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The best historical motorhome destinations in Europe!

From the classical antiquity to the remnants of the Second World War, Europe has a very rich history. It's no surprise that there are many historical places to discover in this stunning continent! A lot of these destinations are easily accessible with your motorhome. Do you love history and your motorhome? Then quickly read on, because we composed a list of the best historical destinations in Europe that you are able to visit with your motorhome!

1. Pompeii, Italy

In 79 AD, Pompeii was buried under ash, due to the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. This eruption also caused Pompeii to stay relatively conserved for over two millenia, which now makes it one of the oldest antique Roman cities in the world! For this, Pompeii is now an important archeological, but certainly also historical site. A visit to this old Italian city takes a place on many people's bucketlist. One thing is for sure: a visit to Pompeii will undoubtedly transport you to a far, far away past.

In Pompeii's archeological park you'll find houses, roman baths, temples, an amphitheatre and a forum. You could say that the archeological park is a blueprint of a typical Roman city! Lots of tourists combine their visit to Pompeii with a trip to Vesuvius. We definitely recommend you to do this, since you can see a lot of the archeological park of Pompeii in half a day.

There's also lots to experience in the close environment of Pompeii, you could for example relax at the Sorrento coast, or make a day trip to the bustling city of Naples. Whatever you want to do, you can stay with your motorhome close to the archeological park, namely at La Terrazza di Hermes. At this motorhome stopover, you'll stay right inbetween the historical city and its infamous volcano.


- Pompeii is the blueprint of a typical antique Roman city!

2. Ribe, Denmark

Ribe, in Denmark, isn't especially known for a historical event. Though Ribe is the oldest town of Denmark, and some even claim that it is the oldest town of Scandinavia. Besides, Ribe might be one of the prettiest towns of Denmark. The town was founded in the year 710, and the medieval centre has been well conserved all those years.

The best thing to do in Ribe is just to stroll around. The town, with its cosy streets and half-timbered houses, is like a big open-air museum. You also definitely cannot forget to visit the cathedral! This is by far the most prominent building in Ribe, but there's also lots of medieval art to admire on the inside of the church. Every summer night it's possible to take a tour of the town with a night watchman. This watchman is traditionally dressed in uniform and armed with a lantern and club. During this tour, you'll learn loads about the history of Ribe and how it was to live in the town during the Middle Ages.

You can easily stay close to the centre of Ribe with your motorhome at motorhome stopover Ribe, which also is a free motorhome stopover! What more could you want?


- Ribe is known as the oldest Danish town, and it might even be the oldest town of whole Scandinavia!

3. Normandy, France

When you think of the Second World War, and especially D-Day, you'll probably think of the French region of Normandy. There's lots to see and experience in this region, and there's definitely a couple of significant historical sites that you should visit if you love history!

A visit to the invasion beaches of Normandy is sure to impress you. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these beaches as a tribute to the peace that once was brutally fought for. There are lots of interesting things to see in the vicinity of the invasion beaches, such as the American cemetary at Colleville-sur-Mer, or the war museum. Besides, at the beaches themselves, you'll find remnants of the Second World War as well.

Interested in visiting the invasion beaches? You can stay with your motorhome at Garage Vally. This motorhome stopover lies close to Omaha Beach, and is the perfect starting point for many more impressive beaches in Normandy.


- It is hard to not be impressed by the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer.

4. Durbuy, Belgium

Also Durbuy is, historically seen, not a very important destination, but when you walk through the cosy streets oif this 17th-century Belgium town, you'll quickly picture yourself in another age. Durbuy is known to be the smallest city in the world, despite this, there's still a lot to see and experience over here!

Visit the castle of Durbuy, which lies next to the Ourthe river, or mindlessly roam through the beautiful streets of this cosy city. There's also a lot to experience in the close environment of Durbuy. For example, you could go kayaking on the Ourthe, visit the underground caves of Hotton, or simply venture out into the Ardennes! Whatever you might do, you'll enjoy yourself in Durbuy!

Excited to visit Durbuy? Take your motorhome to P Mobilhome Le Vendeur. This camperstop is a little outside Durbuy, but lies lovely close to the river Ourthe.


- There's no place where you can stroll more carefree than in beautiful Durbuy! © Visit Ardenne, Marion Guiot.

5. Camp Vught National Memorial, the Netherlands

The Netherlands has lots of history to explore as well! Attractions such as the Anne Frank House are very popular among tourists. But the province of North-Brabant has some interesting spots, too! Close to 's-Hertogenbosch lies Camp Vught National Memorial. A visit to this old concentration camp is something that you will not forget quickly. Besides being a memorial, Camp Vught National Memorial also has a museum at the camp terrain, where you'll learn more about the Second World War, the camp, and life in a concentration camp.

There's lots to explore in the direct environment as well. You could, for example, take a walk through the Bossche Broek or de Moerputten, or you could visit the beautiful city of 's-Hertogenbosch. You can stay with your motorhome at Camperplaats Hoek, From here, you can reach the historic and impressive former concentration camp in about 15 minutes.

Camp Vught

- Camp Vught National Memorial offers interesting audiotours where you'll learn more about the former concentration camp. © Jan van de Ven.

There are, of course, lots of other beautiful historical destinations in Europe which you could easily visit with your motorhome. In the Camperstop-App you'll find a handy overview of about 12.500 motorhome stopovers scattered over the whole of Europe. So, did you have a historical destination in mind, but have you not yet decided on the motorhome stopover, then the Camperstop-App will be the right tool for you! Try the app for free for 7 days now, it's avaible on iOS & Android!

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