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4 x free motorhome stopovers in the Spanish region of Murcia!

What could be better than spending one or two nights for free at a motorhome stopover during your motorhome trip? Especially for you, we have therefore listed a few free motorhome stopovers again. This time in the Murcia region of Spain. Enjoy the sun and nice temperatures here, even in winter! This region has a lot to offer, from beautiful beaches to beautiful national parks and of course, not to forget the Spanish cuisine. Read on and find out where in Murcia you can stay for free with your motorhome.


Mula is a charming town where a lot of history can be found. In the old part of Mula, for example, there is the royal monastery of La Encarnación, which dates to the 16th century. There is also a craft market every second Sunday of the month. Here, artisans from the region gather to sell their products such as food items to wooden objects. The artisans give live demonstrations, and you can try the regional products and take part in activities. What should not be missing from your trip to Mula is the hidden nature reserve Fuente Caputa which is a few kilometres away from the city. Here you can hike beautifully and when you follow the path, your hike ends at a large reservoir; Pantano de la Cierva. A breathtaking view is guaranteed. 

You can spend the night for free at the motorhome stopover just outside the city. It's about a 500-metre walk from the motorhome stopover to the city centre. At the motorhome stopover you can empty and fill your motorhome, and this can also be done for free.

Mula motorhome Spain

- From the free motorhome stopover, you can easily reach the charming town of Mula!


The town of Archena is best known for the Balnerio de Archena, a natural thermal complex located in the Valle de Ricote Natural Park. The water of Balnerio de Archena is mineral-medicinal and offers a wealth of properties which is unique in Spain. Archena's mineral-medicinal waters have an underground time of 15,000 years, dating back to Roman times! Many therapists therefore recommend this spa in a treatment regime for rheumatism, anxiety, and stress, for example. There are numerous treatments that this spa offers, complete relaxation during your motorhome trip is certainly guaranteed here! 

You can also hike beautifully in the Valle de Ricote natural park. This valley was the last Moorish entrenchment in Spanish Levante. This area is a beautiful green oasis through which the river Segura runs. This large area still has many Moorish influences even in the irrigation systems in the fruit and citrus orchards. In the town of Archena located at the bottom of the valley, you can also enjoy delicious traditional dishes with many Moorish influences. The basis of this gastronomy is vegetables with fruit, which can be found in abundance in the area. 

At the municipal motorhome stopover in Archena just outside the city, you can stay for free with your motorhome. Here you can park your motorhome in beautiful surroundings which are located next to the river Segura! In addition, you have a beautiful view of the neighbouring cliffs. You will find facilities to load and unload your water at this motorhome stopover.

Archena motorhome Spain

- Enjoy the surroundings and peace and quiet at the free motorhome stopover in Archena.


Murcia, capital of the region of the same name, has a lot to offer the motorhome enthusiast. The capital also has a very rich history, having been founded as early as 831 in its privileged location in the middle of the river Segura valley. Remnants of the city wall can still be found in several places in the city and give a good idea that the city acquired under Arab rule. Especially in the 18th century, the city also started to expand beyond the city walls, during which time numerous churches were built in Baroque architecture. Murcia's cathedral is one of the most important buildings in the city, which was built about 600 years ago. A visit to this cathedral is therefore worthwhile when travelling to Murcia. The cathedral has now been converted into a museum where you can admire various works of art and the architecture of the building. The bell tower can also be climbed and gives you the most impressive view of the city. 

Besides the great history Murcia offers you, the city also has many nice terraces where you can settle down. The terrace is the ideal place to soak up the Murcian atmosphere. Relax in the sun while enjoying regional beers and tapas!

After a wonderful day in Murcia, you can stay for free at parking Thader which is located near a shopping centre about 6km away from the city centre. By public transport you can easily travel to the city centre and enjoy a day out in Murcia.

Murcia motorhome Spain

- From the motorhome stopover you can get to the centre of Murcia in no time by public transport!

San Javier

Located on the coast, San Javier is a coastal town built and dedicated to the apostle San Francisco Javier. The town lies on the Mar Menor a lagoon separated from the Mediterranean Sea, with beautiful beaches bordering it. When you visit the Mar Menor you may sometimes be surprised by what can be seen in the sky. This is because the base of the art demonstration team Patrulla Águila is based in San Javier. With a team of seven aircraft, they make the most beautiful stunt flights and regularly practise over the Mar Menor coast. A true work of art to see when lying on the beach! 

Have you now become curious about aviation in the region? Then feel free to visit the local history museum. Here you will find all kinds of objects from, for example, the agricultural and fishing tradition, as well as family and cultural aspects of the region and, of course, the development in aviation.

San Javier has one of the best jazz festivals in Spain, which takes place every year in July. Several concerts take place throughout the month where big names in jazz music perform. There is even an outdoor stage just a few minutes away from the sea! A wonderful way to enjoy your summer evenings when visiting this region! 

In the centre of San Javier, you will find the Almansa Park, which is the largest park in the municipality with many green areas and water fountains. The park is also home to the municipal library and the municipal auditorium. A walk through the park is therefore definitely worthwhile. From May to September, there is even a lot of music and theatre programme in the auditorium, which is a large open-air theatre during that period. 

With your motorhome, you can spend the night at a spacious motorhome stopover near a shopping centre. There is no service here, but this is a good base to enjoy the San Javier area and stay for free!

San Javier motorhome Spain

- The free motorhome stopover in San Javier is a good base to explore San Javier! 

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