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The most beautiful locations at Lake Constance by motorhome

Lake Constance borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The lake is an excellent destination for a campervan trip for lovers of a mix of culture, nature and relaxing by the water. There are several beautiful destinations at Lake Constance that you can visit with a motorhome, for example during your motorhome trip through Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Or take a tour around the lake with your motorhome! These are the most beautiful locations at Lake Constance.

Friedrichshafen - Germany

Friedrichshafen is also called the Zeppelin City. Here you will find the Zeppelin Museum. You will learn everything about the history of aviation. The museum is located in Friedrichshafen because airships were developed here in the past. If you would like to experience being flown around in a Zeppelin yourself, you can take off in a real Zeppelin NT and admire the impressive mountain panorama from above. If you prefer to keep both feet on the ground, you can also take a guided tour of the shipyard.

In the rest of the city there are also many beautiful locations that you will discover during your visit with a motorhome. The Castle Church, for example, is a well-known Friedrichshafen landmark. If you are visiting with a motorhome during the summer months, you can take a refreshing dip in the lake. After a long day, you can relax in the beer garden Stärrschorsch, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the water with a good beer in your hand. There are also several beautiful walks in the area, including the 9.5-kilometre Ailinger Panorama Road. During this route, you will regularly be treated to beautiful views of Lake Constance and you will pass the highest point of Friedrichshafen.

In Friedrichshafen you can spend the night with your camper van at Stellplatz Friedrichshafen.

Lindau - Germany

Lindau is a special place to visit with a camper van in Lake Constance. In, yes, because the town lies on an island in the lake! The centre is bursting with beautifully coloured buildings, but the Lindau City Museum stands out. The facades are decorated with beautiful murals! In the museum, you can admire several beautiful works of art. In addition, Lindau is known for its Marionette Opera. As the only theatre in Germany, this puppet theatre performs shows with only music. If you want a beautiful view of the lake, you can climb the lighthouse. From the top, you can see the lake and the beautiful mountain panorama behind it. If you are visiting Lindau with your camper van during this period, there is a cosy Christmas market in the harbour!

In Lindau, there are several camper van sites, including Gitzenweiler Hof.

Lindau is also the starting point for the famous Alpine Road, a beautiful motorhome route which takes you to the most beautiful places in the Alps. You can read all about this motorhome route here.
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- Lindau is located on an island in Lake Constance!

Constance - Germany

In Germany, close to the Swiss border, you will find Constance. Constance is a real university town and it is the largest town on Lake Constance. The city centre is very well preserved, which means that you can stroll around and admire the most beautiful buildings! Among others, the cathedral of Constance (the Münster) is a must, as it is the largest Romanesque church in southern Germany. If you climb the 193 steps of the Münsterturm, you will be treated to a beautiful view of the city centre. There are also several museums you can visit, including the Rosgarten Museum Konstanz where you will learn all about the local history.

A famous boat trip from Constance is to the island of Mainau. This island is particularly known for its beautiful flowers! It is not for nothing that it is called the flower island. Besides all the colour, you will also find one of the largest butterfly houses in the country. The island is also easily reached on foot or by bicycle from the camper van site.

Stay overnight with your camper van in Constance at the camper van site Parkplatz Döbele.
Lake Constance Motorhome
- Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance.

Bregenz - Austria

Bregenz is an idyllic town at Lake Constance. You can easily discover the city on a walk. Meanwhile, you can admire the medieval half-timbered houses and historical city walls. Another place of interest to walk to is the Mehrerau Abbey. This monastery has been in existence since the year 611. You can admire the different locations of the monastery, such as the monastery gardens - and church, on a guided tour through the monastery. The Martinturm is also a well-known landmark. This tower has existed since 1601 and formerly served as a storage place for grain and seeds at the palace of the Count of Bregenz. In the tower, you can learn everything about the city's history at a small museum.

If you are looking for a beautiful view of the lake, you should take a cable car from the centre of Bregenz to the top of the Pfänder. It's not just the summit that is beautiful; you can also enjoy the surroundings on the way there. The mountain is 1,062 metres high and from the top, you can easily distinguish the different towns around the lake! If you want to explore the top further, various walks start from the top.

Near Bregenz, you can spend the night with your camper van at Stellplatz Mathis in Dornbirn.

Lake Constance Motorhome
- Bregenz is an idyllic town on Lake Constance. 

Rorschach - Switzerland

Rorschach is an important port town at Lake Constance. This was also the case in the past, which is why you can see beautiful specimens of mansions during your visit with your camper! Also the Kornhaus, the old grain store, is a beautiful building to admire. Today, you can learn everything about the history of Rorschach in the museum.

A must for a trip from the camper is the Abbey of Sankt Gallen. The monastery has one of the richest and oldest monastery libraries. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a good reason! Furthermore, Wartensee Castle and Rorschach Castle are recommended for a visit. Rorschach Castle is, as the starting point to Santiago de Compostela, especially a well-known location for pilgrims. The exact starting point is the Jacob's fountain which was built in the 19th century in memory of the Chapel of St. James.

Near Rorschach you can stay at Paul-Grüninger-Stadion.


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