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5x the Danish coast during your motorhome trip

Along the Danish coast you'll find extensive beaches for a nice day on the beach, beautiful nature for walking or cycling and bustling student city Aarhus. Whether you go for one of the destinations listed below or make a complete motorhome trip along the Danish coast, don't forget to enjoy it! These five Danish coastal destinations are indispensable on your motorhome journey through Denmark.


Did you know that Denmark also has Wadden Islands? The island of Rømø is one of them! Of the five Danish Wadden Islands, three are inhabited, and Rømø is the largest. The atmospheres are a bit reminiscent of those on the Dutch Wadden Island Texel. On Rømø you can enjoy walking and cycling. A well-known cycling route is the 31 kilometre long Panorama Route, where you can brave all the beautiful nature that the island has to offer. In the village of Lakolk there are several restaurants and shops. Here you will find ''Denmark's best ice cream parlour'': Café Fru Dax. Perfect for getting an ice cream here and then a nice walk along the beach - which is quite possible here, because it is a vast beach! The beach is also known as the widest sandy beach in Europe. After your walk on the beach, you can recover in Lakolk with typical Danish Smørrebrød, a slice of rye bread topped with all kinds of goodies. You will often see the most beautiful creations pass by here! The island is connected to the mainland by a dam, so you can easily get here by motorhome.

Stay overnight on Rømø at Rømø Family Camping, Autocamperplads Oasen Rømø or Kommandørgården Camping.

Denmark motorhome
- From Camping Kommandørgården you can sit on the beach in no time!


Aarhus is a real Danish student city. You are guaranteed to find cosy terraces here! Did you already like the Smørrebrød in Rømø? Then look forward to the Smørrebrød of Kähler Spisesalon, which has been declared the best in all of Denmark! There are plenty of museums in the city, including the open-air museum Den Gamle By, where you can get a glimpse into the history of Denmark, and a Viking museum where you can learn all about the Vikings, of course. If you are looking for the most beautiful place in Aarhus, then the street Møllestien is worth a visit. Here you will find several coloured houses with beautiful facades. The houses come from the eighteenth century, but the street is said to have already existed in Viking times! So here you can really imagine yourself in Danish history. A little outside Aarhus you will find The Infinite Bridge, which is literally infinite because it continues to run in one round. Of course you can get off again as soon as the bridge crosses land. The bridge is situated in a beautiful green area where you can walk or take a dive at the bridge!

Spend the night in Aarhus near the harbour at camper stop Marliseborg Havn.

Aarhus motorhome
- © Kim Wyon


In the south of Denmark you will find the island of Ærø. The island is mainly known for being a perfect place for cycling. There are up to 150 kilometres of cycle paths across the island where you can discover all the splendour of Danish nature, in the case of Ærø this consists of extensive dune landscapes. Fishing is also a popular activity on Ærø, as there seems to be a lot of good fish here! At the tourist office you can buy a day ticket to go fishing. If the weather is too bad to go for a walk on the beach or to splash around in the sea, Ærø also has plenty of museums to offer. Especially the Marstal Søfarts Museum is well known, because here you can learn all about the history of the local navy. Very appropriate for a coastal town! Ærø is easy to reach from the mainland of Denmark, as you can take a ferry from Fynshav and Rudkøbing to the island. Motorhomes are also allowed on the ferry.

Stay on Ærø at campsite Ærøskøbing, the harbour of Marstal or the harbour of Søby.

Æro motorhome
- © Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz


On the west coast lies the holiday village Sondervig. In 2014 the beach of Sondervig was voted the best beach in Denmark, and not without reason! Especially the beautiful dunes stand out at this beach, with the marram grass blowing in all directions. This is the perfect beach to spend a hot summer's day or to take a nice walk on the beach in spring or autumn. The island is also known to have a lot of farm shops, so it's great fun to drive along here with your campervan or motorhome to stock up on all kinds of delicacies for the road! In the town of Sondervig you will find more shops and several restaurants to relax after your walk along the beach.

Stay the night in Sondervig at Stellplatz Sondervig.

Sondervig motorhome
- © Mikkel Heriba


With its cosy, yellow cottages, Skagen is perhaps the cosiest village in Denmark. In the centre you will find many shops and terraces where you can also find the locals. But this is not the highlight: the sea is very special here! Skagen is Denmark's northernmost tip, and when you get to the point, you can see that the seas Skagerrak and Kattegat come together here. The fact that the waves from these seas both flow in a different direction makes this a very special sight! In the area there are several hiking trails leading to the northernmost point, most likely encountering bunkers that were part of the Atlantic Wall during the Second World War, which formed a 5,000 kilometre defence. In the centre of Skagen you'll also find the Kyst Museum, a kind of open air museum where you'll come across typical old fishermen's cottages, and the Bamsemuseum, a real teddy bear museum. Both museums are also fun to visit with children!

At Skagen you can spend the night at camper place Skagen, P-plads på Grenen i Skagen and Skagen Camping.

Skagen motorhome
- In Skagen you can walk to the northernmost tip of Denmark!


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