Route 66 portugal EN2

Roadtrip EN2: The Portugese Route 66!

You are probably familiar with North America's Route 66, but did you know that you can also make long roadtrips in Europe! The 739 kilometre long EN2 takes you from the North to the South of Portugal. This route, which runs from Chaves to Faro, is the living representation of Portugese's habits and traditions. Discover authentic and rural Portugal with this gorgeous motorhome route!

What you need to know

In this motorhome route, we sometimes make a small trip off the EN2, but the bulk of the route is driven on this beautiful rural road. To enjoy the journey to the fullest, we advise you to take 7 to 10 days for the entire route. This allows you to see all the stunning sights along the way.

Since this route runs through the countryside of Portugal, we advise you to either travel in spring or autumn, since the temperature is the most amicable this time of year. Besides, it is good to know that the maximum speed on Portugese EN-roads is 90 km/h.

Special: an EN2-passport

We definitely advise you to pick up the special EN2-passport at the tourist centre of Chaves. During your trip, you can stamp all the locations in your passport, and besides, the yellow booklet has handy tips for the road!

Chaves portugal

- You can pick up your EN2-passport in Chaves!

Day 1: Chaves - Vila Real (70km)

Our route starts off in the north of Portugal, in Chaves. This historical town lies on the Rio Tâmega river, close to the Spanish border. This town is the starting point of the EN2 route. In Chaves, you'll find stunning roman architecture and you can try the most delicious Pastéis de Chaves!

We drive south from Chaves, towards Vila Real. We make a few small pit-stops along the way. Our first stop is Vidago, which is known for its thermal springs. Our second stop is Pedras Salgadas, where - once again - you'll find amazing thermal springs. Take a look at the stunning Pedras Salgadas Thermal Park.

A little while from Pedras Salgadas lies Vila Pouca de Aguiar, where you'll find stunning mountainous views. Besides this, there are a lot of Roman remaints and ruins. Our day ends in Vila Real, one of the oldest towns of the Trás-o-Montes region. Definitely have a look at Mateus Palace, a breathtakingly beautiful estate, and one of the highlights of Baroque architecture in Portugal. You can park your motorhome at Camping Vila Real.

motorhome stopover

- Park your motorhome at Camping Vila Real, close to all the sights!

Day 2: Vila Real - Viseu (107 km)

On the second day of our trip we encounter many gorgeous historical destinations. From Vila Real we drive a short while to Lamego. This is the cultural capital of the region! The city prides itself on its baroque and rococo architecture, which you'll find on every streetcorner. You can also taste some delicious Portugese wines around here!

Our trip continues to Castro Daire, where you'll find some of the most gorgeous riverbeaches of Portugal. After this, we continue to the final destination of the day: Viseu. This charming culture has a rich culture and gastronomy. Try the traditional Rancho à Moda di Viseu, made with different kinds of meats, cabbage, pasta, potatoes and chickpeas. Have a nice meal!

Stay with your motorhome at Viseu, a free motorhome stopover from where you'll reach the centre of the town in no time.

viseu portugal

- The charming city Viseu has stunning architecture

Day 3: Viseu - Coimbra (129 km)

On day 3, we exit the EN2 for a little while, to visit the university city Coimbra! Here, you'll find the oldest university of Portugal, which gave this city a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Besides this impressive university, you'll also find many cathedrals, squares and fun!

Absolutely do not forget to visit Serra de Atalhade on the way. Here are many stunning windmills with a spectacular backdrop.

To stay the night in Coimbra, you can best park your camper at Parque do Choupalinho. This motorhome stopover is located right besides the river, which makes for a very relaxing stay. 

coimbra university

- You should definitely visit the university once you're in Coimbra!

Day 4: Coimbra - Montargil (174 km)

From Coimbra, we drive quite a bit on the A13, which brings us to Tomar. This city is also known as the city of the Knights Templar. Take time here to see the Convento de Cristo monastery. After visiting the monastery, take a walk through the Mata dos Sete Montes forest, located adjacent to the monastery. A walk through this forest will eventually lead you to the historic centre of this beautiful city!

After visiting Tomar, we return to the EN2. We are now also driving into the Alentejo region. This region has vast fields, olive trees and beautiful rural views. This is also where we finally find this day's final destination: Montargil. This place is known for its vast reservoir, with clear blue waters. So this is the perfect place to take a refreshing dip and rest out from the past few days! Spend the night at Orbitur Montargil, right next to the reservoir.

en2 route

- On your trip on the EN2 you'll come across the most gorgeous views!

Day 5:Montargi - Montemor-o-Novo (60 km)

In Montemor-o-Novo, you can enjoy the peace and quiet. Take a look at the Escoural caves and the Peneda Gerês beach. You can stay the night at Quinta da Plansel, a motorhome stopover at a vineyard. Definitely take a tour through the yards!

If you want to make a small trip from Montemor-o-Novo, then have a look in Évora. This is the most known city of the Alentejo region, and hosts a lot of historical buildings. You can easily navigate the city by foot, which makes it the ideal place for a short trip!

winery motorhome stopover

- Stay at a vineyard and try delicious Portugese wines!

Day 6: Montemor-o-Novo - Loulé (200 km)

On the second-to-last day of our motorhome trip we have quite a bit of driving to do. Fortunately, though, there is a lot to experience along the way! From Montemor-o-Novo we drive a little while towards the South, which leads us to Castro Verde. This town is definitely worth the pitstop. Here, you'll find the stunning Basílica Real de Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

After a short pitstop, we drive to Almodôvar, where you can see the authentic and gorgeous white houses of Portugal. This town also has some delicious food! Eat as much as you can and take a rest, to prepare yourself for the last part of the day.

The final destination of this day is Loulé, which is off the EN2 route, though. This town has a big market hall, where they host a market every Saturday. You will also find many good restaurants here, so do not worry about finding a place that is fit for dinner. You can stay the night at Lidl Loulé.

cities portugal

- Portugese cities are bursting with colourful architecture!

Day 7: Loulé - Faro (26 km)

From Loulé, it is only a short drive to the actual final destination of this trip. Though we make a small pitstop in Estoi. Here, you can have a look at the fancy Pousada Palácio Estói hotel.

The last stretch of the EN2 leads us to Faro, the capital of the Algarve region. Tourists often skip this destination, which is actually a shame! Faro is a charming city with picturesque streets and beautiful buildings. This city also has more than enough bars and restaurants. You can stay the night at Faro Campervan Park.

Look back on an amazing motorhome trip through Portugal while enjoying a glass of Portugese wine and a tasty pastry!

Faro portugal

- Discover Faro, a stunning city in the Algarve!

A trip along the EN2 in Portugal guarantees some fantastic memories! There are, however, many more fun destinations and motorhome stopovers to find along the way. Check all of these out, and more, in the completely renewed Camperstop-App, suitable for both iOS & Android. Are you in the need for more travel inspiration, then have a look at our blog!



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