5x free motorhome stopovers in the South of France!

5x free motorhome stopovers in the South of France

France has so many beautiful spots that you should definitely visit once in your life! The country is super versatile and has something for everyone. Strut down the boulevard along the French coast or soar down the snowy hills in winter. To make your motorhome trip even more enjoyable, you could spend the night for free at a free motorhome stopover. In this article, you'll find 5 free motorhome stopovers in Southern France. Bon voyage!


Do you love wine, and are you planning to taste France's best wine during your trip? Park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Castelnau-de-Montmiral, because this motorhome stopover lies in one of the oldest wine areas of France. Visit the central square, which is surrounded by half-timbered houses and is a real stunner if we're talking about medieval villages. Rise to in France heights and wander through the streets where you can admire all the beautiful buildings. Are you curious for the amazing view from the village? Castelnau-de-Montmiral is located on top of a rock, so you have magnificent views over wineries from the top!


- Admire the beautiful half-timbered houses!

Caveau du Château Maucoil

Spend the night with your motorhome at free motorhome stopover Caveau du Château Maucoil, in Orange. A city with a rich history that dates to Roman times, which you can still see in the city to this day. Let yourself be impressed when you walk into the ancient Roman theatre! Le Théâtre Antique is definitely worth a visit, so you can see the 103 metre long and 36-metre-high wall. Also take some time out of your day to visit Avignon, a city that lies at 30 minutes driving distance from Orange. Here, you'll find many amazing sights, fun restaurants, and little cafés where you can have a small bite or drink!

Caveau du Château Maucoil

- Spend the night in this rich historical city!

Vignoble Les Alletières, La Brée-les-Bains

Do you like the beach, and do you want to want to wind down at the seaside? Park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Vignoble Les Alletières and you will be at the beach in no time. This coastline is relatively unknown, but this is the perfect place to enjoy the water. During the sweltering summer days, you can take a refreshing dive in the sea, or take part in various water sports while you enjoy the amazing surroundings. Because, to make it all even better, the surroundings here are green and beautiful! The beach is accessible, so it's a good place to head out to with your (grand)children. In July and August, the kids can join one of the many games that are hosted, or they can spend their energy in the playground!

La Brée-les-Bains

- From the motorhome stopover you'll be on the beach in no time!

Marciac, Marciac

Park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Marciac, a little village in the small valleys of the Gers. The central city square with the municipality is the most important sight over here. However, one thing makes Marciac more special than other French cities, that thing being jazz music. Here, the biggest artists of the world convene to give free concerts on the central square. You'll find improvised jazz shows on every corner of the street. This is an authentic experience for your visit to Marciac! This lively festival will be a wonderful experience for everyone, and you can find all this in the period of July to August. Are you coming to this destination outside of this period? No worries! This city is a great destination at any time of year. With a cosy market, the local Armagnac-wineries, and the amazing restaurants you can ultimately enjoy your vacation in Marciac!


- Jazz distinguishes Marciac from all the other French cities!

La Flotte, La Flotte

A village surrounded by an atmospheric harbour with its stunning white houses, also known as the most stunning village of the peninsula Ile de Ré. The unique character of the village is evident, which makes it an amazing place for many tourists. This village used to be a fisherman's village, where there was always fish, wine and salt sold. Besides the beautiful harbour there's another special sight close by; the ruins of the Cisterciens monastery. This abbey was founded in the 12th century and has since been destroyed twice and rebuilt both times. But after the War of Religions, unfortunately nothing remains of it, and a few side walls now stand. This gives a special impression in the flat landscape of La Flotte. You can park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover La Flotte.

La flotte

- Stroll along La Flotte's beautiful port!

Planning to travel a bit further north through France anyway? Then be sure to read the article '4x free motorhome stopovers in northern France!'.

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