Culinary camping in Europe

On culinary motorhome trip through Europe!

Attention to all food-lovers: in this article we will take you on a culinary trip through Europe! The European food culture is varied and - very important - delicious! Discover the tradition of the Swedish fika, or get amazed by the culinary qualities of Montenegro. Have a nice meal!

Suprisingly culinary: Scandinavia

When you think of Scandinavia, you probably don't immediately think about delicious food. Though this part of Europe has a lot to offer for food-enthusiasts. Ingredients come straight from nature, which means that the meals are fresh and healthy. Besides all of this, there's plenty of fish to feed from! All the edible goods in nature inspired Visit Sweden to raise the iniative ''The Edible Country''. This iniative transformed Sweden into world's biggest restaurant! Scattered across the country you will find about 20 outdoor kitchens to prepare the most delicious meals on your own. Get out, explore, and cook in the midst of the most beautiful sights.

Want to immerse yourself in Swedish culture? Try out the Swedish fika, a coffee break filled to the brim with the most delicious baked goods. This is something you have to do on your trip through Scandinavia! Besides, the fika is the perfect moment to eat a real Kanelsnegl. In English, this delicacy is better known as the cinnamon roll. This Danish specialty is extra delicious when it comes right out of the oven.

Fancy getting your own food? It's possible! Scandinavia has lots of fantastic fishing spots. This makes for enough opportunities to throw out your rod besides your motorhome. For example, you could stay at Hydrokaien Parkering in Sund!

Scandinavia food

- Cook in the midst of greenery in Scandinavia!

Scotland: whisky paradise!

Scotland has a bit of everything! The rolling countryside, fresh water from the mountains and the unpredictable weather make for unprecedented quality of food and drinks! Scotland's national dish, Haggis, is one that fascinates the world. This tenaciously popular dish is a kind of savoury pudding combining meat with oatmeal, onions, salt and spices. It may not look very tasty, but this dish is not to be missed on your motorhome trip around Scotland!

Belgium has beer, France has wine and Scotland has... whisky! There are as many as 130 whisky distilleries in Scotland, spread across five whisky regions. Speyside is one of Scotland's most popular whisky regions, known for its malt whisky. For example, travel the Speyside's Malt Whiskey Trail. This route will take you past 7 distilleries located in this fantastic region in three days. More in the mood for a day trip? Visit The Glenturret Distiller, one of Scotland's oldest distilleries, located in the Scottish Highlands. Stay at The Cabin at Loch Lubnaig, located 40km from the distillery.

Whisky scotland food

- You cannot miss real Scottish whisky during your trip!

‘’La dolce vita’’ in Italy!

Pasta, pizza, cheese and wine... Italian cuisine is famous and loved all over the world. Each region has its own unique specialities, and there are opportunities everywhere to discover and taste the rich food culture!

Who doesn't love pizza? The origin of this world-famous dish lies in the Campania region, to be precise; the city of Naples. In Naples, pizza making is an art. Accordingly, the tradition managed to secure a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017. Want to stay in Campania and try the real ''Neapolitan pizza''? Stay at Castagnaro Parking Pozzuoli, which is a half-hour drive from the city centre.

Campania is not the only region with world-famous dishes. The specialities of the Emilia-Romagna region are widely known; especially the delicious balsamic vinegar. 'L'aceta balsamico di Modena' is made from grapes and often served with a piece of parmesan cheese, meat or salads. Try it for yourself during your motorhome trip! You can stay overnight at Agriturismo Macin.

Italian pizza food

- Try real Neapolitan pizza!

Versatile Montenegro!

Prepare to be enchanted by the flavours of Montenegro! The Balkan country's food culture is anything but boring. Visit Montenegro's coast to taste Mediterranean flavours, think of fish, seafood and olive oil. Fish soup and seafood risotto will make your mouth water! You can park your motorhome right next to the seawater at Auto Kamp Utjeha.

Feel like heading inland? The rich flavours of a great selection of ham, cheeses and honey will await you... but don't forget the wine! Just below the capital Podgorica is the Crmnica region, home to the popular Vranac wine. A bottle of this wine is just about the best souvenir you could bring back from Montenegro. Get your own bottle and stay with your motorhome at motorhome stop Maslina.

You'll also come across some original, traditional dishes in the mountains of Montenegro, how does lamb with freshly baked bread sound? In short; there is something for everyone in Montenegro!

vineyard montenegro

- Visit one of the many vineyards in Montenegro!

Indulgence in Belgium!

There is plenty of culinary to discover in Belgium! The land of chips and waffles has plenty to offer for a tasty motorhome trip.

The Belgian flavour palette is wide and very varied! Some traditional dishes include; rabbit with geuze or ''eel in 't groen'', a dish from the Scheldt region consisting of an eel in a spicy green sauce. Belgium also has lots of different cheeses, like the Brugge Blomme, a delicious cheese with a spicy aftertaste from, you guessed it, Bruges! Stay with your motorhome at Het Kanaaleiland located near Bruges, and taste the cheese for yourself! For the sweet tooth, there is plenty of choice of Belgian pralines or Liège waffles.

What should definitely be high on your to-drink list is perhaps Belgium's most famous product: beer! There are hundreds of breweries to be found in Belgium. Visiting one of these breweries is a wonderful activity for your motorhome trip. Read our article on Belgium's breweries to get more inspiration!

Belgium food waffles

- Enjoy the delicious Liège waffles!

Got hungry? Then head off on a culinary tour of Europe in your motorhome! Fancy a little more travel inspiration? Read our article on the six best motorhome routes in Europe!



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