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Visit Europe's most beautiful monasteries and abbeys with your motorhome

In Europe, you will find beautiful monasteries and abbeys to admire during your motorhome-trip. Many monasteries and abbeys are steeped in history and you can often buy various products made there, such as beer and abbey cheese. These are some of the most beautiful monasteries in Europe to visit during your next motorhome trip, for example because of their location on a high rock or because of the many delicacies you can buy in the abbey shop!

Montserrat, Spain

Near Barcelona, you will visit the impressive Montserrat during your motorhome-trip through Spain. The mountain range is mainly known as a religious location. Amongst others, you will find the Santa Maria de Montserrat. This monastery is seen as the most important religious site of Catalonia. At the end of the ninth century, a statue of Mary was found here after which a community formed around the statue. Later, the monastery was built here. From the beginning of the 19th century, the monastery was in turmoil. Napoleon's troops invaded and suppressed the monastery during the Spanish Civil War. Later in this war it became a refuge and the monastery became a symbol of Catalonia's nationalism.

At the monastery you can admire the basilica, the holy virgin and the museum of Montserrat. Or attend a performance by Montserrat's famous boys' choir! The monastery is located in beautiful surroundings, so it is also recommended to take a nice walk through the nature!

In Barcelona, you will spend the night at Garcia Fària.

Europe motorhome monastery abbey
- Near metropolis Barcelona, you will find the impressive Montserrat. 

Abbey Koningshoeven, Netherlands

You may know Koningshoeven Abbey in Berkel-Enschot from their famous Trappist beer. Apart from beer, they also make cheese, chocolate, honey and jam. In the monastery shop, you can buy the various products to be consumed at the abbey. It is also possible to get a guided tour through the brewery and have a look at the making process. During the excursion, you will also see a film that gives you an insight into monastery life. In the vicinity of the monastery, you can also go for a nice walk or bike ride.

In the vicinity of Berkel-Enschot there are various motorhome sites, including in Tilburg.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Portugal

The Mosteiro dos Jeróniomos is located in Lisbon and is a real gem. The monastery stands on the spot where Vasco da Gama stayed before he left for India with his crew. Construction started in 1502. Several famous figures from history are buried here, including Vasco da Gama and King Manuel, the king who had the monastery built. The monastery is fully decorated with various maritime ornaments, including the statue of Henry the Navigator at the entrance. The monastery is also home to a maritime museum where you can learn all about Portugal's former sea trade. In the rest of the monastery you can admire various beautiful locations, including the saloon church. Highly recommended during your motorhome-trip through Portugal!

In Lisbon you can stay at Lisboa Camping.


motorhome Europe monastery abbey
- The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is dedicated to seafaring. 

Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Mont-Saint-Michel is perhaps one of the most famous monastic communities in this article and one of the most famous sights in France. The monument is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, which is not surprising with such a special location in the middle of an island! There was already a Gallo-Roman fort on the island in the sixth century. Around the year 700, a spiritual community was founded there. Throughout the centuries, the monastery grew, a village was added and the Roman abbey church was built. There is a lot to experience on Mont-Saint-Michel. You can climb the ramparts, visit the historical museum and of course admire the abbey. If you want to cross the bay, you can do so with a guide. Because of the rapid changes in the tides, it is forbidden to do this on your own.

In Ardevon, you can spend the night in a motorhome with a view of Mont-Saint-Michel at camperpark La Bidonnière. You can reach the island easily by foot or by bike from the motorhome site!

Discover even more beautiful sights during your motorhome-trip to France: these are the best tips.

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- From the motorhome site in Ardevon you have a view of the impressive Mont-Saint-Michel. 

Meteora, Greece

The Meteora monasteries in Greece are among the country's most famous sights! So it's time to visit them during your motorhome-trip. The monasteries are located on the mainland and are therefore perfect to visit with a motorhome. They seem to float in the air, something that the name of the monasteries also suggests. Meteorizomai means floating in the air in Greek! There are six of them in total to be admired. Before, there were twenty-four of them! In two of the remaining monasteries, you can get a glimpse of daily monastic life. The other four are visited for their splendour and to learn more about the monasteries.

It is advisable to plan your visit to the monasteries well in advance. Not all monasteries have the same opening days and times. This way, you can be sure that you can see the monasteries you want to admire during your motorhome-trip!

Near the monasteries, you can spend the night at motorhome site Taverna Arsenia.

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- The Greek Meteora monasteries are among the country's most famous sights. 

Sacra di San Michele, Italy

In the Italian region of Piedmont, you will find the beautiful abbey Sacra di San Michele. Because of a local law, the building may call itself the symbolic monument of the region. In the year 983, the construction of the abbey started. The building is situated in a beautiful location on a hill. It is therefore advisable to discover the surroundings of the abbey. The best way to do this is to walk to the abbey from one of the surrounding villages, for example Sant'Ambrogio. After the climb, you can admire the inside of the abbey, which is dedicated to Saint Michael. Among other things, you will find the Stairway of the Dead. Several monks were buried in the walls along this path.

After your visit, you can spend the night in the nearby city of Turin.

Abbey from Affligem, Belgium

The Belgian Affligem Abbey is known for its delicious beer and abbey cheese. The abbey was founded in 1062 and since then, the monks have lived there according to the rules of Saint Benedict. Today, this beer is still brewed. At Gasthof d'Oude Brouwerij, you can enjoy a delicious beer. Or buy the most delicious products for your home or motorhome at the abbey shop! A nice fact: most of the proceeds go to charity. It is also possible to attend a service during your visit with the camper.

To visit the Affligem Abbey, you can spend the night in Brussels at Auberge de Jeunesse Génération Europe.

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