Out of the ordinary motorhome journey Hawaii

Out of the ordinary: island hopping in Hawaii with your motorhome!

When you want to plan a motorhome trip, countries like Italy, France, Spain or one of the Scandinavian countries probably come to mind first. Though there are so many more amazing destinations! What about Hawaii? Yeah, you read that right: Hawaii! Last april, Eugenie and her partner Johan travelled to these amazing islands in the United States for a motorhome-journey that is truly out of the ordinary! Curious how they've experienced their trip? Keep on reading!

Suspense up untill the last minute

It was tense until the last minute whether Eugenie and Johan could even get on their plane to Hawaii, COVID-19 almost ruined everything. Thirteen days before departure, Eugenie caught the virus, only 12 days later she got her recovery certificate with which she could travel. In addition to this, they had to be very careful in order to keep Johan from catching the virus. Fortunately it all went well and they were both able to get on a plane to tropical Hawaii, where they travelled across three different islands in 19 days.

Eugenie and Johan

- Eugenie and her partner on the summit of the Haleakala volcano.

Starting off with a Jeep

Eugenie and Johan started off on the island of Waikiki, where they explored the island with a Jeep. After having seen everything, they continued to Big Island. Though they have not travelled this island by motorhome, Eugenie would still recommend visiting. ''You'll find all the volcanos on this island, which makes for a spectacular view. In addition, you can also swim with manta rays here! Fun fact: Johan got his diver certification especially for this! It was an experience that he definitely did not want to miss out on!'' After Big Island, Eugenie and Johan take the plane to Maui, where their motorhome is waiting for them.

Jeep Hawaii

- The first few days on Hawaii: travelling with a Jeep.

With a motorhome through Maui

To keep their trip as cheap as possible, the couple rented a motorhome on Maui. ''Accomodation can quickly cost up to 250 euros a night. Since we had some experience with motorhomes - we have our own motorhome in the Netherlands, and I've travelled across Australia with a motorhome - we decided to rent one in Hawaii. The red motorhome had everything they needed: a bed, a small kitchenette, and they could easily get around the island now! They showered at the various showers that were available at beaches!

Camper Maui

- Travelling with a motorhome through Maui sounds like a dream, right?

Not many motorhome stopovers

There aren't a lot of motorhome stopovers on Maui, so if you want to find a spot you have to be early! Eugenie and Johan booked in advance at a motorhome stopover in Wai'anapanapa State Park. There are some free motorhome stopovers on Maui, though. ''You'll often find the same people here, there aren't that many on the island. You don't have a lot of contact with them though, you're out all day with activities. You won't go out and have a chat after such a full day, you'll go to bed.'' Often, Eugenie and Johan got up at 5 or 6. ''This way, we'll have the island for ourselves!''

Motorhome stopover Maui

- Enough space to park your motorhome in Maui!

Eugenie and Johan's route

As soon as the couple picked up their motorhome, they went to Kahului, after which they continued to Olowalu. Here they parked their motorhome to stay overnight. The following day, they travelled to Lahaina, an old fisherman's village where they went on a boat to see whales and dolphins. According to Eugenie, this is one of the must-do's on the island! The boat crew recommended that they went snorkelling at Mala Boat Ramp, an old collapsed pier. They stayed one more night at Olowalu. The next day they went to Kula. The couple left at 3 AM, because they wanted to see the sunrise from the Haleakala volcano. They spend the rest of the day at the volcano.

The next morning, the couple drove to Hana, a small road that runs through the jungle, aside the ocean. Once they arrived in Hana they went to Red Sand Beach. They continued to Wai'anapanapa State Park. A gorgeous place that they shared solely with other motorhome travellers after 6 PM, so peaceful! In Wai'anapanapa State Park, they swam in the ocean, climbed mountains and enjoyed all the freedom that Maui has to offer. After two nights they went to the popular surf-spot Paia, and the village of Kihei. Here, they found a foodtruck, which Eugenie definitely recommends!

They continue their trip to Wailea, where they have the ability to relax on the beach. After this, they accidentally stumble upon Makena Beach, where they can park their motorhome. ''This felt like true motorhome-life. We maked pancakes while the turtles were at our feet. What a special moment.'' It was a night not to forget!


Sunset at the Haleakala volcano

- The gorgeous sunrise was definitely worth getting out of bed for!

Useful tips for your trip to Hawaii!

Are you already convinced to take the plane to Hawaii? Eugenie has a couple more useful tips for you! It is quite expensive to travel to Hawaii. ''We had ticketalert notifications on. When a good deal suddenly came by, we instantly booked it'' says Eugenie. Scouring Youtube and travelblogs is always a good idea: ''This allows you to get a gist of the highlights on the islands, but also shows you some nice hidden gems!''

Ioa Stave Valley Park

- The green national parks of Hawaii are very impressive!

Hawaii is just one of the many gorgeous motorhome-destinations in the world! Not done getting inspired? Take a look on our blog for more articles on inspiring and amazing motorhome-journeys!



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