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5 must sees - Ireland by motorhome

Ireland has a lot to offer to the motorhomer: beautiful views while being on the road, old castles and manor houses and of course delicious Irish beer. Discover this versatile country during your motorhome-trip and enjoy all the beautiful things you find on the way!

1. Guinness Storehouse (and Dublin)

A good introduction to your motorhome-trip to Ireland: the Guinness Storehouse! Here you can taste the famous Irish beer with matching snacks in one of the two bars and of course learn all about the beer during your visit. You will learn all about the brewing process of the beer, the ingredients, the history and what the beer means to the Irish culture. The Storehouse is located in the Irish capital Dublin, which is also a great destination by motorhome! In the city, you will find the beautiful gothic Dublin Castle, which today houses the Irish government, and Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison. Now the prison can be visited as a museum and you will learn all about its history, in which many fighters for Irish independence were imprisoned.

A visit to Dublin by motorhome is best combined with an overnight stay in the Wicklow Mountains. From here it is about a 60 kilometre drive to Dublin.

Dublin motorhome
- In Dublin's city centre, walk along the River Liffey!

2. Wicklow Mountains

Near the Irish capital are the impressive Wicklow Mountains. The nature park offers plenty of entertainment, especially for hikers, because with various short and long walking routes, you can spend hours here! There are also several lakes where you can swim, canoe or dive. Whether this is allowed varies from place to place, so check this in advance! If you like to take the most beautiful photos during your motorhome trip, you will also find plenty of beautiful photo locations here. For example, you can take great pictures during sunrise, when the light is beautifully reflected on a lake with the immense mountains behind it! If you want to experience the history of the area after all this activity, you can visit the village of Glendalough, where special remains of the mining past can be seen. This is where lead was mined!

In the Wicklow Mountains, you will spend the night at the same motorhome stop as you did during your visit to Dublin.

Glendalough motorhome
- In the Wicklow Mountains, you will find beautiful views! 

3. Cork

The city of Cork may not be as well known as its capital, Dublin, but it is certainly not less beautiful. So it's time to visit the city with your motorhome! With its many coloured houses, the city radiates cheerfulness. There are many places of interest here, including the English Market, where you can sample the most delicious Irish delicacies. The Cork City Gaol is another famous attraction. Although this is a prison, it is the last thing you would think of when you see its beautiful exterior! It was mainly used to imprison women during the Irish War of Independence. Nowadays, you can take a tour of the prison to see this history come to life. Want to learn about the real culture of Cork? Visit the Cork Butter Museum. The city used to be a major player in the butter trade, so you can learn all about its history here!

Spend the night near Cork at the coastal town of Cobn.

4. Blarney Castle

Near Cork, you will find Blarney Castle, in the town of Blarney. Built as early as 1210, the castle has a rich history! It's also the oldest castle in Ireland. Although part of it is in ruins nowadays, it is still a well-known place to visit during your motorhome trip through Ireland. The castle still looks beautiful! Some of the rooms can still be visited. Other famous spots in the castle are the Blarney Stone, of which it is said that when you kiss it, you get the art of eloquence. Another notable place is the Poison Garden found in the gardens of the castle, where you will come across various poisonous plants.

As Blarney Castle is near Cork, it is advisable to stay at the same motorhome stop as you visited Cork.

Blarney Castle Ireland motorhome
- Blarney Castle is a wonderful stop on your motorhome-trip of Ireland!

5. Ring of Kerry

In the south-west of the country, you will find a wonderful round trip that you can do by motor home: the Ring of Kerry. Here you will find literally everything you would expect from the country: many green rolling hills, castles, country houses and beautiful beaches. The route is 179 kilometres in total and you start and end with the motorhome in Killarney. One of the highlights of the route is the Torc Waterfall. Walking to the top, you will have a magnificent view of the mountain of the same name (Torc Mountain). Don't miss the many beautiful lakes for a nice walk or a dip in the water. Lough Leane is the largest lake in Killarney and one of the better known on the route. It is linked to two other lakes, Muckross Lake and Upper Lake. A beautiful ruin on the route is Muckross Abbey, which was built in 1448. It is remarkable how well these ruins have been preserved! During the rest of the route, there are plenty of places to stop for a nice walk. An indispensable part of Ireland during your motorhome trip!

A great motorhome park that is also located directly on the Ring of Kerry is Goosey Island Motor Home Park in Sneem.

Ireland Ring of Kerry motorhome
- Muckross Abbey is a beautiful ruin along the Ring of Kerry. 


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