Germany Alpine Road

Motorhome route: The German Alpine road by motorhome + motorhome stopovers

The German Alpine Road is the oldest motorway in Germany. Nature lovers will be in their element here: you can take the most beautiful pictures of high mountain peaks and immense blue lakes! The motorhome route is 450 kilometres long and takes you from Lindau am Bodensee to the Königssee. The route is known to be easy to drive with the campervan, and you will find plenty of campervan parks along the way. From the camper van site, you can go straight into the green countryside for a pleasant walk or bike ride. Get ready for a beautiful motorhome route!

Germany Alpine Road

Lindau am Bodensee

Welcome to the starting point of this German motorhome tour: Lindau am Bodensee. Lindau am Bodensee is an island in Lake Constance, the largest lake in Germany. You can reach the island by campervan via a dam. In the centre, you will find many cheerful looking medieval houses in all colours of the rainbow. One of the most beautiful buildings is the Lindau City Museum, where you will find beautiful paintings on the facades and admire various works of art inside. In addition, the Marionette Opera is highly recommended. There are more than 400 puppets and the theatre is the only puppet theatre in the country that performs shows consisting only of music.

From the edge of the island, you have a beautiful view: first on the immense Lake Constance and behind it the mountains of the Alps. From the highest point of the lighthouse, you have an even more impressive view of this living painting. In the museum that is housed in the lighthouse, you will learn more about the history of Lindau am Bodensee. If you visit Lindau am Bodensee in the winter, there is a large, well-attended Christmas market in the harbour. Here you can warm up with a delicious mulled wine while enjoying a beautiful view of the lake! You can also take the ferry to visit Austria or Switzerland. For example, go to the Austrian town of Bregenz where, after a climb to the top of the Pfander mountain, you will be treated to a magnificent view of the lake.

In Germany, you can spend the night at various locations where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the water. These 8 waterfront motorhome sites are among the most beautiful in Germany.

Germany Alpine Road
- Lindau am Bodensee is the starting point of the German Alpine Road!

Bad Hindelang

From Lindau am Bodensee you will continue your journey by camper van to Bad Hindelang. Bad Hindelang is one of the many stops on this campervan route that makes nature lovers' hearts beat faster. This area is known as a gem for hikers. There are walks for every level of ability. Along the way, you will come across beautiful waterfalls and you can take a break at alpine huts where you can enjoy the most idyllic panoramas. Cyclists can also indulge themselves in this part of the Alps, because there are several constructed cycling paths. During your walk or bike ride you have a good chance of sunshine, because Bad Hindelang is known as the sunniest region in the Alps in Southern Germany! In the winter the area is perfect for skiing, and also then you have a big chance of a fine day of skiing in the sun.

Travelling on from Bad Hindelang (or driving the campervan route the other way round and coming from Pfronten), you will come across the Jochpass between Bad Hindelang and Oberjoch. This is the most winding mountain pass in Germany. Every year the Jochpass Memorial is held here. During this event, many old-timers race on this road. The road has been used for centuries: in the Middle Ages, this was already an important trade route.


The next stop on this motorhome route is Pfronten. Pfronten originated from 13 villages that were merged into one municipality. In each village, the architecture looks slightly different, which makes it worthwhile to walk through the various former villages during your campervan journey! The area is also perfect for hiking on the extensive network of footpaths. On the way, you will encounter many beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. Or visit the ruins of Falkenstein Castle, the highest located castle ruins in Germany! You can go there by foot or with a camper van. From here you have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. If you visit Pfronten in the winter, then this is also an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts. There is a total of 36 kilometres of ski slopes.

Besides its beautiful surroundings, Pfronten is also known for a special hay cure where you are wrapped in hay. This is said to help with respiratory problems. In other locations on the Alpine route, you will find even more of these special wellness cures, for example, there are several Kneipp spas where you can relax or receive a treatment. The Kneipp spas are known for their healing effect on body and mind.

Motorhome stopovers along the Alpine road


From Pfronten, you continue your journey to the next location on the camper route: Füssen. Füssen is particularly known for its beautiful castles. Here you will find the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle - the inspiration for Disney's castle - and the Hohenschwangau Castle. Time to visit during your motorhome tour of Germany! Hohenschwangau Castle is less well known than Neuschwanstein, but with its rich history, this is also a must-see. The Knights of Schwangau - at the time feudal lords - started building it and when they died out, the castle fell into disrepair. King Maximilian II had the castle restored at the beginning of the 19th century and King Louis II of Bavaria spent his youth here. The latter also had Neuschwanstein Castle built in the 19th century.

From both castles, you have a beautiful view of the green surroundings. You can also go for lovely walks during your visit with your camper. In Füssen itself, you can admire, among other things, beautiful medieval mansions. From the Forggensee, where Füssen is located, you have a beautiful view of the mountainous surroundings. You can take a boat trip on the lake. The famous Romantic Road, where you admire numerous castles, also passes through Füssen, as does the Via Claudia Augusta. The latter is a road that connects southern Germany with northern Italy. As the name suggests, this is originally a Roman route.

Do you want to experience more fairy tales after visiting the beautiful castles of Füssen? On the German Fairy Tale Route, fairy tales literally come to life. In 600 kilometres, you will pass the most fairytale locations with your motorhome.

Germany Alpine Road Motorhome
- In Füssen, you can admire several fairytale castles during your motorhome trip.


The next stop on the Alpine Road will probably be familiar to winter sports fans: Garmisch-Partenkirchen! Garmisch-Partenkirchen is located at the foot of the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. The village came into existence when Adolf Hitler combined the villages of Garmisch and Partenkirchen in the year 1935. One year later, the Winter Olympics were held here. On New Year's Day, a big spectacle still takes place here: the ski jumping is a well-known event that heralds the new year. Countless spectators come to watch it every year. It is great fun to attend this spectacle during your campervan trip through Germany!

Besides winter sports, Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also known as a health resort. There are also several wellness centres and clinics. There are also no allergies in the air at all. You can also relax on a hike, because there are more than 300 kilometres of hiking trails here! You can head into the mountains for the most beautiful panoramas and there are plenty of peaks to climb.

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Germany Alpine Road Motorhome
- Garmisch and Partenkirchen used to be two separate villages. 

Aschau im Chiemgau

Aschau im Chiemgau is the next beautiful stop on this campervan route. The village is a true hiker's paradise and looks exactly as you would expect a German mountain village to look. It is surrounded by a beautiful mountain range and you will find plenty of authentic chalets and a beautiful church. The Panorama Road is the most famous walking route around the village, because during this walk you will be treated to a beautiful view of the Chiemsee. The lake also lends itself well to a refreshing dip in the summer months. In Aschau im Chiemgau, you can also visit Herrenchiemsee Castle, which was built at the end of the 19th century. The castle is situated on an island in the Chiemsee, which makes it a special attraction!

Aschau im Chiemgau is also known as a real 'village of benches'. You will find about 200 benches designed by the inhabitants. So you will always find a new surprise during your walk through the village! You can also take a walk to the Hohenaschau Castle. The foundation of this castle dates back to the 12th century and the building towers beautifully above the forest. In the summer months, the castle is open for a guided tour.
Germany Alpine Road Motorhome
- On the Panorama Road, you have a wonderful view of Lake Chiemsee. 

Schönau am Königssee

As the name of the end point of the Alpine road already tells you, it is located at the Königssee. This is a beautiful lake to discover during your motorhome tour in Germany. It is often called the most beautiful lake in Germany! It is surrounded by the most beautiful green mountain peaks. Of course, you can discover the lake by taking a refreshing dive in the water, but if you prefer to keep your feet dry, you can also opt for a boat trip that takes you to the most beautiful spots of the lake. Anglers are also well catered for, as fishing is allowed at several locations. Consult the website of the Fischereiverein Berechtesgaden-Königssee for complete information on fishing locations.

From the quay you can discover the lake in different ways, because there are, among other things, beautiful walking and cycling routes. Along the way you will have a wonderful view of the Königssee - for example from the Archenkanzel viewpoint -, you will encounter ibex and admire the most beautiful mountain panoramas.

Additional tips for your motorhome trip along the Alpine route

Here, you will find plenty of walking and cycling routes, but you can also soak up some culture. Combine a walk with culture during a visit to the Höhlenburg Grafenloch, a medieval cave castle. Although not much is known about this castle, it is a special place to visit and to remember that people probably lived here until the 13th century.

Reit im Winkl
In Reit im Winkl you will find beautiful historical sights. Scattered around the village there are several old farms and churches that you can admire. If you have extra time on your campervan journey, you can also easily make a trip from here to the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße in Austria. This is a wonderful short motorhome route of almost 50 kilometres that takes you along the most beautiful places in the Austrian Alps.

Berchtesgaden is known for the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, a beautiful national park with impressive green-covered mountain peaks. There are numerous marked hiking trails that lead you to the most beautiful places of the national park. In total, there are some 230 kilometres of hiking trails. If you want to learn more about the beautiful surroundings, for example how they were created, a walk with a guide from the national park is recommended.
Germany motorhome route Alpine route
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