France motorhome journey

Travelling to France with a motorhome - All you need to know

It's a foregone conclusion: your next motorhome trip will be to France! On the way, you will encounter the most beautiful landscapes, eat the most delicious French dishes and feast your eyes on the historical villages and cities. To prepare for your motorhome journey to France, below you'll find a selection of the highlights, important traffic rules, camperstops and camper guides. Bon voyage!

Highlights on a motorhome journey to France

Normandy & Brittany

Normandy and Brittany are among the most popular regions in France. This is not surprising with the beautiful landscapes and historical cities that you will find there. This motorhome route takes you to the most beautiful places in Normandy and Brittany.

In Giverny in Normandy, you will learn all about the French painter Monet. Afterwards, you continue to the forests of Lyons la Forêt for a pleasant walk. From here, travel to Rouen for the Gros Horloge, an immense watch you can admire from the street. Then tick the 'Venice of Normandy' and the chalk cliffs of Etretat off your French bucket list. Then head on to Brittany, passing the Côte de Granit Rose, Dinan, Rennes and Carnac.

The Pyrenees

In the French Pyrenees there are several locations worth exploring. For example, go to Cirque de Gavarnie, one of the most beautiful valleys in France, visit Saint-Lizier, which is called one of the most beautiful villages in France. Wherever you go in the French Pyrenees, there are plenty of places to go walking and cycling. So be sure to bring your hiking boots and bicycles on your next motorhome journey through France!

Wine regions

If you travel from A to B in your motorhome in France, you're bound to come across them: endless vines! Burgundy, Alsace and Bordeaux are among the most famous wine regions in the country. So it's time for a visit with your motorhome! Drive a wine route that takes you past the most beautiful vineyards and regularly tastes a good glass of wine or combine your visit with a city trip, for example to Auxerre or Dijon, from where you will be among the vineyards in no time!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the jewels of France

The UNESCO World Heritage List boasts numerous beautiful sights in France. Think for example of the old market town of Provins, the harbour town of Le Havre or the fortress town of Carcassonne where you can admire the enormous fortifications surrounding the city. They are all on the list for a good reason, so it's time to pay them a visit in your motorhome!

France motorhome
- In the French Pyrenees, you will find beautiful mountain lakes!

Camperstops in France

La Bidonnière, Ardevon

Spending the night just a stone's throw away from the famous landmark Le Mont Saint-Michel: a dream come true! You even have a view of this French gem from the camperstop. You can reach the sight on foot from the camperstop. The rest of the surroundings are also easy to discover via the cycling and walking routes.

Domaine du Haut des Blanches, La Bresse

At this camperstop you stay in the lovely green surroundings of the Parc naturel régional des Ballons des Vosges. In the summer, the area is perfect for a nice walk or bike ride and in the winter you can ski nearby on the snowy mountain tops!

Camping Porte des Vosges, Bulgnéville

The camperstop in Bulgnéville is perfect for a quiet motorhome journey. There are several walks and cycling tours that take you past the camperstop to discover the green surroundings, but you can also spend a nice day fishing nearby! The swimming pool is the place to be on a hot summer day.

L'aire de la mer, Sari-Solenzara

A fine camperstop in Corsica from where you have a view on the immense blue sea. From here, you can also take a refreshing dip in the water. Besides, you can easily discover the colourful Corsican nature.

You can find all other camperstops in France via the Camperstop-App or CamperstopAdvisor.

Special traffic rules during your motorhome journey in France

  • Large motorhomes with a maximum permitted mass exceeding 3500 kg must have a blind spot sticker affixed to the motorhome.
  • Previously it was compulsory to carry an alcohol test in the car. From May 2020 this will no longer be compulsory.
  • When driving on a narrow mountain road, ascending traffic has priority over descending traffic.
  • Along a toll road, repairing your own vehicle is prohibited.
France motorhome journey
- On a motorhome journey through France, you will encounter plenty of picturesque landscapes.

Guides for your motorhome journey in France

During your motorhome journey through France, the Camperstop-App and the Camperstop Europe 2020 motorhome guide are a real must. In the app you can easily search online and offline for camperstops in Europe. The guide contains 11,078 camperstops divided over 27 European countries. By means of handy symbols you can easily choose your next accommodation. 


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