Gelderland motorhome

Visit Gelderland in The Netherlands by motorhome!

Gelderland is a province in The Netherlands that has a lot to offer for motorhomers, because there is a stopover near many places of interest! The variety of activities makes this a perfect destination for everyone: both young and old can enjoy the beautiful nature parks, animal parks, cities and museums. So it's time to discover this green region full of culture and history with your motorhome. 

Castles and palaces

There are several castles in Gelderland, perfect for history lovers! You will find, for example, the twelfth-century Vorden Castle and Rosendael Castle, which has been inhabited for over seven hundred years. Kasteel Waardenburg is also located in the province, a castle where it even seems to ghost... Walk through the castle gardens and feel the prince or princess in you come to life! Paleis het Loo is also highly recommended. In 2021 the renovation is expected to be finished, so enough reason to visit the renovated castle!

Into the city

Nijmegen is a real student city which is also known for its sustainability, because in 2018 the city was proclaimed Green Capital of Europe! Nijmegen is also bursting at the seams with museums, such as the Afrika Museum and Museum Het Valkhof. With all the cosy terraces on the Grote Markt you will certainly have fun! You will certainly not be bored in Arnhem either. Here you will find the 7 streets - of course derived from the 9 streets in Amsterdam - which are full of authentic shops. Do you want to go back in time? Then the Nederlands Open Air Museum is highly recommended. Especially with children this is a very nice outing. Most ideal: there is a camper place in both cities!

Animal spotting

There are plenty of opportunities to spot animals in Gelderland. For example, the Dolfinarium is located on the outskirts of the province, where you can admire playing dolphins. In Apenheul the monkeys are curious about you and also in Burgers' Zoo the animals are suffocating. Enough outings in the area for animal lovers! At all three parks there is a camper place within a short distance. 

Gelderland Zoo Motorhome
- A visit to the zoo is fun for young and old!

Into nature

If you prefer to see the animals in the wild, you can indulge yourself on the Veluwe. Here it is bursting with deer, birds and other special animals. In the Veluwe you will find different walks for every level and alternately through the woods, dunes or heathland. You can also find your way around the many cycle paths here by bicycle. Ideally, several camper pitches are situated along a walking or cycling path, so you'll be in nature in no time! Other fine nature areas to go out into the open air are the Achterhoek and the Betuwe.

Veluwe Gelderland motorhome
- Maybe you will spot a badger in the Veluwe!


Gelderland has a turbulent war history. Among others, the Airborne Museum is worth a visit, where you can learn everything about the Battle of Arnhem. In Oosterbeek there is a cemetery with war graves where also an annual commemoration takes place, a very impressive place. If you want to learn more about the war in this area, you can visit the Betuwe War Museum. Although these places are of course packed, here you can learn everything about this period in history. 


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