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The highlights of Catalonia by motorhome

The Spanish region of Catalonia has its own language and flag, but also many beautiful sights that you should visit on your next motorhome journey! We have listed the highlights of the region for you. Visit the most beautiful Catalonian nature with the motorhome or go for one of the beautiful villages or cities. You won't get bored in this region!

Attention: Important change in the law

In Catalonia, a clear distinction is now made between campsites that are used for longer stays and camperstops that are used for shorter stays. For this reason, the rule has been introduced in this Spanish region that a total of 48 hours may be spent at a camperstop. This has been done because the Catalan campsites see the camperstops as competition and camperstops have to fulfil fewer conditions than these campsites.


This city, whose old town stands on the Caputxins hill, is called Girona in Catalan and Gerona in Spanish. Already in Roman times, there was a fortress here called Gerunda. The city is therefore bursting with historical sights! Think for example of the city walls along which the walking route Passeig de la Muralla runs. A beautiful view of the city is guaranteed! Or visit the Jewish quarter where you will find yourself in a maze of narrow alleys. Girona is also known for its coloured houses that can be found along the Onyar river. Across this river there is also the bridge Pont de les Peixateries Velles designed by Gustav Eifel, the one who designed the Eiffel Tower a few years later. This is just a small selection of the sights of Girona. So discover the whole city on your next motorhome journey through Catalonia!

Overnight stay in Girona at motorhome site Vayreda la Devesa.
Girona motorhome
- As early as in Roman times, there was a fortress here called Gerunda!


The town of Figueres is particularly famous for the famous painter Salvador Dalí. He was born and died here. So it is no surprise that there is also a museum in the city dedicated to the artist. This museum is one of the most visited museums in the country. Salvador Dalí himself established the museum on the ruins of an old city theatre. The museum's surrealistic style almost makes you feel as if you have entered a merry go round at an amusement park instead of a museum. This already starts with the sparkling red exterior, but also on the inside you will find colourful works of art everywhere you look.

In Figueres you will spend the night at Parking Supermercado Esclat.

Figueres motorhome
- Salvador Dalí's museum is a colourful spectacle inside and out.


In Tarragona, the Roman past is still noticeable: you will find an amphitheatre, the Plaça del Fòrum and an aqueduct, among other things. The amphitheatre is located on the coast. With the blue sea in the background, it looks very special! In the past, it was also a good strategic location for the theatre, as exotic animals could easily arrive for the fights. At the Plaça del Fòrum you can still find various excavations from the Roman times to admire, such as parts of the old city wall. For the aqueducts surrounded by greenery, you have to go a few kilometres outside the city centre. They are best visited by motor home and are well worth a short trip out of town! Tarragona also has a harbour, a covered market, beaches and several cosy squares where you can eat and drink during your campervan trip through Catalonia.

Near Tarragona you will spend the night at camperstop Area de El Catllar.

Tarragona motorhome
- In Tarragona, you will find several Roman remains, including the aqueduct. 


Montserrat is a well-known rock formation in Catalonia. Just walking through the area is a good reason for a visit with the motorhome! Montserrat is especially known for the Benedictine monastery and the boys' choir. What is special is that the mountains around the monastery turn almost pink when the sun shines on them. In the monastery, there is a statue of the Black Madonna, which turns black with age. The boys' choir is one of the oldest in Europe and you can see it perform. You will also find the Museum of Montserrat here. There are many special works of the heritage of the abbey to be seen. The area around Montserrat is also great for hiking. There are hiking trails for different levels in the area where you can look out over the beautiful rocks.

For a visit to Montserrat you can stay in Barcelona, for example at Garcia Fària.

If you travel further through Spain after visiting Catalonia, then you should definitely not miss these five sights along the way!

Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa

The Parc Natural de la Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa is a beautiful volcanic nature reserve. There are about 30 volcanoes in the area. The volcanoes in the area are no longer active. The last eruption took place 11,000 years ago. One of the best known volcanoes is El Volcán de Santa Margarita, a beautiful volcano that is completely covered with vegetation. In the nature reserve there are hiking trails of different lengths that are clearly marked. During your hike, you will encounter special plants, because the fertile volcanic soil makes it possible to grow plants that you will not easily encounter in the rest of the country!

Near the national park you will spend the night at the camperstop in Besalú.


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