Free camperstops in the Netherlands

Do you like to spend the night at free camperstops during your motorhome journey in the Netherlands? These free camperstops are ideal for exploring the surroundings. There is plenty to do in the vicinity of the camperstops. Take a nice walk or bicycle ride, visit a nearby castle or rent a boat: the possibilities are endless. The camperstops are selected by province. This way you can easily find your next free camperstop in the Netherlands. Click on the name of the camperstop to see what you can expect!

Free camperstops Friesland

VV Drachten, Drachten
Around Drachten you can make lovely walks and bike rides. You can also rent a boat in the National Park the Alde Feanen to go on the water. The free camperstop is next to the football field of VV Drachten.

Camperstop Langweer, Langweer
The free camperstop in Langweer is situated at the Langwarder Wielen. In Langweer, you can rent a boat to go on the water. By boat, you will pass the most beautiful villages in Friesland. These are all located along the Frisian Lakes. Of course you can also take a refreshing dive in the water or discover the area easily on foot or by bike.

Are you making a motorhome journey through Friesland? National Park De Alde Feanen is highly recommended, among other things. You can read all about this attraction and the rest of Friesland's highlights here.

free camperstop The Netherlands
- From the free camperstop in Langweert, you can hire a boat to go on the nearby waters. 

Free camperstops South Holland

De Vosse, Hillegom
Hillegom is situated in the middle of the bulb fields. In this colourful area you can take lovely walks and cycle tours. Of course, a visit to the Keukenhof cannot be missed in this area. You will find this attraction just a stone's throw away from the free camperstop. On foot or by bicycle, you are here within no time.

Camperstop Dordrecht, Dordrecht
Camperstop Dordrecht is the ideal base for discovering the city of the same name. During the so-called 'Rondje Dordt' that you find online, you visit the most beautiful spots of the city, including the harbours and various locations from the history. The camperstop is at walking distance from the centre.

Free camperstops Utrecht

Restaurant 3 Sisters, Rhenen
You may know Rhenen from the Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen. This zoo is worth a visit for young and old! After a visit you stay for free on the camperstop at Restaurant 3 Zussen. Consuming a meal is not obligatory, but is appreciated.

H2O Recreation centre, Harmelen
At camperstop H2O Recreation centre in Harmelen you spend the night at the swimming pool. Castle de Haar is a stone's throw away. During a visit you can admire this beautiful medieval building. You can visit it on foot or by bike.

Free camperstops Zealand

P Watertoren, Axel

The free camperstop in Axel is situated in green surroundings at the water. Here, you can have a nice day out to go fishing. In addition, you discover the surrounding nature via the walking and cycling routes that come along the camperstop.

Camperstop Hansweert, Hansweert

From the free camperstop in Hansweert you have a beautiful view of the Westerschelde. Various walking and cycling routes lie on the spot from where you discover the beautiful Zeeland landscape.

A beautiful coastline, historical locations and cosy cities: Zeeland has it all. These are the highlights of the province.

free camperstops Netherlands
- The free camperstop in Hansweert offers a beautiful view of the Westerschelde!

Free camperstop Overijssel

Camperstop Genemuiden, Genemuiden
Near the camperstop in Genemuiden you can enjoy a day of fishing in the water of the Vecht. If you want to learn everything about Genemuiden and life in the past, you can do so at the Historical Centre Genemuiden. In the National Park Weerribben-Wieden, you can rent a boat to spend a nice day on the water.

Free camperstop Flevoland

P Houtribhoek, Lelystad
In Lelystad, you will spend the night just a stone's throw away from Houtribhoek beach. Here you can spend a nice day in or near the water. In addition, you can fish in the area. You are also in the centre of Lelystad in no time. Here, you can visit the outlet Batavia Stad or the historical museum Batavialand.

Free camperstops Gelderland

Camperstop Duiven, Duiven
Duiven is situated close to the centre of Arnhem. You can discover the centre on a city walk. Or visit the Veluwe for a nice walk or bike ride. The Dutch Open Air Museum is also nearby. Here you get a glimpse of Dutch history.

Slot Loevestein, Poederoijen
At the free camperstop Slot Loevestein, you have plenty of recreation possibilities. Of course, the Slot Loevestein that you can visit on foot, but along the camperstop are also various walks and bicycle tours. With the ferry you reach several villages on the other side of the river Waal.
free camperstop Netherlands
- In Poederoijen, you will spend the night just a stone's throw away from Slot Loevestein. 

Free camperstop Drenthe

Motorhome park Emmen, Emmen
Just visited Emmen Zoo or are you planning to do so? From the free camperstop in Emmen you are here in no time! Do you want to discover the surroundings, then you can go on foot or by bike along the various dolmens.

Free camperstops Groningen

Camperstop Appingedam, Appingedam
There is plenty to see in Appingedam and in the surroundings of the free camperstop. You will find the hanging kitchens here. Due to a lack of space, these kitchens were built above the water. In the Museum Stad Appingedam, you will learn everything about the history of the city. You can also go fishing in the Damsterdiep and there are walking and cycling routes in the area.

't Kompas, Lutjegast
In Lutjegast you will find the Abel Tasman museum. Here you can learn everything about the life of this famous explorer. The museum is located here because Lutjegast was his birthplace. In the vicinity of the camperstop, you can also take lovely walks and cycle rides.

Free camperstops North-Holland

Recreatieterrein, Huizen
In Huizen you can spend the night at the free camperstop at a stone's throw from the Gooimeer. You hire a boat at Bootverhuur Huizen to go on the Gooimeer. Here you can take a nice day out to go fishing. In addition, various walking and cycling routes pass by the camperstop.

De Simonehoeve, Katwoude
Cheese lovers beware: at camperstop De Simonehoeve you spend the night at the cheese farm. Here you get a free guided tour over the farm and you may even taste a piece of cheese. You can fish at the Markermeer a short distance away. The camperstop is also near Volendam, a nice day trip!

Free camperstops North-Brabant

Camperstop Gemert, Gemert

In Gemert, you can easily discover the Brabant landscape from the free camperstop. The walking and cycling routes start at the camperstop. In Gemert, you can also admire the castle of Gemert, which was built just before 1200.

Gemaal van Sasse/Kazematten, Grave

The camperstop in Grave lies at a special location, namely at the Gemaal van Sasse. Water flows through the pumping station from the Peel to the Maas. Here you will also find the Casemate museum Grave. Here, you get a glimpse of the Second World War. In Grave, you can also visit the Zuidwaterlinie visitors' centre, where you can learn everything about this defensive work.

Camperstop Bergen op Zoom, Bergen op Zoom

From the free camperstop in Bergen op Zoom you have a view of the water of the Binnenschelde. You can discover Bergen op Zoom during a pleasant city walk. It is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, which makes a walk definitely worthwhile.

free camperstops Netherlands
- The camperstop in Bergen op Zoom is situated at the water of the Binnenschelde. 

Free camperstops Limburg

Restaurant Boszicht, Maasbree
The camperstop at Restaurant Boszicht lies as the name already tells in a wooded area. Expect therefore a fine walk through the Limburg landscape! The camperstop is free, but a meal is appreciated.

The New Hateboer, Sittard
In Sittard, there are plenty of possibilities to amuse yourself. You can visit the Kasteelpark Born, a zoo in the gardens of the former castle. You can also take lovely walks and cycle tours in the green surroundings. Or visit the centre of Sittard for a great day of shopping.


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