Motorhome tour Great Britain

Visit Britain's most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites with your motorhome

On a motorhome tour of Britain it is highly recommended to visit the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imagine yourself in spheres of industrial times, feel like a wizard in Durham, where Harry Potter has been partially admitted, and be surrounded by greenery at the Kew Gardens. Enough alternate UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit when you take your motorhome to Britain! The most special British World Heritage sites are listed below.

Derwent Valley factories

In the beautiful Derwent Valley you will find a vast area full of cotton mills, also known as cotton mills. At the time of the Industrial Revolution this area was very important because of the many jobs for workers. These factories are best known for the Arkwright system, named after the British inventor Richard Arkwright. He devised a water-driven system which allowed even more to be produced. The very first factory with this system can be visited in Cromford Mill. Through the factory you can get a tour and learn all about the water system and the industrial revolution. Masson Mills is also a well-known landmark in Derwent Valley, as it is the most complete cotton factory. Here you will also find a textile museum where you can see various old machines from the factory.

The entire UNESCO area runs from Derby to Matlock Bath and contains 867 buildings. So you probably won't visit all of them on your motorhome tour of Britain, so it's certainly advisable to drive through the area without having a destination: you're bound to come across some wonderful places! The area is also perfect for a nice walk over the many hills and through the woods.

Derwent Valley is located near York. Here you can spend the night at Bleak House Farm.

Royal botanical gardens in Kew

The Kew Gardens, as this botanical garden is also called, is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world and therefore perhaps one of the most impressive you will ever see. The garden is known to do a lot in the field of science, among other things because of the herbarium where you will find a large library. In the gardens you can take a good walk, because they are about 326 hectares large! You will also find plenty of forest and several lakes. Because of the variety of plants, you will be constantly surprised during a walk with new smells and colours of the many different plants. A special point during your walk is the Japanese garden, because here you will find the Treetop Walkway. From here you tower high above the trees of the gardens and have a beautiful view! Art lovers can also indulge themselves here. There are several art galleries and various works of art in the gardens. Among others Temperate House is the apple of the eye, this is the largest glass house in the gardens. So the botanical gardens are not just made up of plants, but are a wonderful mix of nature, culture and art!

From the motorhome site at The Black Horse restaurant it will take you about 50 minutes to reach the botanical gardens.

Kew Gardens motorhome
- In the Kew Gardens you will find numerous plants and lakes. 


In Durham you will find a beautiful cathedral and castle, both of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The cathedral was built at the end of the 11th century and is still known today for its bishop, who is a great figure within the Anglican Church. You will be able to see him when a king or queen is crowned! The castle was built around the same time as the cathedral and rises on top of the hill above the city. This gives a beautiful sight as you stroll through the city, where you can admire the cathedral from all sides. The fact that the town regularly forms the backdrop for a costume drama or fantasy film will not surprise you during your city walk. Harry Potter and Downton Abbey, among others, were shot here, so who knows, you might even spot the backdrop for your favourite English series/film! The beautiful university is also worth seeing, as this was the third university to be founded in England. A visit to Durham can easily be combined with a city trip by camper van to the bustling port city of Newcastle.

From Blenkinsopp Castle Inn it is about an hour and a quarter drive to Durham.

Studley Royal Park & Fountains Abbey Ruins

The Fountains Abbey Ruins is a 12th century ruin and is a special stop on your motorhome journey through Britain. Being a ruin today gives the abbey a mysterious appearance! Walking through the ruins, you'll be able to immerse yourself in medieval atmospheres due to the rugged appearance of the ruins. Studley Royal Park surrounds the ruins and here you will find several beautiful locations. There is a watermill, which is the oldest building on the estate and is still completely intact, a beautiful water garden full of lakes and waterfalls, and the Fountains Hall country house. This imposing building is partly made of parts of the ruins. What's special is that many of Studley Royal Park's buildings were used during the Second World War to accommodate refugees, which adds an extra dimension to your visit. Today visitors can spend the night or get married here.

In Barden you can spend the night in nature. From here you will be at Studley Royal Park & Fountains Abbey Ruins in about three quarters of an hour.

Great Britain Motorhome
- At the Fountains Abbey Ruins you come completely in medieval atmospheres. 


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