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Motorhome route Benelux: discover all the beauty of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg!

During this motorhome route through the Benelux, you will cross three different countries in a short time. Drive through the sunny south of the Netherlands, the rolling countryside of Belgium and the magnificent castles of Luxembourg. Discover the Benelux at your own pace and take the time to enjoy all the beauty you see along the way.

Start your motorhome trip in Grathem

We start the motorhome tour through the Benelux in Grathem. In this small Limburg village you will find motorhome stopover Twins. Here you spend the night in peace and quiet at the farmer. You are guaranteed hospitality here by the owners. The motorhome stopover lies close to nature area Leudal. In this nature area of less than 900 hectares you can enjoy walking or cycling. You will find here a rich variety of plants, trees and flowers. There is also a big chance that you encounter wild horses, pigs and special bird species along the way.

grathem motorhome route motorhome benelux

- In Grathem you can relax for a while.

Roermond: lovely accommodation by the water

A city in Central Limburg that should certainly not be skipped during this motorhome tour is Roermond. Here you can spend the night at the waterfront at Helenawerf Watersport. On this motorhome stopover you have the possibility to refuel and discharge water, you can use toilets and showers and there are power supplies. Also, this motorhome stopover is the ideal base to explore the historic center of Roermond. Stroll through the ancient streets of the city, take a look at the Munsterkerk or enjoy on one of the nice terraces at Roermond quay. From here you have a magnificent view over the Maas and see many boats sail by. The real shopping fanatics can visit the Designer Outlet in Roermond. Here you will find numerous stores of designer brands.

Roermond motorhome port

- In Roermond you can spend the night at the waterfront.

Imagine already in the foreign spheres in Maastricht

The last camperstop in the Netherlands is in the atmospheric city of Maastricht. Here you already imagine yourself in foreign spheres. Because of the old buildings, nice narrow alleys and cosy terraces it feels just as if you are in France. Stroll through the center of this city and discover all the nice places at your own pace! Are you a real nature lover? Then you should definitely have been on the Sint-Pietersberg. This 'mountain' of 171 meters high can be found on the outskirts of Maastricht. Because the nature reserve around the Sint-Pietersberg is protected, you will find many flora and fauna here that you will not find in other places in the Netherlands. At the top of the Sint-Pietersberg you will find Fort Sint Pieter. This fort has protected the city of Maastricht from invaders for more than 300 years. During a visit to the fortress, you will go back in time and learn all about the history of this city. 

In Maastricht you can spend the night at Maastricht Marina.

Maastricht motorhome stopover benelux

- Imagine yourself in foreign spheres in Maastricht!

Time to visit Barvaux

It's time to cross the border and make the first camperstop in Belgium. This you do in Barvaux. In this small Belgian village you will find motorhome stopover Barvaux. A stone's throw from Barvaux you will find Durbuy. This is one of the smallest towns in the world! A real must-see during your motorhome trip through the Benelux! Once it was the smallest city in the world and Belgium. Which city it is now, opinions are divided. One thing is certain: Durbuy is the smallest city in the Ardennes. Only 400 people live in this city, yet there is a lot to see in Durbuy. Walk through the old city center. This is already a sight in itself because of the many houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Homalius or Falize rock is also highly recommended during your visit to Durbuy. This rock is more than 300 million years old!

Belgium motorhome Durbuy

- Durbuy: this lovely town is guaranteed to surprise you.

Discover Rochefort and the lively surrounding area

We stay in the Belgian Ardennes for the next stop. We do this in Rochefort, one of the most popular places in the Belgian Ardennes. In this city you will find a Trappist monastery dating back to the 13th century. Here you can taste the most delicious cheeses and beers. From Rochefort you can also easily explore the Han Caves. You will find these famous caves in Han-sur-Lesse, a picturesque Belgian village. From the village center of Han-sur-Lesse, a streetcar will take you to the caves. Once you arrive at the entrance, you will follow a path of about 2 kilometers through the caves and a guide will tell you all about this impressive natural wonder.

In Rochefort you can spend the night for free at motorhome stopover Rochefort.

Belgium Rochefort benelux motorhome route

- Rochefort: a real must-see!

Bouillon: a nice place in the Ardennes!

Before we pass Luxembourg, it's time for the last stop in Belgium. To be precise, we do this in the town of Bouillon. Here you will find the Boullion castle, one of our favorite castles in the Ardennes. During a visit to this castle you go back in time more than 1000 years. In the 8th century, the first fortifications of this castle already stood. Walk through the old dining hall and admire all the remains from the Middle Ages. From the castle you also have a magnificent view of the city, the river and the valley. Especially if you are taking the children or grandchildren on your motorhome adventure, this is highly recommended! In fact, in the courtyard of the castle, birds of prey shows are organized. How special is that! During your stay in Bouillon you can park your motorhome at Parking du Stade.

Belgium benelux motorhome

- Bouillon: one and all history!

The first stop in Luxembourg!

Welcome to Luxembourg! A small but very nice country to drive through by motorhome. The first camperstop in this versatile country is camping Krounebierg. This campsite is located in the historic city of Mersch. In the center you will find several sights, including a medieval castle. This castle is part of the "Valley of the Seven Castles. As the name suggests, you will find seven castles here! In addition, in the vicinity of Mersch you can hike perfectly in the green forest reserve Pëttenerbësch.

Luxembourg camper stop

- In Mersch you spend the night in a beautiful location.

Enjoy Luxembourg City

Luxembourg-city! This city is already a museum in itself. Everywhere you look you see remnants of the past. Not surprisingly, the old center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A popular attraction of Luxembourg City are the casemates. Once these casemates served as a defense system. Later it was a shelter for thousands of inhabitants of Luxembourg and today you can visit the casemates during your motorhome trip. During a visit you will learn all about these defenses!

For a visit to Luxembourg City, the best place to park your motorhome is at parking Glacis.

Luxembourg-city motorhome route benelux

- In Luxembourg-city you will be amazed!

Dudelange: the hidden gem

It is already time for the last stop of your motorhome tour through the Benelux. You do this in Dudelange, a hidden gem. Especially the ruins of the castle are a popular attraction! There are also several museums in the city that are worth visiting. For example, visit the National Museum of Immigration or the local museum Dudelange. You can also enjoy hiking in the green surroundings of Dudelange. Park your motorhome at parking Gare-Usines and enjoy your last night in Luxembourg.

Dudelange luxembourg motorhome area

- Parking Gare-Usines: the last stop of your motorhome trip through the Benelux.

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