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City trip by motorhome: Budapest

Budapest has grown enormously in recent years, and with good reason! This city along the Danube has developed a lot and has beautiful buildings, history, ruined pubs - ruins that have been converted into a pub - and bathhouses. With its variety of attractions, the city has something for everyone. So it's time to discover Budapest with your motorhome during your motorhome trip through Hungary!


It is not for nothing that Budapest is sometimes called the city of spas, because the city is perfectly situated on natural hot springs! Therefore you will find many bathhouses all over the city. The most famous baths are Széchenyi (the largest in the city) and Géllert, perhaps the most beautiful bathhouse in Budapest because of its Art Nouveau style. At the bathhouses you can not only relax in one of the many baths but also get a massage. The history of the baths goes back a long way, because the Romans already built baths here. Visiting a bathhouse has been part of Hungarian culture for a long time. Nice to visit after a long drive by motorhome to Budapest!

Those who are more of a pleasure walking can climb the Gellért hill. From here you have a beautiful view over Budapest. The hill is even listed as a World Heritage Site! On top of the hill you will find the Statue of Liberty of Budapest, which stands here to commemorate the domination in the Second World War, and the citadel built by the Habsburgs in 1954.

Margaret Island also offers plenty of relaxation. You can explore the island on foot, but also by bike or train. On the island you'll find the ruins of the monastery where the former princess of Hungary - after whom the island was named, Saint Margaret - stayed. After a nice walk you can relax at one of the many tents on the island, perhaps with a Palinka, a famous Hungarian liquor!

Budapest bathhouse motorhome
- In the bathhouses of Budapest you can relax!


Budapest's market hall has been declared the most beautiful in Europe, and with good reason! Its architect has designed several beautiful buildings in Budapest, including the Fisherman's Bastion which you will see later in this article. On the ground floor of the market you will find all kinds of stalls where you can buy delicious fresh Hungarian products - paprika powder is recommended, because this is a typical Hungarian product - and when you go upstairs you can store all your souvenirs and enjoy a tasty Hungarian meal such as goulash. The prices here are on average higher for souvenirs and meals because it is so touristy, but still it is very nice to taste the atmosphere here! At the market downstairs you will find the local prices, the locals you will certainly find here. So be sure to save some goodies for the evening in your motorhome!

If you have finished your meal at the market and it's time for a drink, visit one of the many ruin pubs. These are buildings that have fallen into disrepair, and when you walk in you'll end up in a completely different world! The buildings have been converted into pubs, and not just any pub. The decor is very colourful and often a bit unusual - you can drink a beer in a bathtub. Some things even seem to have come out of the ruins before it was converted into a pub! Some well-known ruin pubs are Szimpla Kert, which is in the top 50 best bars in the world, and Fogas Ház, which was one of the first ruin pubs in town.

Budapest motorhome
- In the market hall of Budapest you will find delicious goulash!


In Budapest there is a lot to see during your motorhome trip! With one dot on one stands the famous parliament building, which can be visited during a guided tour. Here you will find - apart from beautiful golden stairs - the Holy Crown, the royal crown of Hungary. When you walk from the parliament building to the Danube, you will come across the Shoes on the Danube. This is a monument to commemorate those who were killed during the Second World War. They had to take off their shoes along the Danube before they were thrown into the river. Not a cheerful monument, but very nice to see and to remember. On this side of the Danube you will also find the St. Stephen's Basilica, which you can climb for a magnificent view over the city.

On the other side of the river you'll find the Fisherman's Bastion, built to celebrate the city's millennial jubilee. Also from here you have a beautiful view and especially at sunset it is beautiful here because of the golden glow that the bastion gets! At the Fisherman's Bastion you can enjoy a drink while looking out over Budapest. On this side of the river you will also find the castle palace, where Hungarian kings used to live. Today it is home to the Hungarian National Gallery and the city's historical museum. In the National Gallery you will find a piano that belonged to Franz Liszt and Beethoven! If you want to see Budapest from a different perspective, a boat trip on the Danube is also recommended. Along the Danube you will find several companies offering a boat trip. In the evening, the parliament building, the castle palace and many other buildings along the Danube are beautifully lit, which may make a boat trip even more special! After a long day in the city, you will return to your motorhome satisfied.

The previously mentioned ruin bars can be found mainly in the Jewish quarter (district 7). Besides these ruin bars you will find many local eateries where also the inhabitants of Budapest like to come, and as the name of the district suggests, there are also several Jewish places of interest here. There are a number of Jewish synagogues, for example the largest European synagogue, and the Jewish museum, where you can learn all about the Holocaust, especially in Hungary. The neighbourhood is full of creative shops and graffiti, so a stroll through the Jewish quarter is definitely recommended during your motorhome trip through Budapest!

Even though you are going on a city trip, you will spend the night in the green on your motorhome trip to Budapest! At Area Camping Budapest you will enjoy sitting among the green trees. A nice change from the bustling city!

Budapest motorhome
- From the Fisherman's bastion you have a beautiful view over the city!


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