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10x fishing from your motorhome

Many locations in the Netherlands are not only worth spending the night in a motorhome, but you can also throw out your fishing rod in a fantastic way! Camperstop has lined up these 10 fishing spots for you so you can go fishing directly from your motorhome! Of course there is also plenty to do, see and taste in the area around these spots.

1. Diepenheim - Camperpark Diepenheim

Camperpark Diepenheim is located about 2 km from the city centre. The camperpark is close to the water and of course fishing is allowed here as well. Diepenheim is known for its six castles route, which you can easily take by bike and in the meantime enjoy the beautiful surroundings, nature and peace and quiet. In addition there are several activities such as golf, escaperooms, canoeing or horse riding that you can do here besides fishing. There is plenty to do for young and old!

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2. Appeltern - ‘t Mun

At 't Mun you have plenty of opportunity to throw out the rod. This camperstop is not just on the waterfront, but is situated between 8(!) different large ponds and a fishing river. In addition, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy a pleasant and tasty meal. 't Mun is situated at one of the cycling junctions with which 'Maas and Waal' can be discovered.

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3. Werkendam - Visvijver ''De Biesbosch''

At ''Visvijver de Biesbosch'' there are 5 ponds which are all suitable for fishing. The camperstop is situated along various cycling and walking routes so you can easily explore the Biesbosch and its surroundings. Nearby is the "Pontje Steur" with which you can sail over to the Noordwaard. In the Noordwaard you will find the Museum Island, where a gigantic scale model of 30 x 30 metres has been set up in which the map of the National park Biesbosch is embossed. It is also a beautiful walking area, very interesting and certainly worth a visit.

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4. Appelscha- De Compagnonshoeve

At camperstop 'de Compagnonshoeve' in Appelscha you will find 10 spacious pitches to park your motorhome. This motorhome stopover is located at the Opsterlandse Compagnonsvaart in Appelscha. Because it is located directly on the water, it is the perfect spot for anglers. There are also many fun things to do in the area. The Bosberg tower to enjoy the view, a golf course and fun for (grand)children there is a climbing forest nearby.

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5. Giethoorn - Camperresort Bodealaeke

Camperresort Bodelaeke is located in the beautiful town of Giethoorn also known as Little Venice. Giethoorn is completely surrounded and interwoven with water. To get here from one side to the other, there are mainly bridges and small boats that make the routes common. Fishing in Giethoorn is possible almost everywhere you just have to choose a nice and quiet spot. There is plenty to do, there are restaurants and cafes, you can take a boat trip through Giethoorn, round trips are also organised or you can take a refreshing dip with good weather.

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6. Leerdam - De Galgenwaard

Camperstop De Galgenwaard is located on the Linge, near Oosterwijk in South Holland. This beautiful area is ideal for small water sports and of course fishing. Walkers and cyclists can also enjoy themselves in this area. You can easily amuse yourself for a few days in this area. Directly on the banks of the Linge you will find several motorhome stopovers next to camperstop De Galgenwaard where you can cast your fishing rod directly from your motorhome!

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7. Oirschot - Camperplaats Oirschot

Motorhome stopover Oirschot is located directly on the waterfront and offers spacious motorhome spots. The village of Oirschot radiates Burgundian life. From the camperstop you can walk straight into the centre of the village with cosy terraces and restaurants. Moreover, you can enjoy cycling, walking and fishing in the immediate vicinity!

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Camperplaats Oirschot
- Motorhome stopover Camperplaats Oirschot is located directly on the canal so you can fish from your motorhome!

8. Oudehaske- Oer De Haske

Mini campercamping Oer de Haske is located in the Frisian countryside near Oudehaske. This camperstop offers pitches with a beautiful wide view of the meadows. This location is also a beautiful and pleasant place for fishing. As an angler you can visit the Nannewiid, the Tjeukemeer, Slotermeer and the famous Ijsselmeer. At this camperstop you will also find a beautiful flower garden with seating. The surrounding small historic villages and towns are also highly recommended.

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9. Woudsend - Met Jaap

The camperstop near Woudsend offers a view of the harbour. Woudsend is a pleasant tourist resort and offers water sports such as boating and fishing as well as fun cycling tours. It is permitted to swim in the harbour. Nearby are a number of historic villages of which Woudsend itself has a rich history, beautiful churches and a cosy atmosphere.

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10. Zwolle- Agnietenplas

Camperstop Agnietenplas is located in a surprisingly beautiful nature reserve close to Zwolle. Through a forest with old trees and beautiful forest paths you arrive at this beautiful camperstop. It lies directly on the Agnietenplas and is a public swimming area. On the docks you have the opportunity to fish. In the area there is plenty to do for young and old, so you can taste culture, relax, visit animal parks or a nice museum.

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