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6x visit an island with a motorhome

Do you love the island feeling when you travel by motor home? The beach is never far away for a cool dip in the sea or for a nice walk in the colder months of the year. Each island has its own character. Denmark's Samsø, for example, is known as an enormously sustainable island, and Sicily has plenty of historical attractions. These six islands are worth a visit during your next motorhome trip!

Texel, the Netherlands

Dutch island Texel is the perfect motorhome destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you can go on endless beach walks and cycle tours, admire the seals at Ecomare and go mudflat hiking. The latter is possible at various organisations.

During your walk, the picturesque red lighthouse is a must. You can also visit one of the most northern vineyards in the Netherlands, Wijngaard de Kroon. Here, you can buy and taste the most delicious wines.

Beachcombing is certainly typical for an island that has plenty of beach. At the Maritime and Beachcomber's Museum Flora, you can learn everything about the life of a beachcomber. You will also find a collection of the most extraordinary finds. Finally, a visit to a sheep farm where you learn everything about the work and the animals is a must. You'll also be able to cuddle the lambs.

You can reach Texel by motor home by ferry from Den Helder. Once on Texel, you can spend the night at camper site 't Woutershok.

If you are looking for more beautiful nature in the Netherlands to visit during your campervan journey, these nature reserves are highly recommended. From the camperstop, you'll be on the walking route or the cycle path in no time at all.
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- The Texel lighthouse is a nice stop during your walk across the island. 

Ile d'Oléron, France

The French Île d'Oléron is perfect for an active campervan tour. One of the most famous spots on the island is the Cabanes des Créateurs. These are coloured wooden houses where you can buy handmade souvenirs made by local artists. These used to be fishermen's cottages. The island's lighthouse, Phare de Chassiron, is also a must-see. You can climb the lighthouse and learn all about the fishing on the island in the museum that is located there. In addition, the salt marshes are a must. Here you can regularly see a salt farmer at work. You can easily visit the different sights during a walk or bike ride on the island. Don't forget to taste the most delicious oysters during your visit to the island, because Île d'Oléron is known for its oyster farming!

On Île d'Oléron there are several camper sites, including motorhome stopover Le Moulin des Sables. You reach the island via the D26 at Bourcefranc-le-Chapus.
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- Île d'Oléron is the place to eat oysters during your motorhome trip!  

Sicily, Italy

The Italian island of Sicily is full of beautiful places. There are numerous historical sites from Greek times to admire. In Agrigento, for instance, you will find the temples of Valle dei Templi, one of the most important excavations in Sicily, and in Taormina, you will find the Teatro Greco-Romano. This theatre used to seat 10,000 people.

Besides history, you will also find beautiful nature. Mount Etna is the most famous example of this. You can climb the volcano during a walk of about 4 hours. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, so a visit is not always possible due to the danger of eruption. A fun fact about the island: in ancient Greek it was called Trinakria, which means 'the island with three points'. This indicated the triangular shape of the island.

You can take the ferry to Sicily from the places Naples, Salerno, Genoa and Civitavecchia. There are numerous camper van sites on Sicily, including in Palermo at Green Car Palermo.
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- On Sicily, you can admire numerous historical sights. 

Samsø, Denmark

Samsø is a beautiful island for a camper holiday, but that is not the only thing it is famous for: it is the world's largest CO2-neutral municipality. For instance, every house has a heat pump and the island generates its own energy. Apart from tourism, the island's income comes from the supply of green energy.

If you want to learn all about this sustainable life, you can go to Samsø's Energy Academy. However, you need to make an appointment before your visit. The island is also known as a good walking location. There are several forests where you can go for a walk. In addition, the beaches are recommended for a walk with a view of the green dunes. There are also many marked cycle routes on the island of different distances and levels.

From Hou in Jutland, there is a ferry to Samsø. You can spend the night in your camper at Samsø Camping & Feriecenter.

Discover even more beautiful places in Denmark with the Margrietroute. In 3700 kilometres you will discover the country's most beautiful locations, including Aarhus and Kronborg Castle. Read all about the highlights of the motorhome tour here.
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- Samsø's beaches are a great place to walk. 

Mallorca, Spain

On Mallorca, sun, sea and beach lovers will be in their element. There are numerous beaches where you can spend a nice day. For example, Platja de Can Pere Antoni is a stone's throw from the centre of Palma de Mallorca, but there are also several beaches outside the city. In the city, enjoy the terrace at Plaza Mayor, which is a replica of the square of the same name in Madrid, and admire La Seu Cathedral. The cathedral dates from the 13th century, but has been renovated several times over the years. Gaudi, among others, helped with the restoration.

Just outside Palma de Mallorca, you can also experience many great things during your motorhome holiday on the island. The Castle of Bellver, for example, is a special castle because of its round shape. In the past it served as a residence for kings, but also as a prison. Now you can learn everything about the history of Mallorca in the historical museum. Among other things, there are archaeological finds from the island to be admired.

The mountain range Serra de Tramuntana is also a must. Since 2011, this area has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and with good reason! You can make lovely walks through an area that was formed by an irrigation system of the Arabs, which provided enough water for the orchards. The system has existed since the 13th century and has been modified several times over the centuries. Some systems are still in use today.

In Barcelona you can take the ferry to Palma de Mallorca. On Mallorca you can spend the night at the Finca Hotel Son Pou.

Will Spain be your destination for the winter? These locations in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France are highly recommended for spending the cold winter months!
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- On Mallorca, you will find a fine combination of city and nature. 

Gotland, Sweden

Welcome to Gotland, one of the country's gems where you get to know the real Sweden. You'll learn all about the Vikings and visit some of the most beautiful coastal areas on a motorhome visit. Do some parts of the island look familiar? They might, as Pipi Longstocking was filmed here!

Visby is the largest and most important city on the island. You arrive here by ferry. Since 1955, the city has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list because it is the best preserved trading city in Northern Europe. You will come across many beautiful old buildings. Surrounding the city are the historic city walls that you can admire on a city walk. If you want to learn about the history of the island, you can visit the Gotland Museum. Here, you can learn about the Vikings, among other things. Under them, Gotland became a great trading town. This is evident, among other things, from the coins from different countries that have been found there.

You can also take a lovely walk along the coast of Gotland. For instance, you can walk along the coastline and see the special sculptures. In the summer months, you can take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Ferries depart from Nynäshamn and Oscarshamn to Visby. On Gotland, you can spend the night at the camperstop Tofta Beach.

island motorhome visit
- At the Gotland Museum, you can admire, among other things, historic Scandinavian jewellery. 
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