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Motorhome trip to Moselle: Motorhome stopovers & highlights

The area around the river Moselle in Germany is a beautiful region full of fairytale valleys, delicious wines and old villages with historical half-timbered houses. This makes it a wonderful region for a motorhome trip. These five places are indispensable during your visit with a motorhome. At the bottom of this article you will find a selection of motor homestops directly at the Moselle!


The German town of Cochem lies on the Moselle and is perfect for a visit with your motorhome! The town has a long history: the first mention of the town dates back to the year 866, but it was probably already inhabited before that. Over the centuries Cochem has suffered a number of setbacks, including in the years 1688-'89. Then the French left a large trail of destruction in their wake. The Reichsburg castle, among others, was destroyed. Fortunately, it has been fully restored and can be visited again. You can admire various old tapestries and walk through the different historical rooms. The Reichsburg rises beautifully above the city. If you want to discover the rest of the historic town, you can do so perfectly from the market square. The historic half-timbered houses immediately transport you back into history. What you will also notice, guaranteed, is the colourful character! Because there is certainly no lack of colour in Cochem!

With the motorhome to Cochem on the Moselle
- Cochem has a long history: as early as 866, the town was mentioned!


Trier was founded by Emperor Augustus as early as the years before Christ. During this time, it was an important location: for a time, it was even the capital of the Western Roman Empire. After the Roman Empire, it remained an important city, for example, for the church and the wine trade. Traces of all these times can still be seen: from the Roman Porta Nigra - the old city gate - and the Amphitheatre to the beautiful half-timbered houses in the old centre. In addition, you will find the birthplace of philosopher Karl Marx in the city and you can visit the Vereinigte Hospitien. These are the oldest wine cellars in the city - they already existed in Roman times!

Also discover the most beautiful castles during your motorhome journey in Germany. This castles belong to the most beautiful ones. 

Trier motorhome
- In Trier, you will find buildings from all eras, including the cathedral. It was built on a Roman basilica. 


Between the vineyards, the half-timbered city Bernkastel-Kues is located on the Mosel. Around the market square, you will find beautiful half-timbered houses! The Burg Landshut, the castle, is beautifully situated on a hill. From here you have a great view! You can reach the 235 metre high hill via a walking route, but you can also take the Berg Landshut Express. The town is also perfect for wine lovers, because you will find the Moselle Wine Museum here. Here you will learn everything about the long history (more than 2000 years!) of the local wine production. The various films in the museum really bring this history to life. In the same building is the Vinothek where you can do a delicious wine tasting. Here you can also take home the most delicious wines for your motorhome trip through the Moselle!

A big fan of wine? Then also visit Neumagen-Dhron during your Moselle motorhome tour. This is the oldest wine city in Germany!


In the medieval-looking Beilstein, you seem to step back in time. The town is so medieval that many people call it the "Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle", as if it had been asleep for centuries. Above the town, the 12th century Burg Metternich rises. In 1689, the castle was destroyed by the French. From these ruins, you have a beautiful view of Beilstein and its green surroundings. A real must is to take the boat from Cochem to Beilstein and to travel back by foot or by bike along the Moselle.

Traben Trarbach

A city made rich by wine: that is Traben Trarbach. In addition to the many wine cellars, the large Art Nouveau villas are a remnant of this. Some of the wine cellars here are very special because they go under a big road or even have several floors! So these are definitely worth a visit - even if you don't like wine. In the city you will also find the Ruine Grevenburg, the remains of the castle Grevenburg that was built in 1350. Here you can still admire the foundations and a part of the keep's wall. Because of the many art nouveau influences, it is also advisable to take a stroll through the city and look at all the beautiful buildings!

Motorhome stopovers at the Moselle

Alf   |  Moselcamping Alf
Bernkastel   |  Weingut Studert-Prüm im Maximin Hof
Brauneberg   |  Wohnmobilplatz Juffer
Briedern   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Briedern
Cochem   |  Wohnmobil-Stellplatz an der Nordbrücke
Cochem   |  Wohnmobil-Stellplatz am Freizeitzentrum
Ellenz/Poltersdorf   |  Weingut Loosen
Enkirch   |  Wohnmobilplatz an der Mosel
Ensch   |  Reisemobilplatz An den 2 Pappeln
Erden   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Erden
Ernst   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz im Weinberg
Ernst   |  Mosella Schinkenstube
Kesten   |  Wohnmobilpark Kesten/Mosel
Kinheim   |  Am Moselufer
Klüsserath   |  Reisemobilpark Klüsserath
Köwerich   |  Weingut Hans Klären-Maringer 'Off'm Herrach'
Leiwen   |  Moselblick
Leiwen   |  Weingut Heinz Spieles
Longuich/Mosel   |  Feiten
Longuich/Mosel   |  WeinKulturgut Longen Schlöder
Lösnich   |  Stellplatz am Moselufer
Merching   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Mandichosee
Minheim   |  Reisemobilpark Sonneninsel
Minheim   |  Weinhaus Moselblick
Minheim   |  Weingut Thielen-Feilen
Neef   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Zum Frauenberg
Neumagen-Dhron   |  Gaststatte Beim Ketsch
Neumagen-Dhron   |  Yachthafen Neumagen
Piesport   |  Piesporter Goldtröpfchen
Piesport   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Loreleyblick
Piesport   |  Weingut Spang, Reisemobilplatz Rebengarten
Piesport   |  Weingut Heinz Kirsten
Piesport   |  Altes Kelterhaus
Pünderich   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Pünderich
Reil/Mosel   |  Am Moselufer
Schleich   |  Zum Moselufer
Schweich/Mosel bei Trier   |  Wohnmobilpark zum Fahrturm
Traben-Trarbach   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz am Mosel
Trier   |  Reisemobilpark Treviris
Trier   |  Weingut Vonnell
Trittenheim   |  Moselpromenade Reisemobilplatz Trittenheim
Ürzig   |  Panorama-Mobilstellplatz Ürzig
Wintrich   |  Moselstellplatz Wintrich
Wintrich   |   Weingut Clemens
Zell/Mosel   |  Am Fussgängerbrücke
Zell/Mosel   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Römerquelle
Zeltingen-Rachtig   |  Wohnmobilstellplatz Zeltingen

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