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The chateaus of Luxembourg by motorhome

Throughout Luxembourg there are several chateaus that make for a fairytale motorhome-trip. Some of them are still well preserved, others are almost a ruin, but all of them certainly invite you to visit them! Enjoy a combination of castles, green surroundings and picturesque towns while visiting one of the many chateaus.

Vianden Castle

The medieval Castle Vianden is located on the top of a hill above the town of Vianden. There used to be a Roman castle here. The present castle was built on the remains of this, so there is nothing left of the Roman castle to be seen. When you walk up the hill you will notice how fairytale-like the castle looks! Today the castle is owned by the state, but of course the castle is open to the public. From the top you have a beautiful view of the town.

After your visit you can stroll through the romantic streets of Vianden with a view on the castle. Especially a walk along the old city wall will bring you even more into medieval spheres. If you want to explore the surroundings, there is a large walking network in the area so you can discover the Our Valley! If you want to go even more into the nature, the chairlift will take you to a height of 450 metres from where you have a beautiful view of both Vianden and the green surroundings.

In Vianden you can spend the night at tolerated place Larei or Camperpark Vianden.


Luxemburg camper Vianden
- The castle in Vianden is beautifully located on a hill!

Bourscheid Castle

Already when you arrive you will notice how impressive this castle is! This is not surprising, because Bourscheid Castle is the largest castle in Luxembourg. The castle was built in the 10th century, but in several centuries after that it was still under construction, such as the gun tower which can still be visited. Also, from this castle you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. In the castle there are several objects that will draw you even more into the Middle Ages, such as an old tow truck. In addition, the castle is beautifully lit in the evening. Although it can only be visited during the day, it is certainly advisable to make a short visit during an evening walk before you return to your motorhome stopover.

To visit Bourscheid Castle it is best to spend the night in Hoscheid at Hotel-Restaurant Des Ardennes. You can also choose to spend the night at the earlier mentioned motorhome stopovers in Vianden, which is about as far away from Bourscheid as Hoscheid.

Extra tip from the editors:
Luxembourg has a perfect public transport network, which is also free of charge! So it is also possible to visit several castles by public transport from one motorhome stopover.

Castles of Beaufort

The Castles of Beaufort are two castles that are close to each other and can therefore be combined perfectly during one visit. One castle is the chateau, the other the fortress. The castle originated around the 11th century and has been a ruin for a long time. From 1932 it was opened to the public after several renovations. The castle dates from a somewhat later period, namely from the 17th century. A beautiful interior is displayed here, allowing you to get into real castle atmospheres as you walk through the various halls. Both are listed buildings. The chateau can only be visited with a guide, the fortress can be visited with or without a guide. After your visit you can enjoy a delicious cherry brandy or cassis liqueur, the local specialities of Beaufort!

Stay overnight in Berdorf at Camperhafen Martbusch to visit the Castles of Beaufort.

Wiltz Castle

Wiltz Castle used to be the home of several graves. Nowadays you can visit the castle during a guided tour, but you can also visit the museum of beer brewing and the museum of the Battle of the Bulge in the castle. In the museum of beer brewing there is also a microbrewery where it is great to taste a beer, because Wiltz is known for its delicious beers! The Wiltz Gardens are also very popular, as this is an art garden with works by various artists.

Spend the night in Wiltz at Camping-Parc Kaul.

Wiltz camper Luxemburg
- Wiltz Castle also houses two museums!

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