Germany free motorhome stopovers

15x free motorhome stopovers in Germany

Would you like to spend the night at free camper van sites during your camper van trip in Germany? These fifteen free camper van sites are beautifully situated: in the middle of a green area for hiking, at the vineyard or overlooking a wildly flowing river. So you can discover the most beautiful places in Germany for free!

Motorhome stopover Alken | Alken

In the old wine town of Alken, you can spend the night at the free camper van site. Various bicycle routes with which you can discover the beautiful Moselle Valley pass the camper village. For example, you can cycle along the Moselle, which flows past the camper van site. In Alken, you can admire, among other things, the Thurant Castle on top of the mountain. The fact that the castle was built on Roman foundations makes it one of the oldest castles on the Moselle. Of course, there are also several vineyards where you can taste the most delicious - especially white - wines.
Germany free motorhome stopovers
- Spend the night free of charge with your motorhome in the historic wine town of Alken.

Wanderparkplatz Faurenhau | Aspach

In Aspach, you will find the free camper site Wanderparkplatz Faurenhau. From this camper village, you can take a pleasant walk through the nearby Hardtwald. If you are travelling with children, we recommend the Hardy path, which is 1.5 km long. On this path, children playfully get to know the inhabitants of the forest. At the camper place is a restaurant where you can relax after your walk.

Motorhome stopover Backnang | Backnang

From the free motorhome stopover in Backnang, you can go for lovely walks and bicycle rides. Walk or cycle, for example, along the River Murr, which flows past the camper village, or into the nearby forest. The routes pass by the camper village. Furthermore, you can fill up and empty water and clean the chemical toilet at the campsite.

Motorhome stopover Bad Camberg | Bad Camberg

In Bad Camberg, you will spend the night at a free camper van site just a stone's throw from the town centre. In the town centre, you can admire several beautiful half-timbered houses and enjoy a meal or a drink in one of the restaurants. Do you want to be active, you can walk and cycle in the surroundings of the city. On the camper place is power available and you can clean the chemical toilet and water tank and discharge.

Saarow-Therme | Bad Saarow

In Bad Saarow you can completely relax at the SaarowTherme. You can get here in no time at all from the free camper van site. In addition, you can take a refreshing dip in the nearby Scharmützelsee or take a walk with a view of the passing boats. The woody surroundings of Bad Saarow are also good for a brisk walk.

Motorhome stopover Bad Teinach | Bad Teinach

Bad Teinach lies on the edge of the Black Forest and is therefore a true paradise for hikers. Numerous walks pass the free camper van site. With 160 walks through the Bad Teinach - Zavelstein region, you have plenty of choice! The nearby ruins of the impressive monastery of Hirsau are also recommended for a walk. There is also a monastery museum here.

Discover more beautiful places in the Black Forest, including the historic Freibrug - also known as the capital of the Black Forest - and Titisee, where you can swim in the eponymous Titisee lake and go hiking!

Motorhome stopover Deudesfeld | Deudesfeld

The town of Deudesfeld belongs to the German Vulkaneifel. The surroundings are especially good for hiking. Along the free camper place there are several beautiful walks, among them the Meerfelder Pfad. The route takes you to the Meerfelder Maar, which was created by a volcanic explosion around 80.000 years ago. In the summer months, you can also dive into the lake at some locations to cool off. If you prefer to go by bike, the area is also good for that. Be prepared for a number of steep climbs! On the camper place there is electricity available and you have the possibility to clean the chemical toilet and to fill up and discharge water.

Are you looking for a beautiful camper route through the German countryside? Then the Alpine route is highly recommended! This 450 km long route takes you to the most beautiful places in the German Alps.

Reisemobilstellplatz Hausdulmen | Dülmen

The surroundings of the free Reisemobilstellplatz Hausdulmen are perfect for a nice bike ride - there is an extensive cycle route network - and a walk. For example, head towards the Wildpferdebahn Dülmen, a beautiful spot in nature where you can still admire a wild herd of horses! It is also the perfect location for a picnic with a view of the herd. The herd is the only one in Europe still living in the wild. In the summer months, you can also go swimming in the area, for example at the nearby Silbersee II.
Germany free motorhome stopovers
- Hiking and cycling enthusiast? Then you are at the right place at the free motorhome site in Dülmen!

Motorhome stopover Am Westpark | Werdohl

In Werdohl, you will spend the night at the free camper site Am Westpark with a view of the River Lenne. This means that you can also spend a nice day fishing here! You can also go for a nice walk or bicycle tour through the green surroundings of the Sauerland. On the camper site you can fill up and empty water, clean the chemical toilet and use the electricity.

Reichenbergschule | Reichelsheim

From the free camper van site at the Reichenbergschule you can discover the surroundings perfectly on foot or by bike. Visit for example Schloss Reichenberg. At this 12th century castle you can recover from your walk or bike ride at the accompanying café. The camper van site has various facilities, including toilets, electricity and the possibility of filling and emptying water.

During your motorhome tour of Germany, you can also admire these 6 sights: from the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle to the Hanseatic city of Bremen.

Felsengarten Kellerei Besigheim e.G. | Hessigheim

In Hessigheim, you can stay for free with the farmer at Felsengarten Kellerei Besigheim e.G. Here, of course, you can buy the most delicious wines. You can also take part in a wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard. You can also book several tours in which you combine the wine tasting with a nice dinner in nearby Besigheim. The surroundings are also perfect for a walk or a bike ride. On the camper place is power available and you can fill up with water.
Germany free motorhome stopovers
- In Hessigheim you can spend the night with your camper van at the winegrower's for free. 

Wohnmobilstellplatz am Parkplatz | Altötting

Towards the Austrian border, you can spend the night for free at Wohnmobilstellplatz am Parkplatz. The chapel of Altötting is one of the oldest in Germany. Because of the wooden statue of the Scharze Madonna, it is a popular place of pilgrimage. In the vicinity are several forests where you can go for a nice walk. The camper site has various facilities, including toilets and electricity.

Am Yachthafen | Miltenberg

In Miltenberg, you can stay the night for free at the marina. You will have a wonderful view of the river Main and the spectacle of boats passing by! The half-timbered town of Miltenberg has plenty to offer: you can admire the many half-timbered houses on a stroll and admire modern art in Miltenberg Castle. Cycle routes pass by the motor home site, so you can cycle along the river Main.

Wohnmobilstellplatz am Fischofpark | Tirschenreuth

From the free camper site Wohnmobilstellplatz am Fischofpark in Tirschenreuth, you have a view of the Netzbach river. In Tirschenreuth you can visit the MuseumsQuartier where you can learn everything about all kinds of topics: from the history of the city to the originator of the Bavarian linguistics Johann Andreas Schmeller. He was born here.
Germany free camper van sites
- The free motorhome stopover in Tirschenreuth is located by the Netzbach stream. 

P7 | Sangerhausen

Sangerhausen used to be a large industrial town known for copper and silver mining. In the mining museum, you can learn everything about the mines and admire part of the old mines. The Europarosarium has the largest collection of roses in the world. Here you can admire the most beautiful specimens. In the centre of Sangerhausen, there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal.
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