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8 camperstops at the waterfront in Germany

Do you like to take a refreshing dip in the water during your motorhome journey or go for a walk along a flowing river? Or do you like to stand directly by the water with your motorhome? It is possible at these waterfront camperstops in Germany! We have selected eight water-side camperstops throughout Germany!

1. Edersee Alm, Waldeck

From the camperstop in Waldeck you have a wonderful view of Lake Edersee. This lake is located in the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee. The special thing about Lake Edersee is that in some places historical sights can still be seen when the water level is low. Old bridges and tombstones regularly appear and can be seen during your visit to Waldeck.

There are various facilities at the camperstop, including electricity, sanitary facilities and the possibility of filling or emptying water.

motorhome Germany water
- You look out over Lake Edersee from the camperstop in Waldeck. 

2. Am Moselufer, Reil

Spend the night with your motorhome on the banks of the Moselle at Reil. The camperstop is in a wonderfully peaceful location in the green surroundings of the river. The Moselle is of course known for its delicious wines, so it is highly recommended to visit one of the vineyards in the area. You can discover the vineyards and the rest of the area, for example the banks of the Moselle, on foot or by bicycle.

The camperstop has facilities such as wifi, toilets and the possibility of filling and emptying water.

If you drive the German Romantic Road with your motorhome, you will come across many romantic places. Think historic castles, impressive panoramas and lakes that are simply stunning. These are the highlights of the motorhome route.

motorhome Germany water
- Discover the Moselle area from the camperstop in Reil. 

3. Reisemobilplatz Stover Strand, Drage

The camperstop in Drage is situated by the waters of the Elbe. From the beach at this camperstop, you can take a refreshing dip in the water on a hot summer day. Or you can lay down your towel and enjoy the sun and a good book. In the vicinity of the camperstop, you can also go hiking and cycling. You can also visit Hamburg, which is just a stone's throw away. Here you can admire, among other things, impressive warehouses in Hafencity.

The camperstop is equipped with almost all conveniences. Think of sanitary facilities, electricity, the possibility to dump water and refuel and wifi.

4. Am Strand, Boiensdorf

At the camperstop Am Strand in Boiensdorf you spend the night at the Baltic Sea. From here, you take a refreshing dip in the sea. Boiensdorf is also a well-known kite destination. From the camperstop various bicycle and walking routes start with which you discover the surroundings, for example along the coastline.

On the camperstop are a number of facilities such as toilets, power and the possibility to clean the chemical toilet.

5. Campingplatz Schönburgblick, Oberwesel

A beautiful view of the water: that's what you get at Campingplatz Schönburgblick in Oberwesel. You have a view of the Rhine and behind it the nature reserve Rheinhänge von Burg Gutenfels bis zur Loreley. Such a beautiful view makes you want to discover the area for yourself, and fortunately that can be done easily on foot or by bike. Climb, for example, to one of the observation points along the river and view the landscape from an even more beautiful perspective.

The camperstop is equipped with all conveniences. Think of sanitary facilities, electricity and the possibility to fill up and empty water.

Motorhome camperstop water Germany
- If you climb to one of the observation points in the area, you will have a wonderful view of the Rhine and its surroundings. 

6. Gohren am See, Kressbronn

Welcome to the largest lake in Germany: Lake Constance! There is plenty to do around the lake. You can spend a nice day at the water's edge on the nearby beach, but the rest of the area is also worth exploring. You can do this on foot, by bike or by ferry from Langenargen Hafen. If you cross over to Arbon, for example, you are in Switzerland! If you want to learn everything about historical ships, you can do so at the nearby Museum in Schlössle.

The camperstop has various facilities. Think of the possibility to fill up and empty water, sanitary facilities, electricity and wifi.

In Germany you will find plenty of special cities to visit on your next motorhome journey of Germany. Travel for instance to Bonn, the city of Beethoven. Or go for the unknown Hannover or for Dresden, the city for art lovers. In this article you can read about the highlights of the destinations.

7. Wohnmobilhafen am Chiemsee, Bernau am Chiemsee

The Chiemsee is the third largest lake in Germany. At the nearby beach, you can take a refreshing dip in the water. If you want to go for a nice walk, you can do so in the area behind the lake. Here you will find the Chiemgau Alps. Various bicycle routes pass the camperstop. If you would like to go on the water, you can rent a canoe at the camperstop. From the water, you can admire the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Various facilities are available on the camperstop. Think of the possibility to fill up or discharge water and to clean the chemical toilet. You can also use the showers and toilets.

8. Reisemobilhafen Twistesee, Bad Arolsen

At the Twistestausee you will spend the night at Reisemobilhafen Twistesee. From here you have a wonderful view of the lake. You can take a nice walk or bike ride around the lake. If you want to take a refreshing dip in the water, you can do so from various beaches. Or visit the impressive 18th century Arolsen Castle. During a guided tour, you can admire the various rooms of the building.

The camperstop has facilities such as sanitary facilities and electricity. There is also a beach where dogs are allowed and where they can cool off in the water.

motorhome camperstop water Germany
- From the camperstop in Bad Arolsen you can take a nice walk or cycle tour around the Twistestausee. 


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