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6x free motorhome stopovers in Spain!

Surfing for beginners, hiking or cycling along the beach or paying a visit to a national park, everything is possible in the north of Spain! A trip to the north brings you to a unique and green part of Spain where you can take a breather and leave behind the touristic parts of this beautiful country. To complete your trip, we composed a list with 6 free motorhome stopovers in this beautiful region for you!

Área Rural de Listorreta-Barrengoloia, Rentería

The free motorhome stopover Área Rural de Listorretta-Barrengoloia is the ideal place to discover the seaside-town of San Sebastián. Here, you can relax at the enormous beach, which is called Playa de la Concha. You'll find loads of different artworks on the boulevard, so... rent a bike and discover how artsy San Sebastián is! Done with your biking tour? There are thousands of small bars, Michelin-star restaurants and charming terraces here where you can enjoy a nice view over the beach. A real tip for your visit to San Sebastián: go surfing at Playa de La Concha, there are loads of surfing schools here!

Playa de la Concha

- Relax along the enormous beach: Playa de la Concha.

Polideportivo de Urko, Sopela

Fresh green nature, amazing sigts and rich culture everywhere you look, that is Bilbao. Take a hike along the Nervión river to discover both the beautiful city and the Basque country. Do you like street art, fun neighbourhoods and charming squares? Then you should definitely rent a bike and go on a guided cycling tour, where you'll be shown the most beautiful sights of the city. Take a look at the Guggenheim Museum, where you can admire the work of big artists such as Picasso and Salvador Dalí! Fancy something to eat, but is it still too early for dinner? Try authentic pintxos in El Globo. Pintxos conists of a small piece of bread with various delicious toppings! After having discovered the culture of this impressive city, you can stay with your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Polideportivo de Urko in Sopela.

Guggenheim Museum

- At the Guggenheim Museum you can admire the work of grand artists such as Picasso and Dalí.

Área de Las Llama, Santander

Out for a brisk walk? In Santander you can easily walk from the old town onto the quay and promenade! Along the seaside, you'll find cruise ships, a harbour and several small beaches. The definite highlight of this place is the peninsula ''La Magdalena'', which is known for it's fantastic location that allows you to take a walk through a public park with a small zoo! Would you rather admire the more luxury part of Santander? Then you should go discover the ''El Sardinero'' neighbourhood, with it's stylish and chique houses, casino's, hotels and beach pubs. After having vistited all these places, you can stay the night with your motorhome at free motorhome stopover Área de Las Llama.

La Magdalena

- Visit La Magdalena and take a walk through the public park!

Área de Logroño, Logroño

Park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Área de Logroño to discover Logroño, also known as the wine capital of La Rioja. Here, you'll find many quality wineries and bodegas to quench your thirst. Take a look at the old centre of Logroño and take a walk through Calle de Laurel, where you'll find the best tapas bars, restaurants and wineries of the city! You should also definitely have a look at the Paseo del Espolón, where you'll see 19th-century gardens with fountains and statues, one of which is a statue of general Espartero.

Monument general Espartero

- The famous monument of general Espartero.

Agurain, Agurain

Vitoria-Gasteiz is knowon for its medieval streets and squares. Significant as well, though, are the many balconies with glass, which you'll mostly see in the historical part of the city. Furthermore, the city has many nice shops. From the heart of the city, Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, runs a car-free shopping street. From here, you should definitely visit the Florida park as well, which is only a small walk away. Here, you'll find a extraordinary cathedral. In a quiet spot, away from the city, you will find a free motorhome site which is called Agurain, where you can go in the evening to spend the night with your motorhome!

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca

- The heart of the town, Plaza de la Virgen Blanca!

Berriozar, Pamplona

The modern and authentic Spanish city with a rough edge, that's Pamplona! This city is characterized by its tasteful historical centre with it's wonky streets, colourful squares and gorgeous historical buildings. Plaza del Castillo is an example of such a square. This square is also seen as the beating heart of Pamplona! Obviously, we cannot forget about the well-known bull fights. Take a tour through the arena, Plaza de los Toros, and learn more about this tradition! At motorhome stopover Berriozar you can stay the night for free, and easily discover the city from the stopover.

Plaza del Castillo

- Pamplona is known for its colourful squares and gorgeous historical buildings!

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