5x cycling from the motorhome stopover in France!

5x cycling from the motorhome stopover in France!

France is the perfect cycling destination for many! There are thousands of car-free cycling routes, or voies vertes, throughout the entire country. Real sports enthusiasts can venture into France on the various Euro Vélo routes, a network of long-distance routes spread throughout France. Also, you can go on a wonderful cycling holiday with your motorhome! In any case, there are a lot of possibilities in la douce France! In this article, we list five motorhome sites that are the perfect starting point for a cycling trip!

1. Cycling in the Camargue

In this wetland, which lies east from Montpellier, you'll find extensive beaches, pink lakes, cute villages and countless flamingo's! Reasons enough to make a cycling tour here! Cycling in the Camargue is fairly easy, as you will mostly cycle on flat paths. There are lots of different cycling routes in the area: you could for example tour the entire Étang de Vaccares in a day, or just explore the area at an easy pace by bike!

Pay attention: there aren't a lot of restaurants and catering facilities in the Camargue. So, be sure to bring enough food and drinks on the way! You can stay with your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Parking Charles de Gaulle, from here you'll be in the centre of this gorgeous nature reserve in less than an hour by bike!


- The Camargue is a stunning nature reserve that you definitely cannot miss if you love watching animals!

2. Tour de Abbeville in Picardy!

Picardy is a stunning region in the north of France, a little above Paris. The area used to be loved by the French nobility, and you can still see that in all the castles, abbeys and cathedrals! There are loads of different cycling routes to be found here, for cyclists of all levels.

You could for example cycle the Tour de Abbeville. This route is 40 kilometres long and takes you across various sights in this stunning part of France! You can stay with your motorhome at Aire de Repos du Halage. This motorhome stopover lies directly at the Tour de Abbeville, and is therefore the perfect starting point for a few nice days on the bike!


- In Picardy, you'll find numerous castles, abbeys and cathedrals: like the castle of Chantilly! © Atout France / Nathalie Baetens

3. At the gates of the Mont Ventoux

Cycling in the Provence! This region is loved by many for its lavender fields, gorgeous landscapes and cosy villages. The absolute highlight of this region is, of course, the Mont Ventoux. But no need to fret: we will not climb this mountain by bike, with an average gradient of 7.5%, we leave that to seasoned cyclists.

We do recommend you to cycle the Aux Portes du Ventoux. This cycling route of 23 kilomeres long starts in the gorgeous town of Bédoin, and takes you along the charming Flassan on the way. You can stay with your motorhome at Camping Car Park Mont Ventoux, this motorhome stopover lies in Bédoin, which allows you to directly start the cycling route from your motorhome!


- The Provence is known for its fragrant and colourful lavender fields!

4. Day tour through Giverny

Giverny is the home of the famous painter Claude Monet. This impressionist painter has lived in this quaint town for roughly 40 years, and painted several of the romantic landscapes of Giverny during his time there. Giverny lies along the La Seine à Vélo route, which runs from Paris all the way to Le Havre. However, Giverny also lends itself for a nice day tour by bike!

On the way, you'll come across various nice sights, such as Monet's house and gardens, but also the Musée des Impressionnismes. In any case, there is a lot to discover in this beautiful part of France! You can spend the night with your motorhome at Giverny, a free motorhome stopover located in the middle of the village!


- There is a lot to discover by bike in the romantic Giverny! © Atout France / Nathalie Baetens

5. La Dolce Via in the Ardèche

La Dolce Via has previously been voted France's Cycling Route of the Year, and rightly so! This route along ancient rail tracks encompasses many panoramic views over the stunning Ardèche. The route is 90 kilometres long, and starts and ends in Tain l'Hermitage. You will need approximately two days for the entire route, but that is totally worth it!

You can stay with your motorhome at Parking de l'Octroi, in Saint-Jean-des-Muzols. From here, you'll be at the starting point of the route in about 15 minutes by bike!


- Discover the stunning nature of the Ardèche by bike!

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