself. When you look around, it feels like you're going back in time. The old town is rich in houses from the 17th and 18th centuries! The cobblestone streets also remind you of the Middle Ages. At the back of the city you will find one of the oldest attractions. This is the Homalius or Falize rock. This rock is more than 300,000,000 years old. At this rock you will find a green park where you can make a nice stop. For art and culture lovers there is also a museum for modern and contemporary art in Durbuy. Here you will find a beautiful combination of old and new creations! Are you taking your children on a motorhome trip? Then there is plenty to do in this small town. In the center you can play mini-golf between the castles, but also the tourist train is a must. It drives through the historic streets of Durbuy!

 Belgium motorhome stopover Durbuy

- Durbuy: this nice town is guaranteed to surprise you.

Go hiking in the Ardennes

The nature of the Ardennes is perfect for this. There is a huge range of different hiking routes that take you along hidden rivers, hills and picturesque villages. From short distances to hours of hiking through nature. In the Ardennes everything is possible! You have numerous possibilities for hiking. For example, you can hike in Viroinval and Chimay. This region is popular for its great diversity of flora and fauna. Especially in the Parc Naturel de Viroin-Hermeton you'll be short of eyes and ears. The Ourthe Valley is also a paradise for hikers. Here you will find more than 1,000 kilometers of hiking trails. Another fun route is the Trappist path. This path was opened only a few years ago and is no less than 290 kilometers long. The trail goes from abbey to abbey! In Chimay, Rochefort and Orval you get to know different Trappist beers.

Belgium motorhome stopover hiking

- The Belgian Ardennes are perfect for a great hike!

Motorhome stopovers in the Belgian Ardennes

In the Belgian Ardennes there are several motorhome stopovers where you can spend the night. In the village of Barvaux you can spend the night on the quiet motorhome stopover of Barvaux. This motorhome stopover is located near Durbuy and is therefore ideal to discover this city. In Rochefort you can park your motorhome for free at the motorhome stopover Rochefort. In our CamperstopAdvisor you can check if there is a motorhome stopover near you before your trip!

Not only the Belgian Ardennes, but also the Belgian coast is a great place to be with the motorhome. The coastline of Belgium has a lot to offer. Do you also like to spend the night at the waterfront? We have 5 motorhome stopovers at the Belgian coast for you.



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