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The Dutch province of Friesland has much to offer to the motorhomer! Explore this province by motorhome in the peaceful nature, the bustling but cosy capital and of course the coast with the Wadden Sea, where you can enjoy yourself for hours. At the end of the article you will find tips for spending the night with various motorhome stopovers at the waterfront and at the farmer's house, which will make your Frisian experience complete!


In Friesland, you will find plenty of nature to admire during your motorhome trip. National Park De Alde Feanen is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the province because of its swamp forests. You will also find many lakes and reed beds here. Of course, the area is great for hiking, but don't forget the bikes! You can also go on special excursions, such as visiting a duck decoy. This is an old tradition in Friesland. In the past, this was mainly to catch the ducks for sale, but nowadays they are released after being ringed. For history buffs, there is an exhibition in the visitor centre about the Lancaster, a plane that crashed here in the Second World War. Other beautiful nature areas in Friesland to visit during your motorhome trip are the Rysterbosk deciduous forest and the Easterskar marshland where you will pass by petholes, which are holes in the landscape created by the removal of, among other things, the silt on the peat.

Nature Friesland Motorhome
- Discover the beautiful nature of Friesland by boat!


A visit to Leeuwarden, the capital of Friesland, is of course a must on your motorhome journey of Friesland. In 2018, this city was named Cultural Capital. During this year, there were plenty of cultural events in the city, and even today it is still a true Frisian gem! Stroll through the city with a view on the beautiful old buildings and the canals, or even go on the canals! At several places, you can rent a boat to see the city from the water. If you are ready for an Italian atmosphere, climb the Oldehove. This tower is so tilted that it looks like the Tower of Pisa! Because the soil here was not ideal for "high-rise" buildings, the tower has been leaning like this ever since it was built. To learn more about the real Frisian culture, visit the Fries Museum, where you will learn everything about the famous eleven cities and the rest of the province. If you are ready for a drink after a day in the city, visit the Beerenburger Museum. In the museum, the traditional herb bitter of the province is made, so you can see the process, followed by a delicious tasting!

Leeuwarden motorhome
- The Oldehove almost reminds you of the tower of Pisa!

The coast

Of course, we all know the Wadden Sea from mudflats. This is definitely a must during your journey by motorhome to the Frisian coast! In addition, a little off the coast you will find the so-called casemates. This is a military building that is used for defence. The casemates you will find here were successfully used during the Blitzkrieg in 1940, when Hitler made quick and unexpected attacks on the European countries in order to quickly gain a lot of land. At the museum, you'll learn all about these casemates and, of course, how such a small number of Dutch soldiers (225) were able to take on more than 17,000 German soldiers and, surprisingly, hold them off. Along the coast, you can also eat plenty of Frisian delicacies. For example, visit several farmers' shops, as the soil here is very fertile for agriculture! Also the restaurants in this coastal region often cook with local ingredients. And don't forget to eat some oysters that come from the mud flats!  

Staying overnight with your motorhome in Friesland: the ultimate tips!

By the water

Camperstop Zwarte Haan | Sint Jacobiparochie

Gemeentehaven Makkum | Makkum

Marina Stavoren Buitenhaven | Stavoren

At the farm

Rêstflecht | Oudega

Camperstop Landgoed Hizzard | Lollum 

De Grienterij | Niawier

Port accommodation Friesland
- Spend the night in Friesland with your motorhome at one of the many harbours!


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